21 Game Changing thoughts to keep in mind when dealing with hard times

In the summer of 2010, one of my former bosses and teachers died at the age of 62 years. Mike Dunn touched the lives of many people over 62,. I met Mike Dunn in 1994, when I worked on a committee to recruit a new director of sports and entertainment at The Ohio State University. I was immediately struck by the commitment to Mike to help others reach the next level of success and happiness!

In honor of Mike, I decided to offer a few games that change the thoughts that inspire you to reach the next level of success and happiness when dealing with hard times …

  1. Find something to "enjoy a high" all the impressions
  2. Your ego can rob you of joy, if it remains without checking
  3. If you get the rewards and opportunities to give to others and have to be around to keep up with success
  4. The world – it is always a choice, not something that you need to look
  5. What is possible, is much higher than our current limited experience, so developing compelling vision the future
  6. Trust your potential to overcome your shortcomings
  7. Change your perspective to overcome the immediate problems – most pressing problems is solved, when we ask about their value in 10 minutes, 10 months or 10 years
  8. Try to be "ahead of the release of" breaking away from the need for public confirmation
  9. It is not necessary to the average person to get in touch with a higher power
  10. Nothing has power over you without your consent
  11. Bad and good times – it's part of life. Bad times – it's well-being, to make the good times sweeter, if you focus on lessons and activities, rather than capture and complain!
  12. There is always a solution to your problems, you need to constantly look for them. Do not throw before the miracle happens!
  13. Your strengths always within reach
  14. Maslow's self-actualization defines as an independent from the good (or bad) the opinions of others
  15. It can always be somewhere to start your way forward – no matter where you are
  16. Time, like a magnet. It attracts all kinds of activities to fill it. You should be able to install priorities get to your destination and enjoy the journey!
  17. Accountability and responsibility is always with & # 39 are part of the journey – as forgiveness and compassion
  18. There is always an element of hassles which must follow the way of thinking, planning and communication
  19. The dream becomes a goal when you develop and act on his "Plan to start." The goal becomes a reality, if you adjust the plan and aggressively promote or circumvent their problems!
  20. Confidence in himself does not go outside, it is created from the inside
  21. Inspiration – Breakfast of Champions

I offer these nuggets as food for thought, because right thinking precedes right action. However, action must follow the way of thinking in order to benefit from it. Thus, take action NOW to the game, changing the thoughts that resonate with you!

NOTE: If you are looking for more information about these views, look for other articles that I have written in words in stall above.

© Copyright Jon L. Iveson, Ph.D.

Baby boomers: a way to earn a lot of money

Baby boomers need to earn more money and to supplement their income. Let's face it. Many of us have been destroyed over the past few years. From foreclosure to 401's, many left over the defense. So what are you doing?

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With aging, free radicals are played. Today promises antioxidant to fight these free radicals, but they are powerless, because free radicals multiply so quickly. Compare Protandim and wine for a minute. You will have to drink over 200 glasses of red wine to equate to one Protandim pill in the morning !!!

Developed by Dr. Joe McCord over 30 years, he has received numerous prizes for his work, and if you ever wanted to be at the beginning of the product (like Amway twenty years ago), but not at the end, here's your chance.

This is a great business opportunity, because the US is unlikely of course, and is about to expand to Australia and the Philippines. Let's face it, all boomers want something besides the pharmacy of pills, many of us have on the counter, and it can start saving money and space. Watch the video and see Primeetime business opportunities to reclaim their gnyazdonae egg!

Past NFL draft picks – hit or miss

Past NFL draft picks – hit or miss

As far as the world of Mel Kipers trying to convince us of the opposite, NFL draft – it is a very inexact science. You need proof? Let's look at some significant hits and cons of the project over the past decade. And it's not zatsmityya fourth legs; each of the players listed below were elected in the first 10 elections, the first round.

Draft 1995

Hit: 3 X & # 39; Euston Oilers – Steve Maknaer, CB, Alcorn State
"Air" McNair was the basis Oilers / Titans franchise and was named MVP co-authored in 2003. He also led the Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV, seconded by one of the greatest drives in the last seconds of the history of Super Bowl – just in front of one yard short against the Rams.
Miss: 1.Tsyntsynatsi Bengals – Ki-Jana Carter County, the Russian Federation, the state of Peng
He missed the entire freshman year after a knee injury in the pre-season period. Namknulisya only 1144 yards and 20 touchdowns with 57 games Bengal red skins and holy.

Draft 1996
Hit: 4 Heroes of Baltimore – Jonathan Ogden, LT, UCLA
Under the leadership of Ozzie Newsome, the Ravens in 1996 amounted to two main stones, taking Ogdena number 4, and then the insulator Miami Ray Lewis at No. 4, twenty-sixth
Miss: 6. St. Louis Rams – Lawrence Phillips County, RB, Nebraska
In games with rams 35, dolphins and Phillips 49ers ran at 1.453 yards at 3.4 yards per 14 migration and landing. Phillips came out of the NFL since 1999. He successfully moved to Europe at CFL and NFL.

Draft 1997
Hit: 1 St. Louis Rams – Orlando Pace, LT, Ohio
Won Super Bowl XXXIV was neodymium & # 39; emnay part of three winning MVP (Kurt Warner in the & # 39; 99 and & # 39; 01, Marshall Faulk in the & # 39; 00).
Miss: 9. Arizona Cardinals – Tommy Knight, CB, Iowa
In 73 games Knight accumulated only three interception and 2.5 bags cardinals, crows and rams.

Draft 1998
Hit: 1.Indianaplois Colts – Peitav Manning, CB, Tennessee
Named MVP in 2004 and co-MVP in 2003, is now Manning has adnasezonnymi NFL records for passing half (49) and rating passers (121.1) after a brilliant 2004 season.
Miss: 2. San Diego Chargers – Ryan Leaf, KB, WA
Leaf played in 25 games with the Chargers, Cowboys and the Seahawks, ending his car & # 39; a career with 3,666 yards of passing, 48.8 completion percentage, 14 touchdowns, 36 interceptions and a rating of 50.0 passersby.

Draft 1999
Hit: 2 Philadelphia Eagle – Donovan McNab, CB, Syracuse

On the day the project was submitted Feeley supporter who wanted to "Eagles" were invited to Texas running back Ricky Williams. Since last year, the Eagles led four consecutive NFC Championship Game and Super Bowl XXXIX.
Miss: 3 Cincinnati Bengal – Priscilla Smith, QB, Oregon
It aims to advance the defense UFC Daunte Culpepper (№ 11). In 22 games, Smith passed for 2212 yards, five touchdowns and 13 interceptions. After signing with the "Tampa Bay", he will get another kick in the NFL
February. He spent time this spring, playing in Europe, the NFL.

Draft 2000
Hit: 5 Knights Baltimore – Zhamel Lewis, RB, Tennessee

In 2003, Lewis joined OJ Simpson, Eric Dykersana, Barry Sanders and Teresa Davis, only fifth in NFL history to pass 2,000 yards in a single season.

Miss: 1. Cleveland Browns – Courtney Brown, the California State Peng
After drawing up the defender in Kentucky Tim Couch with the general election №1 99 Brown Brown made number 1 in total & # 39; 00. DO NOT
live up to his name) Paul, Jim, etc.) in Cleveland, recording 17 sacks in 47 games in 5 seasons. Now with the & # 39; he is a member Benkasa Denver.

Draft 2001
Hit: 5. San Diego Chargers devices – LaDainian Tomlinson, RB, TCU

Charger got a chance to make Viginia
Technical quarterback Michael Vick, who trades with Atlanta to acquire Tomlinson, defender Drew Brees and the reflector returns Tim Dwight. Only for 4 seasons LT has yartov 5899, 2022 yard and 60 total touchdowns.
Miss: 3 Cleveland Brown – Gerard Warren, Dates, Florida
Although Warren produced 16.5 sacks in 60 games over four seasons, he is worthy of the price (or total selection number 3) and followed the rest of Brown's defensive front to go into this offseason Denver.

Draft 2002
Hit: 2 Carolina Panther – Julius Peppers, DE, North Carolina
Only 44 games over 3 seasons, Peppers has 30 goals, 12 forced punches, three interceptions and two defensive touchdowns. He also helped lead the Panthers in Super Bowl XXXVIII.
Miss 6 Kansas City Heads – Ryan Sims, State Dates, North Carolina
First elected defensive team Peppers became a duet in front of Tennessee John Henderson (№ 9) and Albert Heynsvorta (number 15). It has a record 5 sacks in 37 games.

Draft 2003
Hit: 10. Baltimore Ravens – Terrell Suggs, LB, Arizona

A classic case of over-analysis measurement, not the game tape. Sugg was pointed tweezers and hit the Ravens, where two games in two seasons and bag 22.5 7 coercive strikes.
Miss: 6. New Orleans Saints – Jonathan Sullivan, DT, Georgia
The 21 game for two seasons Sullivan has only 1.5 sacks and one forced ful for inconsistent holy.

Project 2004
Hit: 10 X & # 39; Euston Texas – Dante Robinson, CB, South Carolina
Excellent playmaker, Robinson recorded six interceptions on 146 yards (24.3 yards per return) and three sacks in the season opener.
Miss 6 Cleveland Brown – Kellen Winslow II of, Texas, Miami
He played in two games as a rookie before breaking his leg. He took part in May in motorcycles, exposing themselves Season 2005 – and, possibly, car & # 39; career – in jeopardy.

Jan Grover – formalist, which celebrates life

Jan Grover was born in Plainfield, New Jersey in 1943. Mrs. Grover was educated in art, receiving her B.F.A. in painting in 1965 at Pratt Institute in New York, after which he received a master's degree in art education at Ohio State University in 1969. After teaching art in junior high school and then in Gartfardskim University in the early 1970s, she turned photo. While she experimented with different styles and visions, she is perhaps best known for her still life paintings of ordinary objects, kitchenware, plants, but took his picture with bright colors and larger than life images. She received a grant from the State Council of the State of New York on art and the National Arts funds.

Mrs Grover enjoy a wide range of artistic expression. Larger than life images of her photographs, found expression platinum-palladium print, exaggerated images with brilliant color and brightness. She liked to write and publish "Pure invention: Still countertop"In 1990. She also taught at New York State University, before moving to France where he now lives.

We do not know exactly what led Mrs. Grover from the car & # 39; EASURES formal art photography. She is quoted as saying: "With photography I did not have to invent everything was."

Initially, I was attracted to pictures of Mrs. Grover for their bright color and larger than life images. In her life there is a sharp departure from the photographs, which show the movement of time, speed and color, to the fact that, perhaps, she is best known, simple everyday objects found in the house. One review said that "she turned to her kitchen sink" for new ideas. Many of her photographs show the vessel, knives, forks, and other items that can be found in the home, such as bowls, dishes or houseplants.

Her photographs have been made camera 4×5 view. Her photographs emphasized and illustrated its impact and formalism obedience. My favorite picture "Untitled, 1979. J. № 95.2 & # 39; "a mixture of figures, curves and lines that almost hypnotically, but when I first looked at it, it was easy to look at a lot of other things I can see the sink and the ancient ruins and the product of the Roman triumph possible.. it is clear comparison of Mrs. Grover formalism. shape can grab.

Does any form of gratitude? Do you have any form of special details, when we have time to observe? The image above accentuates the silver, and yet we see will be pulled into the overflow shade and reviewed a mirror image.

"According to Grover, the value of & # 39 objects does not matter, important only form, texture and shape, which fall into a certain space."

What a great tribute to the photographer's tribute to her art. Its ability to share and see the quality of lighting in the most simple things in many ways speaks of her vision. When I analyzed the work of Mrs. Grover, easy to mistake a few pictures of her with her fingerprints. Her photos have some color and details of "larger than life" … the press, which has been the preferred additional editing. According to one writer, "Groover makes photos that are interesting not so much for the things that they show us how much for how they show us these things."

Mrs. Grover works can be found on many sites, but the images mentioned in this article can be seen at:


Grants and financial assistance to blacks – free money for minorities

The national minorities in the country underrepresented groups, and most of them fall into a low income, which limits their performance of daily life needs. federal grants and assistance programs have been initiated to help them overcome financial constraints and maintain basic living standards. Money and grants – free gift from the government, which does not want to return. Begin to apply now!

housing subsidies

Payment of excessive bills for housing can be a great financial burden, which can lead to foreclosures and homelessness. minority groups often struggle to pay the rent, so the government provides grants for housing, to help them overcome the financial bar & # 39; EASURES. USDA, the voucher program on a variety of accommodation, CDBG, a program of social housing and non-profit organizations – is one of the most important grants for housing for all.

Housing subsidies for minorities pay bills

Grantaamerykanskiya other institutions that help communities (HSIAC), Indian Community Development Grant (ICDBG) and a program of assistance for rent, based on projects – this other grant programs for affordable housing for minorities. MGSAK seeks to revitalize the local quarter and to promote affordable housing. ICDBG provides grants to Indian communities or Alaska Native to decent housing. grant limit is 450 thousand dollars.

Corporation neighboring reinvestyvannya (NRC) received $ 200 million for the prevention of homelessness, while HUD has developed an additional cost of $ 90 million to prevent foreclosures and evictions.

Educational grants and scholarships

For many years there has been a huge rate of rejection from the college. Financial losses or large debts forced the students to stop the education of national minorities, to strengthen academic quest for a better future, a few accredited foundations, private organizations, universities, and government initiated scholarship programs and scholarships, which cover the majority of college expenses.

college fund Negro "Black Women in Sisterhood for Action", the Asian-American journalists' association, CIRI Foundation, Academic minority Iowa grants for economic success, charities Ronald McDonald House Jackie Robinson, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund – some of scholarship programs for minorities. Ohio State University and the Yale School of Management business – are universities that offer programs of minority scholarships. For government grants apply for a grant Pell, FSEOG, the National SMART Grant, and Grant Academic Competitiveness.

Educational grants and scholarships for Hispanics

loan exception: students with overloaded debts now have a simple plan for repayment of the loan from the government. President Obama has provided a reduction in monthly payments, debt forgiveness after 20 years and exemption from payment of loans in 10 years for students entering the public service.

business grants

The US government offers grants for minority business entrepreneurs to encourage minorities to create and grow their businesses. Firms and companies that belong to a minority, offered financial assistance in the form of loans, grants, advice, assistance and training to help them manage, grow and compete in the federal marketplace.

Some grants for business are available through the SBA 8 (a) Business Development Program, the Small Business Administration and Program of minority-owned and USDA Grant, who lends funds to beneficiaries in rural areas. Georgia-Pacific Grant, Grant of the Amber Foundation, Operation HOPE and loans for business are also available to help minority businesses.

If you are also caught in the minority section, you will soon start to apply for federal grants to get free money.

How to Stop Panic Attacks – Hypnosis Help

Causes of Panic Attacks

In order to stop panic attacks in their tracks, you need to understand the physical and psychological factors that lead to these episodes. Once you understand how to develop an attack in the first place. Understanding the causes of these problems can help you decide which treatments are right for you.

Keep in mind that there are a number of different factors that can contribute to anxiety and stress predominant. Followed by a variety of participants, which can lead to considerable anxiety. These factors can also be causes of anxiety attacks.

biological reasons

Some postulate that there are biological elements that take into account the beginning of a panic attack. As found Ohio State University scientists, biological imbalance in gene 5-HTT. This fault in the 5-HTT gene may be associated with the cause of these problems.

This gene functions to regulate serotonin in humans. Serotonin – a balances the chemical that helps people regulate stress and anxiety. If this chemical is missing or in excess of, a person can lose the ability to cope with stressful situations.

An imbalance in serotonin levels can make a person susceptible to specific conditions, including panic disorder. However, the researchers did not claim that this gene with & # 39; the only problem with anxiety attacks. Other conditions also contribute.

psychological reasons

Experiences and emotions take into account the causes of panic attacks. The man may have been a traumatic event or a sudden loss. These stressful situations are deep in the human mind and are manifested in the form of anxiety or panic episodes at some point in time.

Separation anxiety is also associated with these types of attacks. A person who has a traumatic separation in history, it may be the likelihood of panic episodes than the one who does not have this. Many children suffer from attacks.

Fear – is another emotion that comes into play with these attacks. Intense emotion of fear, and the body perceives a sense of very serious & # 39; ozna. This emotion is supposed to protect, because it makes a significant force in the human psyche.

Biological and psychological factors

Some researchers believe that the causes of panic attacks stem from a combination of biological and psychological factors. You may have a genetic predisposition to panic attacks episodes that go unnoticed until you run into a very stressful situation.

getting Help

Although they seem huge, anxiety attacks do not have to take control of life. You can use these therapies as self-hypnosis to help you stop panic attacks before they start. Weakening can help your body regulated. This approach is ideal because it will help you reduce anxiety and stress. These factors may contribute to both the causes of panic attacks.

Understanding foreclosure in Ohio – Guide to understanding the ransom for Ohio home owner

Understanding redemption – this is an important kind of knowledge for troubled homeowners. This article discusses the process of foreclosure in Ohio.

If a home owner in Ohio will no longer make the mortgage payments, it can go for redemption. Understanding foreclosure in Ohio is to know the specific laws that govern real estate in the state Bouquet.

There is a general process that eliminates the handling of law:

1. The homeowner misses payments
2. Notification of the landlord, which handle
3. Time to cure the debt
4. Trial or another thing
5. Sheriff with sale
6. The period of redemption

But the understanding of foreclosures in Ohio means knowing the specifics of these general principles.

For example, one positive note for troubled owners Ohio homes is that to complete the buyout in the country requires more than the average.

Another interesting fact is that you have the right to respond to notices of default in court. That is, you can dispute the claim within 28 days after receiving the notice. If you do not, the court will issue a default decision and will appeal. If you dispute the notice of default, you can delay foreclosure for a while.

Uncontested foreclosure typically takes 150 to 180 days, and appealed foreclosure can last much longer. The record contains a person Ohio, who stayed in his house for 11 years without paying, giving several lawsuits and appeals. It is not heard in many other states.

The lender is required to submit three independent valuation of the property. Then the foreclosure sale must be announced 30 days prior to the auction.

Sheriff handles the actual auction.

After the auction is completed, the creditor must return to court and provide evidence of the sale. Then the court confirms the sale.

Between the time of the auction and confirmation by the court, the landlord has the right to repurchase. Following the presentation of evidence of this period is ended.

If the property is sold less than the debt on it, the former owner of the house is responsible for the difference. This is called a solution of the deficit.

Understanding foreclosure in Ohio with a & # 39 is a matter of know the general process for all staff and specific application of the process in Ohio.

4 high commands (unbeaten 2) wins a total of 12 points

Anyone surprised that four football teams this week – 3 of them are highly engaged – won their games for a total of 12 points? You should not be surprised that Oregon number 1, which occupies the third place, the TCU, the 7th ranked Stanford and 21st ranking Nevada struggled violently before finally win.

The reason is simple – these 4-ranking teams only 5 wins against other teams, who currently hold rating. In other words, their combined loss record stands at 39-2, but they did not play a lot of competitive teams.

With the end of the season, they are now against the higher competition and look much more vulnerable.

Take Oregon with the highest rating. Ducks took 1st place in the country in the number of crimes (54+ points per game), and the total number of crimes (567+ VP) and 13th on protection (17+ ppm), before they are faced with California. Bears that do not fall into any of the most popular polls, except Sagaryna who called California – a 5-4 team that played the 7th tough schedule in the country – as the 24th best team.

Oregon eventually won the game 15-13 (2-point margin), but just as easily could play it like a bear with the 24th kernel at the end of the game was illegal advaleny penalty kicker who missed the 29 th two attempts this second attempt. A successful kick would have led to the fact that California has increased among the 16-15.

In the first 9 nine games Ducks recorded 58 offensive touchdowns and had a 1 vs California, registering the lowest score in 10 years.

You can win Oregon? Despite the hype, of course, ducks (10-0) can be beaten, and still have to face the Arizona and the State of Oregon State in the Civil War, in the best case historically nasty game.

It can be argued that Oregon was lucky to win, and a lot of fans, players and coaches agree with you.

Horned frog 3rd place in the ranking occupied 1st Place Protection (8+ ppm) and total defense (215+ VP), and the 8th to the offense is clogged (41+ ppm) and total offense (492 + VP), before they ran into the failed state of the Aztecs of San Diego.

Impressive stats TCU was primarily because they were playing weak teams throughout the year. Dismantling 47-7 then undefeated 6th rank of Utah looked much less impressive after Utah (now 8-2) was upset at this week's miserable 4-5 team of Notre Dame, 28-3 last week.

Good or Utah? Are you kidding? Invincible Utesa trip, although the season in the best case was crazy, and at worst – a fraud. Utah last week fell from 6th place in the ranking from 15th last week to 25th. What's next, a loss to the Utah State San Diego next week?

TCU had a deficit in two touches in the state of San Diego, and I could not get control of the game until the end of the 4th quarter, holding atstekavskuyu award, to be released with a victory 40-35 (5-fold margin).

All this talk about the fact that TSU is not terminated, and its protection does not stop – it's so much pagromki. TCU (11-0) has just one win in the team, which currently occupies, and it was against the pretender Utah Utes. – Nuff said.

The final game Horned Frogs – against New Mexico team that takes 173 place among 120 schools Division 1-A. Before New Mexico ahead of the 58 AA teams, who probably could beat Lobas any day of the week and twice on Saturday. This year, New Mexico not even have to play in Division 1.

All this means that the TCU Horned Frogs finish the season unbeaten at 12-0 and complain if they do not play in the national championship game.

Karminal Stanford (9-1), which occupies the 7th place, just did not lose a fist fight with unbeaten Arizona, before winning 17-13 (4-point advantage). Only Stanford defense and a long blow with the 4th quarter of the Cardinal saved from loss. "Solar d & # 39; yably" (now 4-6) played hard, leading 13-10 before killed Stanford.

Stanford still has to face the state of California and Oregon.

21 th place in the ranking of the Nevada Wolf Pack has a lot of grievances and few defenders, and it showed against Fresno State unrequited team that almost won. Fresno State scored 10 points to win 34-28 before conman Vai Taua 24 yard set bulldogs forever, 35-34 (with a margin of 1 point).

Bulldogs gained 444 yards crime 416 yards Nevada, showing how the porous Pak wolf protection. If you give up 444 yards of crimes and 34 points, you better still offended.

Essence – 4 undefeated teams last week as invincible, but now obviously beatable. Ore and attempt – 11: 0, Oregon – 10: 0, and the Boys – 9: 0.

Six ranking teams had a slow start to win.

Baylor led the 23rd place in the Texas tendencies A & M 30-21 at the half, but Aggie won, 42-30, the Bears spent without results in the second half. North Carolina led the 16-th place in the Virginia Tech 10-9 at the half, but Hokie rallied in the 2nd half, scored 17 points, holding the Tar Heels without results, to win, 26-10. Kansas State gave the 20th-rated games Missouri, but lost as a result of 38-28.

Nebraska Cornhuskers Bo Pelini held Kansas 87 yards, when they won, 20-3. Jayhawks got exactly 5 first downs and were sacked 6 times. Texas ranked 12th in the state of Oklahoma, and scored the third after the 1st quarter, but the Cowboys have put 23 points in the 2nd quarter and went on to win 33-16.

Second place in Ruda scored first, but then I noticed Georgia 3 touchdown before finally broke up in the last quarter to win 49-31. The whole week Auburn and its star quarterback Cam Newton was beaten in a press statement of wrongdoing, but liked Geysman Newton took all delighted.

Newton was 12 to 15, having 148 yards and 2 touchdown. More importantly, he threw 30 times to 151 yard (5.0 yards per transfer) and scored on runs 1 and 31 yards. Ontario McCaleb added 3 touchdown on a short run. Winning against Georgia, Auburn becomes the champion of the Western Division of the SEC and will face the champion of the East Division of South Carolina for the SEC title, and a place in the game with a bowl BCS.

Seven other teams, which occupy the first place, okay, at least 20 points.

In fact, good wins included a fourth Boys State rating on the road through Idaho 52-14, 5 th place LSU houses over Louisiana-Monroe, 51-zip, 6th place in Wisconsin 83-20 ​​at home over Indiana, Ohio, 8 -gadinny rating. home over the state of Peng 38-14, 11th place in Alabama, home of the 17th Mississippi location, staff 30-10, 14th place in Arkansas over UTEP 58-21 and 19 th place in Oklahoma over Texas Tech, 45-7.

Among the 7 novels Wisconsin was the most impressive. 83 dialed badfordy Badgers were the best offensive performance in 95 years, it was the highest number of points one of the main schools of the season, she scored the most points at the conference Big ten with Ohio State winning time in Iowa to 83-21 in 1950, and it was the most points from Wisconsin after his victory in 8515 at the convenience store in 1915.

Motte Bell Wisconsin participated in 3 touchdowns in his first start in the car & # 39; EASURES, James White ran for 2 more, and Scott Tolzen threw 3 touchdown. Badgers killed all 12 of their possessions. Wisconsin dialed numbers? Besides Indiana, who cares?

Pen Stein won the 1st half against Ohio State, 14-3, but Bakey won the 2nd half, 35-zip.

Five teams who occupied the rating, were upset almost each of them more popular games in the cup next week. They included Aovu (currently 7-3), Utah (8-2), Arizona (7-3), Florida (6-4) and Central Florida (7-3). All were canceled uncontrollable teams, except for Florida.

Northwestern beat 13th place in Iowa 21-17, Notre Dame beat 15th Utah 28-3, Southern Cal won the 18th Arizona 24-21, 22th South Carolina defeated the 24th in Florida 36 -14 and Southern Mississippi defeated 25th place in Central Florida 31-21.

The best victory was upset by South Carolina when the Gamecocks (7-3 overall and 5-3 in the SEC) took the SEC Eastern Division and broke a 12-game losing x Series Florida.

The victory of the "Southern Cal" put the Trojans to poll the AP on the 20th place, and the 35-10 victory over Miami, Georgia Tech gave them a 24th place. To make room for both teams, who returned to the Top 25, Florida and Central Florida (UCF) were thrown out of the survey.

Winning, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas A & M all climbed the AP poll, Southern California and Miami, FL again climbed to the polls and lost Aovu, Mississippi, Arizona and Utah, have lost a significant position.

Number 10, Michigan and Washington Huskies unprotected idle this week.

This week four unbeaten teams have qualified for the victory – East Carolina, West Virginia, South Florida and the Army.

Copyright © 2010 Ed Baglaĭ

3 keys to success

Back in 1978, when I was a junior in college, I was captain of the Ohio State University. That same year, the football team took the second place in the Great Conference of 10 and earned a trip diabetes dish in New Orleans.

Also marching band, fans and teams were invited. However, all members of the team had to raise their own funds for the trip. My family & # 39; I could not afford to send me as captain, I felt suras & # 39; serious obligation to be there. Moreover, I wanted to go … so I had to come up with a creative way to raise funds. Employee my team was faced with a similar dilemma, so we decided to join in this effort.

The first thing that came to me was to find sponsors. I thought, who thought he could help, and worked to make appointments. I had no luck, until one day I got a call from the office is not a patron and mega-successful entrepreneur and developer John Galbrayta. His secretary told me that he was ready to meet with us.

John was friendly, older gentleman, who loved youth, and I have found, it is often sacrificed in the OSU Development Fund. It seemed to us like it, but before he can help, he wanted to get to know us. Thus, we hold weekly meetings. Sometimes we would meet in his office, and occasionally met for dinner in an exclusive sports club. After he invited us to an estate of 49,000 acres for sightseeing and to meet with former President Gerald Ford before his plane took off from the private John Airport. At Christmas, I created him a special batch of homemade cookies, and he gave me and my compatriots thousand dollars for our trip and complex, rigid gold bracelets, from which he came out of his office in Hong Kong.

These are all wonderful memories, but the best that I gave John Galbrayt was 3 KEYS. Yang started to do fortune during the Great Depression and embodied every one of them:

1 – target value – do one thing and do it to the best of your ability.
2 – ZNACHASNASTS – keep at it relentlessly, even if you adchayvaetsesya. And if you adchayvaetsesya, work on in despair.
3 – loves another – love people and treat them as we would like them to treat him.

Blessed me acquainted with John Galbraith, and I hope that his words will inspire you to your own success.

fish Ohio

In the US, there are many states in which a person may need a license to go fishing, to carry out fishing activities. The same applies to the state of Ohio. However, there are two days when any resident of Ohio may carry out fishing activities, whether with or without a license. It is 7 and 8 May. If you live in Ohio and are new to fishing, these two days trying to perfect fishing. But what kinds of fish you can catch in the waters of Ohio. Let's examine some of Ohio fish.

In 2005, a group of university students gathered a number of fish from Ohio waters. Here is a brief report about the type of fish you can catch, depending on location in Ohio.

If you are looking for fish in the Central Ohio, is one of the most popular types, which you can catch catfish includes the Channel. Fishing can be done bait shrimp on the bottom and cut shading. Along the lake covers Bukei can catch big bass and hybrid striped bass. If you are fishing in the river Lizang in Central Ohio, you can catch a variety of fish, including catfish kanalavaga, flat catfish, perch and carp.

In northwest Ohio has a number of rivers and reservoirs, and therefore the possibility of fishing even more increases. Blanchard on river water is usually cloudy and the temperature of about 80 degrees. This river small mustache.

Channel catfish Skiyata distributed in rivers where the water is cloudy and the temperature reaches 80 degrees. Blyugily – conventional reservoirs along the Ottawa, and you have the opportunity to catch yellow perch along the river Leypsik. Fish-blue and yellow perch – these are two species of fish that thrive in pure waters. They can be caught fishing worms or wax worms cast.

Mosquitoes Lake and Portage Lake – two lakes in northeast Ohio, where you'll find a few common varieties of fish Ohio. Along the lake Mosquito you can catch bass malgimut of webs, wild boar and goats. Catfish and bass – a common fish in the Portage Lakes.

For fish that can be found in lakes and rivers of Southwest Ohio are sougee, blue gill, catfish, woman, kraps and channels. Soma in southwest Ohio is best to catch a shadow cut, chicken liver and shrimp devices.