Christmas curtains Shower

I found a nice New Year's curtains for the soul in 4 different curtains for a snowman, a shower curtain, Santa and Christmas towels Christmas carpets and much more.

One of these curtains for shower on a snowman named Sami called themselves, and original art painted Diane Arthurs. Pump lotion snowman made of resin and has a manual appropriate arts, and towels and hooks for shower. Next it is called Primitive snowmen that gives your bath warm, but not enough to melt the snowmen. Next Blue snowmen suffering artist Diane Arthurs. Finally we have the gingerbread and gingerbread curtains for bath accessories – dreams of amateurs of gingerbread. Now is the time to get your blinds for the New Year's soul.

Since we are in Ohio, we must pay tribute to the bedding Ohio. No other company has the network as curtains and shower curtain fabric shower curtains vinyl shower curtains and children's shower, as we were. With regard to inter & # 39; career specialties, we have the largest selection of kitchen canisters and kitchen canisters costume, locations and kitchen towels, kitchen curtains, than others. We appreciate your business and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

They carry a huge assortment of kitchen canisters with themes such as Italian canister full of cooks and kitchen decor kitchen, country apple, kitchen containers, John Deere, kitchen inter & # 39; er Chili Pepper and accessories for rounding off the range. We have a unique range of blinds, curtains, kitchen curtains and hair, as well as draperies John Deere and John Deere Valance. They have a lot of curtains at the cottage and country cuisine in a plaid, checks, burgundy, green, blue, red, and more.

Pharmcas Pharmacy Schools, requiring the PCAT and 3 tips for increasing the average score PCAT

Imagine that! You enter your last year before the pharmacy, and you're going to apply, but you bypass one (or more) a fact. Some schools of pharmacy in the United States require the PCAT (Pharmacy College Admission Test). Not knowing what the school requires or does not require the PCAT, may delay your application and make all the worse for you, because denying admission to the School of Pharmacy. Below are Pharmcas pharmacy schools in the US that require the PCAT.

1) Apalahii University

2) Auburn University

3) The University of Buffalo

4) Butler University

5) Campbell University

6) The University of Charleston

7) University of Cincinnati

8) University of Colorado

9) Kreytanski University

10) Drake University

11) East Tennessee State University

12) University of Florida

13) Harding University

14) University of Hawaii at Hill

15) Howard University

16) University of Chicago in Illinois

17) University of Iowa

18) University of Kentucky

19) School of Pharmacy LECOM Bradenton

20) LECOM Erie School of Pharmacy

21) Long Island University

22) University of Louisiana at Monroe

23) University of Maryland

24) Mercer University

25) Mid-West University in Downers Guy

26) Midwestern State University in Glendele

27) University of Minnesota

28) North East Ohio State University – College of Pharmacy NEOUCOP

29) University of New Mexico

30) North Carolina at Chapel Hill

31) University of New South-East region

32) Ohio State University

33) University of Oklahoma

34) Atlantic University, Palm Beach

35) University of Pittsburgh

36) University Samfarda

37) Shenandoa University

38) Southern University

39) St. John Fisher College

40) College of Pharmacy of St. Louis

41) Temple University

42) University of Tennessee

43) Thomas Jefferson University

44) Virginia Commonwealth University

45) University of Washington

46) University of Wayne

47) West Virginia University

48) University Vingeyte

49) University of Wyoming

3 great tips for increasing the average score PCAT:

1) Learn from textbooks instead of textbooks.

2) Take as many PCAT test in accordance with the test conditions.

3) Prepare early. Do not wait one week before the start PCAT study it.

For more tips, advice and insider secrets and free to study PCAT guidance can be found on the site

15 ways to get kids to eat vegetables

Your kids eat vegetables? Statistics show that they are likely not to & # 39 are. Only 22% of children aged 2 to 5 years of relevant government guidelines on the use of vegetables, researchers from Ohio State University report. As soon as children age, everything is getting worse: only 16% of children aged 6 to 11 years meet the government recommendations. Only 11% meet these requirements at the age of 12 to 18 years.

In a study of more than 6,000 children and adolescents about a third of the consumption of vegetables were fried potato products such as french fries and a little more than a third of the consumption of fruit – fruit juice (pure sugar, a lot). do not include them, the percentages are even lower.

Here's how to increase your intake of vegetables with their children:

1. Start early. Studies have shown that children prefer food that their mother ate during pregnancy, as they can try their products through smaknyya amniotic fluid. If you want your children to eat vegetables, eat them yourself.

2. Breastfeed. And eating vegetables. Breast milk has tiny bits of food flavors, which eats the mother. If you eat vegetables during breastfeeding, most likely, these scents will already be familiar to your child.

3. Try to avoid commercially prepared baby food. Try one of these jars: they do not have anything resembling a real vegetables. Your child will most likely never know what the taste of vegetables if all you feed them, – a dish of food.

4. Use a blender. Blender – your best friend for making sauces killer of raw vegetables. You can mix the cabbage, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, onion: almost everything, if you add more "child-friendly" things, such as olive oil, dried tomatoes, tofu, beans and even cream cheese and yellow cheese. Thus you can make a sandwich spreads and sauces pasta filled with hidden vegetables.

5. Bake wisely. Grated carrots or tavern can be added to almost any recipe cake, cookies or muffins. Some recipes may take much longer than a carrot: Experiment!

6. like ketchup your kids? Mix a few fresh tomatoes, add ketchup bought in the store and put it back into the jar. I'm desperately know. But it works!

7. Put the vegetables in all your favorite dishes. And do not feed them their favorite food frequently to keep these dishes delight. Put some flowers in the poppy broccoli and cheese, add a few slices of pizza zucchini, chop the cabbage and add it in the breadcrumbs, you are grilling.

8. The less refined and processed foods your children consume, the greater the likelihood of vegetables. If you limit the carbonated water, sugar, fatty dairy products, meat and processed foods, your child could come to you and ask for carrots!

9. Dips work like magic, because they are fun. Come up with a few simple appetizers beneficial and provide for those who has an assortment of vegetables. I am very hamus, apple tahini and almond oil.

10. Sometimes children are so used to eating sugar, it's the only thing that works. Choose sweet vegetables and serve them with healthy treats: hey, it's better than nothing! Grated carrots with raisins and a drop of olive oil makes a decent salad and sweet potato mash with some maple syrup, and cinnamon still made from vegetables.

11. Smoothies – your best friend. A couple of bananas, a little milk, a spoonful of peanut butter, and no one knows that this glass has three cabbage leaves and half of zucchini! Smoothies can be a daily tradition especially for very resistant to vegetarian children.

12. Shop with children. As long as you buy vegetables, explain where they grew up. Let them smell the product. Let them choose the vegetables that want to & # 39; there tonight.

13. Cook with children. Children are much more chances to & # 39; is what they have done themselves. In addition, non-compliance with food often save your children from eating too much junk food.

14. Establish the rule of "one bite." Even if they do not like it, they should bite him, before saying "no." They may actually like!

15. A friend of mine once broccoli florets dipped in chocolate. It's not the weird part. The amazing part is that it ate her children! Whatever the work, work: Be creative.

Do you have any good tips on how to get kids to eat vegetables?

Lawyers Ohio Real Estate in Ohio

While the real estate law of the Agency of Ohio does not require you a real estate attorney, there are some cases in which a lawyer can be a good idea. When buying real estate, which has common interests, for the average consumer can be difficult to see between the parts of the property used exclusively for the use, not the parts that benefit society. Global events, such as condominiums, can have serious legal disputes that could have a negative impact on the future value of the property. real estate attorney can explain what could be the results of ongoing trials, so you can make an informed choice about the desire to invest in real estate. real estate attorney can also help ensure that the ownership of the property is good before closing the buyer in the sale.

Try to find a lawyer recommended by someone you trust, such as friends or family members & # 39; and. Never choose a real estate lawyer simply based on the recommendations of an estate agent. However, you can find a lawyer who is also a & # 39 is a licensed realtor.

You should make sure that the lawyer specializes in real estate law, referring to the state and local bar associations and associations of Realtors. Website of the American College of Lawyers Real Estate (ACREL) provides links to members of staff and has many members from Ohio.

Most lawyers will respond to previous issues for free. Make a list of your questions and use this list to help you find a lawyer who, in your opinion, will competently and ethically represent your interests. Before making a final decision, ask what are the lawyer charges. Some real estate attorneys will work on a fee in a more simple cases.

10 of the most famous schools of veterinary equipment

Nurses are responsible for providing quality care of various animals. They play an important role in veterinary teams. How are they trained? Here come the School of Veterinary Medicine. These schools are designed specifically for the preparation of a group of future veterinarians veterinary knowledge and clinical skills. Let's look at 10 of the most renowned veterinary schools. They are so popular and well-known in the production of high quality and competent veterinarian.

College of Veterinary Medicine University Kornelskaga
He became the first in the United States for its progressive academic program and world-class resources in the field of animal & # 39; health, biomedical research and veterinary medical care.

College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Colorado State University
He is internationally recognized as a leading leader in the development of animal & # 39; health through innovative education and training programs, as well as an aggressive research.

University of California
It boasts a wide range of courses in animal & # 39; health, human health and environmental health.

Pennsylvania State University and the University of North Carolina
Both universities are well known for their strength in teaching, research, employment and the protection of animal health.

Ohio State University and the University of Texas
Both universities have contributed to the production of most practicing veterinarians in the United States

University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine
It offers many options for professional Trend & # 39; sphere in public and private practice for graduates

Michigan State University
This college is committed to training future veterinarians for the welfare of society.

University of Minnesota
This college is a & # 39; is a national and international reputation for teaching and research capabilities.

If you are going to choose a vet for a future car & # 39; EASURES keep in mind that this list of the top 10. You should be proud of yourself, if you manage to get a proposal in any of the 10 most famous school of veterinary technology.

University of Southern California (USC) Trojans winners Heisman Trophy – 7 Total number of recipients

The Troy University of Southern California (USC), seven players were killed, who won the Heisman Trophy. Seven players who have won seven awards Geysmana with & # 39 are:

  • In 1965, Mike won midfielder Gareth
  • O.J. Simpson, who came back, received the award in 1968
  • Charles White, who ran back, took the honor in 1979
  • Marcus Allen in 1981 became the fourth member of the USC, which received an award
  • Carson Palmer became the first quarterback of the Trojans, who won the award when it took in 2002
  • Matt Leinart played quarterback at the University of Southern California and received the Heisman award in 2004
  • Reggie Bush in 2005 was named the fifth UCSC, who accepted the award

A total of seven trophies Geysmana received Southern Cal, higher education institution, based in Los Angeles, California, it is associated with the most received by any school. University of Notre Dame and Ohio State University correspond to an impressive number of trophies to seven schools. Because Ohio is different in that produces a single two-time winner Archie Griffin at Notre Dame and the University of Southern California, in fact, performing together as the only two colleges, creating seven different winners.

Heisman Trophy is named after pioneer John Heisman football and was first awarded Jay Berwanger of the University of Chicago in 1935. Over the decades, the award has become widely recognized as the most highly publicized and prestigious recognition in the private football college sports. Despite the association Geysmana, which is awarded the most outstanding player in college, not the conquest of the honor of the & # 39; is a guarantee of professional success.

From the perspective of the seven players of the Trojans, who had the honor to win the Heisman Trophy, two people moved from college football to the National Football League (NFL) as a common choice for the NFL Draft number one. Two players selected in the first selection in the first round of the NFL Charnapy – Orental James (IAD Simpson.), Which was adopted Bifalskimi bills in 1969, and Carson Palmer, who was elected as the first draft pick in 2003 NFL Cincinnati Bengal.

Despite the fact that in 1982 Los Angeles Raiders connected to the number 10, Marcus Allen joined O.J. Simpson in 2003 as a single two former USC players won "Heisman Trophies" and was inducted into the Hall of Fame "Football" in Canton, Ohio.

Licensing Exam Ohio massage therapy – what to expect after the exam

Okay, so you learn how to pitch & # 39; yat and finally "sit" in the exam for licensing massage therapy or Ohio in June or in December. You know that you need to wait at least 4-6 weeks to get the results. You passed or not? As you will be informed? What's the earliest you know? What are the next steps you will learn, have passed or did not pass?

Read on to get some information on what to expect from the results and when.

First of all, according to the Ohio Health Committee (SMB) normally holds the second Tuesday of each month. The July and January meetings, the time devoted to the approval of those who passed the exam for permission to massage therapy in the previous month. The results are published in the same week.

Second, you can get your results:

1. Call SMB office at 614-644-5920 on the second Thursday of July or December.

2. Check the SMB web site to ensure that your name has been specified in the second of July or December spots (maybe if you're lucky, it will be located on Thursday). Look at this page on the left side of the "New licensed massage therapists" and click on it to get this list.

3. We are waiting for confirmation of mailboxes (you need to be on a Saturday or shortly after).


If you pass the exam, you can …

1. Make disability insurance, especially if you are doing your regular massage concerts. Try the information in the American Association of Massage Therapy (AMTA) or Google Search in other embodiments.

2. Apply for a job. Ask your instructor, look massage school, go to the yellow pages, join classmates in business, look for a job on-line, read the chiropractor and sports halls that are close, look for rent, prepare a room in your house .. .. The possibilities are endless!

3. To expand its capabilities by getting certification at the national level in the massage area, or as a personal trainer. The latter option will allow you to offer more services to one client (do not need a wider range of customers!) And recognized by the international. The first will allow you to do a massage outside of Ohio in a warm, sunny climate and beautiful!

Those who do not pass the exam, should …

Expect their results by mail, to determine one part of the exam was put, and then …

1. If you fail this part of the at least three times, you can register for the exam again. The letter, which you get to SMB, it will tell you about the process.

2. If you have not failed any further, three times, you have to go work on competencies in school only for the part that you have not been able to before you can retake the exam SMB. There are a limited number of schools that provide this service. You can find all of the schools that offer competence program, online medical advice in the section "Information for schools and students masseurs."

My advice – go to Stark State (Google, to find the address of their website) and take their class ONLINE, so you have no travel expenses. Look directly at this site, as their class begins shortly after each exam SMB.

Training and examination for massage therapy in Ohio with a & # 39 is a stressful event for most students of massage therapy. Knowing how to find the results of the exam and when to expect them, it helps to relieve some stress. Over the years, the procedure adopted by the Medical Council, has been fairly consistent. Bringing the process that I have outlined above, should help to "unknown".

Insurance, which continues to education, independent of the state

Virtually every profession requires some kind of permanent education, which should receive any individual who has a license in this field. For example, insurance, real estate, legal and mortgage business – all industries that require their agents passed the required number of continuing education courses every 1-2 years. Typically, the training can be completed either online or in the classroom. You should contact your state to determine what type of continuing education is required, how many credit hours is required and must be completed before a date.

Today we will talk about some of the various state requirements in the insurance sector. Each state is controlled by various accreditation agency. Usually the insurance department in each state regulates insurance and financial industries. Thus, the Ohio Department of Insurance will govern the rules and regulations that need to be performed in the state of Ohio. Thus, if a licensed insurance agent who lives in Ohio, wants to know how many credit hours it needs to fulfill its requirements, the Ohio Department of Insurance – with whom it should apply.

Each state slightly different. Some require an agent to conduct their courses in the classroom, while other states allow online courses. Credit requirements and execution time requirements also vary. For example, California requires its insurance agents are trained every two years to the end of the month when they were licensed. While Florida requires an agent of continuous education until the end of the month of birth every two years. It is important to stay on top of their education. Each state may impose a fine on a certain type, if you're late with additional education.

Other major differences between states – a course that should undergo agent. For example, Ohio requires all insurance their insurance agents to complete at least three hours of ethics either online or in the classroom. On the other hand, California requires its agents to take at least four hours of ethics, four hours in an annuity and eight hours at a long-term care. As you can see, this is very different requirements, although the professionals in these states have a license of the same type. To make sure that you keep the requirements, please contact the insurance department. They can cover exactly what needs to be done every year or two years. Insurance Board may also reconsider what you need to do if you are late to fulfill the requirements of continuing education.

Rest on the Ohio River

Ohio River – a majestic natural waterway, which falls into the Mississippi River. Starting from the south-western Pennsylvania, Ohio River winds along the borders of West Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana to 981 miles, offering a variety of peaceful and scenic areas that are perfect for camping and enjoy the rich rivers. Rest on the Ohio River – fun for all kinds of holidaymakers, with campsites and national parks scattered along the river, each of which offers its own leisure facilities and entertainment.

State Park Forked Run, located in the magical south-eastern slopes of the Ohio, with & # 39 is the perfect destination for a weekend, which took place in the campaign on the Ohio River. The campsite in the park presents 81 areas for boats with electrical connections, as well as 71 tent camping, with breathtaking views of the valley. Visitors can access Forked Run Lake with small motor boats (up to 10 hp), as well as canoes, kayaks and boats. The park also offers boating access to the Ohio River. Guests can swim and relax on the sandy beach of 400 feet, hiking and explore one of the three walking trails, or enjoy the excellent fishing on the Ohio River.

State Park Banana Woods in southern Indiana is bordered by woods Harrison-Crawford State and is surrounded by a blue river, when he falls into the Ohio River. The family-run campsite has 281 platform with electrical connection, as well as 50 primitive campsites, as well as rooms for relaxation on horseback. Do not forget your sports jacket Coleman, if you enjoy eleven scenic miles in a canoe or transport of the Blue River. Guests also have access to the Ohio River with small water craft or enjoy a picnic overlooking the beautiful river. There are over 15 miles of hiking trails throughout the park, as well as access to a 24-mile trail Study. Horse-riding is also popular and there are many opportunities for fishing along the Ohio River, Blue River and a small pond.

No matter what you are looking for a fishing trip on a weekend or want to enjoy a wonderful hiking in the woods of Illinois, State Park, Cave-in-Rock promises fun and easy to spend time relaxing on the Ohio River. Enjoy fully equipped camping RV, camping in a tent or stay in the comfort of deluxe suites in the house. Whichever accommodation you choose, you can get a great view of the spectacular Ohio River. Bring along your boat and use the wonderful boating and water recreation on the Ohio River. Galakonda Marina is nearby and provides overnight storage, as well as the starting ramp.

Another favorite place for camping on the Ohio River with a & # 39 Shawnee State Park, in the middle of the beautiful forests in the State of Ohio Shawnee. Campers 107 exchanges equipped connection, a hot showers, laundry and for camping horses. If you get on a hike on the Ohio River, this is not your idea of ​​fun, book a room at Shawnee Lodge bed and enjoy the indoor and outdoor pools, whirlpool and sauna, as well as tennis and basketball. Also available with 25 cottages with two bedrooms, which share access to these benefits. Boating on the Ohio River, you can easily get to the marina Shawnee Park, or you can rent a canoe on one of the park lake. Other activities that you can enjoy a hike on the Ohio River at Shawnee State Park, hiking in the forest state, fishing and swimming, and the nearest golf course.

Comment crazy people: Episode 505, Signal 30

This week & # 39; incident Options & # 39; yaty It opens with Pete Campbell in a driving school, looking at one of those horrible films from the accident scene with shots in real life with broken machines and broken people. This is Pete, a housewife, a few clumsy boys and a young girl who turns and smiles Mr. Campbell.

signal 30 is the name of the episode, and the driver of the film Pete, and his class hours. Many of the old film shows, so I found it on YouTube. The narrator, like Jack Webb Dragnet Describing the signal 30 as "code that has a painful significance for the people of Ohio State Patrol Signal 30 -. This phrase, meaning another violent death on the highway." We do not listen to this quote in the episode, but it may be a clue to someone's death relates 30 signals.

While Pete overtakes a young girl in front of him, his eyes go up and down, pausing on her crossed legs, sandals bouncing on the sole of the foot, the other hand on the clock. Chopped Pete, who was lying in bed, later that night, moving crane, maintaining at the same time when sandals are uniformly dissolved.

Run-off, like the heart of poi – nespanym keeps it, so it gets its own tool to tool, but after some time under the sink detects leaks and can sleep.

The next day, Lane and his wife Rebecca are preparing to leave with his friends in football and friends to see how England played West Germany in the final of the 1966 World Cup a year (England won). Heart Lane belongs to his new country, but his wife clinging to his English past, terrified of the social changes that take root, and it would seem, I am convinced that "the sixties" – is exclusively American phenomenon.

Lane concedes Redetsy and keeps a good show, which affects in any Manhattan pub, filled with confused British delighted with his team's victory. Then they share food with a couple – the Bakers, fellow expats. Husband, Edwin, senior vice president of the company's public relations Jaguar, and when they are eating, he says Lane is looking for a new advertising agency, which will help Jaguar to break into the US market. Lane, a little p & # 39; they are full of himself, offers himself to deal with the business.

The third storyline develops next Monday, when Peggy, eating dinner alone, rejects Ken Kosgrav manifested with a man whom she does not recognize. She feels pain, believing that it is the client. If so, it is a violation of the pact, which the two countries have made, promising to help each other, if possible. Ken did not violate the pact. Rather, the meeting was the editor interested in buying some science fiction stories, Ken. It turns out that he still writes, but keeps it a secret.

Returning to the office, Joan led the partner meeting in which each of the partners, which produce income – Pete, Roger, Bert and Don – said quickly, if they are asked if they have any new business. Because Joan is going to let them go, Lane stuns them all with the good news about the Jaguar. They are equally taken aback when he gives up a few suggestions to help close the deal. After Lane let go first, others enlisted to help in the prevention of disasters Roger. Nothing else to do, Roger happy to help.

Somewhere along the line, Megan and Trudy Campbell became the participants of the festival, who decided to gather their husbands with their children after intercourse. Don had no problems to avoid inviting Pete, when Betty was safe hidden in the grass, but the young Megan presents interesting challenges for garbaeznyh draperav. She and Labor refuse to accept re-Don answer to answer, Trudi goes so far as to tell Don that all dinner designed around it. It turns out that Peggy was right, when in the past season, she told him that they all want to please him.

In the middle of Don maneuver with Megan, he gets a good line, that may be prophetic. "Saturday night in the suburbs – this is when you really want to blow the brains out", – he says.

Roger Lane insists on preparing for a meeting with Edwin Baker, giving advice to the British on how to display the information required to successfully win the upcoming RFP. Roger likes to feel like he needs, calling himself a professor in accounting at SCDP. At this point, he agreed that the game passed him by. Roger councils have less to do with better advertising than the pixel to the subtle nuances of seduction – that Lane has no idea.

After Roger lessons on seduction, we see a clumsy application of these principles, if Pete gets on his young classmate. During their exchange we get the information. The girl was frightened, because earlier that day Charles Whitman continued to plague the University of Texas, killing his wife, the wife's mother and fourteen other people (almost three and wounding dozens of others), before he was shot and killed by police. This is on the heels of Richard Speck rape and murder of eight student nurses in Chicago, causing the girls worry about falling off to college in the fall. Its purpose? The Ohio State University.

The film "Signal 30", which they watched the Ohio State Patrol was made. It's just a coincidence? Impossible. So, what does this mean? Is this girl will be the victim of a violent death? If so, whether it is Pete? Let the press.

Later we find Pete and Ken in the villa living Pete, admiring the new stereo console Pete, long enough to Wilt Chamberlain crawled under the sound of a miniature orchestra. Pete was in his element, playing a big blow.

Don and Megan are arriving late, creating a kind of buzz branzhelinu with Campbell, who zakrutsyatstsa upon arrival guests of honor. It seems that they felt that the Don has consented to come. Fortunately, there is Ken distributes its submission. Girls are disappearing in the kitchen that features eggs, leaving the men alone to drink and compare great sports coats.

Just as Kempbels already be fed dinner, we look into the Lane and his jaw trying to work in the system Roger Edwin Baker. The conversation at dinner like a parody of something Masterpiece – May dinner with boring English .

Fortunately, Cos Cob, more tender, and Pete was joking on the portfolio of Algonquian. After a few drinks, Don, it seems a bit weak and may even have some fun.

They are the usual talk of the neighborhood, children and adult things. If Pete complains about the "hardships" on herbal, Ken jokes that he has to bring his rifle (remember, the first season back Chip and Dip?) Home and shoot at them. It makes labor and it prohibits a gun in his house. Pete calms her, explaining that "one rifle for shooting gophers is not the same as shooting frustrated ex-Marine on pregnant women."

If we went to the Whitman killings, laugh when someone says the wrong name of the murderer, and that Don – Dick Whitman – correcting mistakes. Kenny's wife Cynthia shows off the fact that in one of his stories husband had predicted it. This slip bothers Ken and attracts the attention of visitors seeking to detail. Cynthia tells them about the main plot, so Ken uncomfortable sniffs.

History – punishment X4 – talking about a robot who is repairing the bridge connecting the two planets. Once the robot removes the lock and bridge collapses, killing thousands of people.

All look around, confused, but do deals and asks why. Ken snaps and explain. "He's a robot. He has no power to take decisions, except that he can decide to enable or disable the shutter."

"Otherwise, he hates the passengers," said Pete, adding to its own history button.

This is one point where passes evening, but in terms of night scenes and rising tensions in the season, it seemed very significant, especially as Pete attached to the end, and on the heels of talk of a rifle. There's this moment Pitseva chat rifle implies that hangs in the air.

Women are sent to the kitchen, and once they disappear, there is a cry accompanied by the sound of water spraying.

The boys run to the kitchen to find the girls, compressed and laughing with geysers, which shoot out of Pete Crane, a few nights before the fixed spread. Pete runs away to get your toolkit when Don takes effect. He grabs a frying pan and puts it on the spray, causing Ken to hold it when he takes off his tie, takes a white dress and plunges under the sink. Someone called him Superman. He solved the problem, as Pete has the tools, like Fred godfather When Marlon Brando was shot in the base of fruit.

Pete and Don are very similar in their shortcomings and almost mirror each other, except for the fact that the pit – it is more rigid and pretentious version. If you post Pete weakness: he is a liar, selfish, immoral, without identity, wrong, etc., you can describe Don Draper / Dick Whitman. But there is a difference. How do they look like, we can see that Pete is fundamentally bad, and Don – as a fundamentally good – they are like opposite sides of the same coin.

On the way home, driving Megan, I was afraid a car crash. Instead, Don convinces her to come to him, so that they can deceive themselves, forcing her to admit that she had taken it incredibly sexy when he saved the day with a sink. This is no ordinary picture of Don Draper. In the past, Don did all the driving, always ruled. Now he hold out to give up control over the content, to share power with Megan.

The next day, Pete and Roger meet with Lane and find out that he can not close the deal with Edwin. They remove it from the bill, promising to safely land the plane on it.

Between work and home, Pete attends class drivers, but he lost a schoolgirl for a new student called Beautiful. His low-key, well-muscled kid named by Hansson, but the nickname is appropriate, and she immediately goes after him, turning Pete into the third round.

That night, Pete, Roger and Don Edwin output for dinner. The scene opens with them, talking to stupid attendants, tied at the neck. Edwin recognize what is happening and tells them that the deal near them. All he wants – it's fun – something that can not deliver his countryman. After Pete fumbles the first sentence of a good time, he sends Roger things.

They are sent to the nearest brothel, where one finds communion, except Don, who strikes up a conversation with Madame – two old whores who talk.

Later in the cockpit, Pitt and Don Edwin cast into place. It was a huge success for SCDP, but himself in the cockpit, Pete feels that it is judged by abstinence Don, Don, and calls out to him. "I can not believe that I need to explain that I did my job to the person who just pulled his pants in the world", – says Pete. Don tries to bring down Pitt with guilt. "In Roger was not hard look" – Pete says. "Roger unfortunate", – says Don. "I did not think you were."

But Pete won. "I have everything," he says sarcastically. "Wait until the honeymoon is over." Don's had enough. "Because I am who I am, and I was, where I was, I know that you will not get another chance you "He keeps telling Pete that if he is to meet with Megan again, it will be enough to know not to throw it out.

This moment, which flirts with the fact that a little on the nose, but it's what we do when we spun again as Pete drove Don to the corner. Perhaps Don see themselves in what makes Pete with his marriage. Don leaves Pete that he ached, and his long taxi ride back to Cos Cob.

The next day, Roger called Ken to his office and read him the act of the riots, distracted from his writing, telling him to shoot it down. "If the work is good, it satisfies all the requirements," – tells him Roger. "Believe me. I remember." This is yet another recognition of the new post of Roger as before, but instead of feeling sorry for myself, Pete, Roger took on a new role of the office of the sage. It's also a bit ironic, given that Roger allegedly tried to not become a writer.

Roger summoned to meet a partner, where the boys were planning to pat yourself on the back for work done with Edwin Baker and Jaguar, but it should not be.

Lane called his wife just as he was about to go to a meeting, and he interrupts their premature celebration to let them know that the transaction is completed. Edwin's wife called Rebekah, skardivshysya his adultery with the boys from SCDP party. It turns out that a woman found chewing gum in pubs. Lane is close to anger, but the Americans could only laugh at the black humor. It is even more annoying Lane, forcing Pete to pounce on him, Lane said that they no longer need it the next day after he fired them from the old Cooper.

It's too much to endure Lane. Pete Campbell received the honor of all the people sent him that passes for blind rage. He challenges Pete to a fistfight.

Roger, always the man with the best lines, says: "I know that cooler heads should prevail, but I'm the only one who wants to see it?" Don replies, pulling curtains for conference rooms.

Beating the & # 39 is a comic, and after they inflicted several blows, Pete Lane bloody nose and knocked him to the ground, ending the fight. This is yet another humiliation Pete.

Although he won the fight, Lane retreats to his office, feeling like a failure. Geoana shows a bucket of ice to comfort him. Bloody hand soaked in ice Lane kisses Joan, which is slowly pulled. She gets up and opens the door of the office, but returned. If he apologizes, paplakavshysya in self-pity, she shuts it down, saying that everyone in the office dreaming to do what he just did with Pete. Or & # 39 is its encouragement of a collective incentive to comrade wounded ego? I doubt it.

Pete finally slipped out of the room, with his tail between his legs, only to find, as Don holds the elevator. They discussed before Pete does what always makes Pete. He goes to mercy. "I'm not as virtuous as you" – he says Don. "So, you just release me." Don brushes off the comment. "What we fought at work?" He asked Pete. "It's the office. We have to be friends." Strange to say, and this is an uncomfortable pause. Finally, "I have nothing, Don." It breaks, but do not have the opportunity to help this man. Pete repeatedly came to him, and every time Don was completely unable to help him. Instead, they end the trip in an uncomfortable silence, Pete suppress tears when we hear a story about a new story Ken. There is cut, sitting in bed, compulsively he writes how his wife is sleeping …

" A man with a miniature orchestra, Dave Algonk & # 39; yang. It was the phrase of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony and who are still forced Kou cry. He always thought that this is due to the composition of the circumstances. He represented Beethoven, deaf and soul of the patient, his heart is broken, furiously writing until death stood in the doorway, abrezayuchy nails. Still, Coe thought, it can live in the country, which made him cry. It was killing him in silence and solitude. nice bear. "

The episode ends with Drink, in a darkened room, watching movies and films, as well as viewing a beautiful girl like a girl Ken ends. Finally, we are left with Pitt, who looks at the screen. The sound of dripping water is returned if the image fades to black, leaving the front of this rhythm of silence Ode to Joy He plays softly.

How disturbing.

Pete comes completely ignored? He brings a gun to work, only to use it on the girl and maybe handsome? Or is it more a psychological flaw, the death of some part of the spirit of Pete?

Who will shoot bolt Pete?