Woody Hayes Biography (Bio) – Ohio State University (the OSU) Football head coach of the football clubs in 1951-1978

A colorful character, known as Woody Hayes, born Wayne Woodrow Hayes in February 1913 and made a strong impact on the sport of college football, and especially in the Ohio State University (OSU), where he was the head coach in football for 28 years of his 74 year life. Despite the fact that died two decades ago, March 12, 1987, Hayes coach still recalls with pleasure every fall during the football season in college, and especially at the beginning of November, when opponents Ohio State, Ohio, and the University of Michigan wolverine, they are kicking against the iron.

During his tenure as football coach with "Bukei", which took place in the years 1951-1978, Hayes coach won three national titles (1954, 1957 and 1968), and thirteen titles of the Big Ten Conference. Woody Hayes coached 276 games in college football at Ohio State, and at the time of these events, he was an impressive 205-61-10.

Despite the notorious success and admiration in the 1983 Hall of Fame college football college, unfortunately best remembered casual fans for the incident that led to his untimely dismissal. In 1978, which was held on December 29, 1978, Gator Bowl, 65-year-old Hayes hit the player against Klimsana the University "Tigers".

The last moments of the famous coach car & # 39; EASURES icon Woody Hayes occurred when OSU Klemsana spoiled with a score of 17-15 with just over two minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. State Ohio went for the offense to the "forward" if the wrong aisle Art Schlichter (Ohio), was intercepted by a defender Klemsana named Charlie Bauman.

After intercepting Bowman was forced to go beyond the limits of what happened on the side of Bakey about Woody Hayes. After Klemsana player overcame a foot after it was dismantled on the side, 65-year-old Hayes struck Player Klemsana through a mask. The next day (December 30, 1978 G.) OSU fired Woody Hayes for his unacceptable actions.

Long before Hayes was relieved of coaching duties in Ohio at a low point in late 1978, he was an athlete of high school in the early 1930s and played college football at the University of Denisan in Granville, Ohio, where even I was a fraternity (Sigma Chi). About five months before the infamous explosion of December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor Hayes joined the US Navy and eventually became a lieutenant commander during World War II. After the Second World War, Hayes spent three seasons coaching at his alma mater, before moving to the near Miami University (Ohio) for seasons 1949 and 1950. The rest of his coaching car & # 39; EASURES become his long 28 seasonal transition in Ohio 1951-1978 period. Coach Woody Hayes died less than ten years after exercising his last football game.

George Shtaynbrener coached Ohio Football Woody Hayes and won the national championship

George Shtaynbrener known throughout the world as the owner of the New York Yankees, but few people understand that in the 50s, George Shtaynbrener actually served as an assistant coach under the legendary icon Bakey Woody Hayes at Ohio State University (short OSU). In fact, George was even a member of the national championship of Ohio State in 1954, the team that won.

Organization of New York Yankees, which had Shtaynbrenner for decades, has been rated by Forbes magazine as the organization of $ 1.5 billion, making it one of the five most valuable sports teams in the world in all kinds of sports. Before luck in the family shipping business, he spent several pedestrian life, which included college dissatisfaction in the Air Force, a marriage and a short spell as an assistant football coach at Ohio State. In some ways, George Shtaynbrener had almost life such as Forest Gump, who participated in the game of college football team, on the & # 39; unification of the armed forces, lover, happiness, many random encounters with historically significant figures and a variety of unique business venture.

Born in Rocky River, Ohio, on the northern tip of the state, the region, which is now with the & # 39 is an affluent suburb of Cleveland, with & # 39 is an area where George grew up before studying at the military school in northern Indiana. After graduating from Williams College in Massachusetts in 1952 and spending a few years in the Air Force, based in Columbus, Ohio, in the air base Lokburn, a native of Ohio decided to stay in the area after his honorable dismissal in 1954. During the the next two years, Steinbrenner got a master's degree in physical education nearby Ohio State University.

Performing graduate work at Ohio State, George signed Shtaynbrener to help the football team as an assistant graduate, where he had to train under the guidance of legendary college football coach Woody Hayes. In a single season, George played with the "bouquet" team won with a perfect record of 10-0 that included a victory "Cup 20-7" on the University of Southern California (USC) January 1, 1955.

Striking a perfect season with a resounding victory Rose Bowl Woody Hayes, George and the rest of the Ohio Shtaynbrenera Ohio, who finished second, took the UCLA, to capture the second national football championship on the Buckeyes ever. In addition to the seven wins the World Series (1977, 1978, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2009), George Shtaynbrener from January 3, 1973 he is a part owner of the New York Yankees as a man born back July 4, 1930 You can also qualify for the national college football championship since the season 1954 with the cult classic Hall of fame coach Woody Hayes college football.

Gene Smith, the sports director of the American Ohio State University (OSU) for flowers (AD) – Bio

Gene Smith – the sports director of the American sports program of Ohio State University (OSU). Mr. Smith oversees a diverse range of men's and women's sports for the school, which has the unique distinction of being one of the four colleges that have won national championships in men's football, basketball and baseball.

The official appointment of Gene Smith to the post of sporting director at Ohio State was March 5, 2005. As a result of the entry into office of the head of one of the most reliable sports college programs in the country Jean acquired relevant experience acting athletic director in Michigan, Iowa and Arizona.

While many casual fans generally think of football and basketball, when they think about college athletics, diverse range of sports is really very diverse. In total, Mr. Smith oversees about 900 student-athletes that cover the gauntlet of 39 sports (20 women and 19 men). Bouquets have won national championships in many sports, which are often forgotten, including synchronized swimming, gymnastics and fencing.

Long before the burden very carefully studied the position of athletic director of the Ohio State University Gene Smith was raised in Cleveland, Ohio, near Columbus places, Ohio, the main campus of ASU. Smith in his youth was an athlete in high school, Peter Chanel in nearby Bedford, Ohio, and went to the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, where he received an athletic scholarship as a defensive end football team.

Before the end of Notre Dame in 1977. Jean was a member of the national team championship in football in 1973. Jean received a diploma in business administration and remained at his alma mater as an assistant coach for the football program until 1981.

In 1981, Gene Smith experimented with a short car & # 39; eray college athletics is easy, when he took a job in the marketing department of International Business Machines (IBM). After two years in the private sector, Smith realized that his true calling was the lifelong car & # 39; EPA devoted kalegiynamu sport.

In 1983, a native of Ohio found a position at Eastern Michigan University, where he was able to serve as an assistant athletic director. In 1986, Jean became a full-time head of the sports of athletics in East Michigan. Seven years later, in 1993, Jean became AD at Iowa State University, where he dutifully served until 2000 when he moved around the country in Tempe, Arizona, to take the post of sporting director at Arizona State University.