Non-financial advice on pension planning

The solid financial strategy is critical to the pension plan. Many experts have the knowledge and experience to help people with these details. However, people should not neglect other areas when displaying these years. Learn important details that you should also be taken into account in this golden time.

Honeymoon phase

The transition from the intense car & # 39; EASURES to endless free days can be more difficult than you think. New retirees characteristic for the first weeks and months after they stop working. During this phase, you can catch up with the chores. You can also engage in hobbies that you have not had time to deal with car & # 39; eray. Some people choose to simply relax for a few weeks or months with little structure to their days. This may be particularly attractive to people who have suffered high levels of stress in their work. However, at some point, the honeymoon phase is over, and you need a plan to make sure that you stay busy and involved in life.

learning opportunities

In order to efficiently use these golden years and help preserve the health, it is important to ensure that your retirement planning includes the idea of ​​how you will use your time. You have many options and possibilities, from which you could choose from, depending on your efforts. Take time to create a lifestyle that you want.

Look ahead and imagine the perfect retirement for themselves. Some people may choose to work part-time at a job that is related to the interest or hobby. For example, if you love to sew or craft, you can work in a shop craftsmen. People who love woodworking, can work in the shop houses. Maybe you want to spend more time with their grandchildren, so you could get them to visit you daily. Some people want to travel, so their retirement years are associated with multiple trips. For example, internal travel may involve travel around the country in a car.

job goals

Ask yourself the right questions, to really explore his desires. Consider the activities that you have been forced to neglect during operation. Think of any new interests that you would like to achieve. If you're interested in the subject or subjects, you may want to take a lesson to learn more. Learn the interests that you and your partner share as a way to spend time together in pursuit of a common goal. If you've always wanted to write a book or to do by means of art, such as painting or pottery, you could take advantage of their free time to try yourself in these activities.

Financial Planning pleases possible

Prudent financial retirement planning with a & # 39 is a neodymium & # 39; emnay part of ensuring satisfaction in these years. For example, if you want to travel the world after you are done, you will need the money to afford these classes. Professionals specializing in helping people to realize those dreams. These years are too important to leave to chance, so take the time to outline all aspects of retirement.


Cheap flights to New York

There are many airlines and travel agents offering cheap flights to New York. Well known for its combination of culture and welfare, New York has a constant number of visitors during the peak season and peak season, mainly due to trading companies on Wall Street. Business meetings – a well-known reason for people to set foot in New York. In fulfillment of this need, many airlines offer special reduced rates to corporations for their traveling executives. Cheap flights to New York City is easy to find for domestic flights and for international flights.

Search for cheap flights to New York – a big deal for vacationers because of New York – an expensive city. He is known for Broadway, shopping, as well as design and haute couture items. There is great wealth to spend on fashion items and designer objects. Dining in New York City would be unforgettable. High quality food and services leaves nothing but pleasure. Cultural mix in New York provided food and entertainment to people of any nation.

Companies that often send managers in New York for meetings and conferences, always from the same book the agent who can offer them a cheap flight to New York. Organizers of recreation and foreigners working in New York, also in need of cheap flights so they can travel and return, without spending a large sum. As with getting cheap flights to any other country, all airlines periodically receive discounts for early booking and special offers. People who are planning to travel to New York, should always follow the advertising that promotes cheap flights to New York. However, buyers should note that cheap flights are not always & # 39 are the best. This is because earlier planning can be moved and changed. These cheap tickets can not be returned or changed if customers do not make an additional charge.

Another way to get cheap flights to New York – it is the purchase of tickets for the journey to the season's most peak seasons. January-March due to the short winter season. The only positive – it celebrate Valentine's Day with their loved ones. Even at the show and the food is much cheaper in a season dedicated to the peak.

Companies that often send managers in New York for meetings and conferences, always from the same book the agent who can offer them a cheap flight to New York. Organizers of recreation and foreigners working in New York, also in need of cheap flights so they can travel and return, without spending a large sum. As with getting cheap flights to any other country, all airlines periodically receive discounts for early booking and special offers. People who are planning to travel to New York, should always follow the advertising that promotes cheap flights to New York. However, buyers should note that cheap flights are not always & # 39 are the best. This is because earlier planning can be moved and changed. These cheap tickets can not be returned or changed if customers do not make an additional charge.

Another way to get cheap flights to New York – it is the purchase of tickets for the journey to the season's most peak seasons. January-March due to the short winter season. The only positive – it celebrate Valentine's Day with their loved ones. Even at the show and the food is much cheaper in a season dedicated to the peak.


Some tips and facts that you can not introduce

The budget for travel expenses

In the past, airlines provide food, regardless of the ticket price. Gone are the days. The adage "you get what you pay for" comes to budget travel. Cheap tickets are as follows:

  • More restrictions when it comes to change the tickets and schedules

  • Additional charges for many bags

  • Fewer amenities on board, for example, free headphones

  • Meals and drinks are available with a price

  • A small charge of run

  • Limited entertainment during the flight


There are airlines that offer electronic tickets, and others that allow you to register using your smartphone. As an advice, use both, if possible. For more convenience using your phone, but also to print your e-ticket – if ever phones scanners do not work (they feel some travelers).

Drive through only travel

Go on a trip only to avoid being charged for luggage, lost luggage and a long wait. It is best to pack light, to bring the essentials and be aware of the security restrictions.

Internet check-in

Most airlines are allowed to do online registration the day before the scheduled flight. This gives the advantage of better sit as a place with limited regime are available for use.

choice of location

People who travel, have a variety of options for the seats; some prefer the aisle or near the windows for obvious reasons, but there are slight differences aircraft.

  • Typically seat located before or at the output rows are not discarded.

  • The places that surround the toilet, have a peculiar odor.

  • Depending on the aircraft structure, some seats have less or more legroom.

nervous flyers

Pilots wonder why many people are afraid of turbulence. Nervous people should know that turbulence does not cause the crash, the wings of a fall, and the engines cease to work accident. Aircraft designed to make lightning strike, so no need to worry when lightning strikes.

If you want to ride smoothly, choose to sit over the wing. Since the plane is similar to dust when you are in the center, it is usually less than the moves. If during flight you feel nervous, go on a morning flight. In the last part of the day the earth is heating awkward air, and this is usually the time when thunderstorms occur.

several airports

Plenty of travel allows you to search several airports in a particular city. For example, if you are traveling to San Francisco, you can check out the Oakland International Airport (OAK), and San Francisco International Airport (SFO). You can choose between two airports, to get cheaper tickets or better flight schedules.

Domestic or international flights

Most often, domestic flights are cheaper than international, even with the same distance. Alternatively, you can fly to a city near the border, and then travel by land. For example, if you want to visit Montreal, you can fly to Syracuse, New York, and then to pass through the border.


How to book a cheap flight to India

India – beautiful land for tourists, as it has almost everything from fur jungle to the mysterious mountains, old castles and modern infrastructure development. If you are a & # 39; an Indian tourist visas, who is traveling to India, you'll probably have to move a lot, considering the number of tourist attractions scattered across the country. Owners of Indian visas can also choose the train and bus routes, but it usually takes a long time. It is very natural that being in India, you do not want to spend time on trains and buses, if you see that a lot. In India, there are many low-cost airlines, you can choose if a & # 39; the owner of the Indian tourist visa.

If you want to visit India, you are bound to have India visa, which you can get if you have a valid passport. Indian tourist visa allows foreign citizens to travel to India is not more than 6 months during each of their visit. Indian visa is also the possibility of multiple entries. Indian tourist visa is valid from the period of 6 months to 10 years.

If you want to save time and money at the same time, you have to choose one of the many budget airlines operating regular domestic flights at a surprisingly low price tickets. Production economy class offered by these airlines, – a world-class, and the price will pleasantly surprise you. SpiceJet – The latest budget airline to join the domestic aviation industry and covers the main areas like Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Goa, Pune and Kolkata. He argues that gives great deals and lower prices without sacrificing comfort and safety of passengers. If you are a & # 39; an Indian tourist visas, pay attention to cheap air travel Spicejet can be easily selected. Again there is Paramount Airtravels, which, according with the & # 39 is the only one giving a very nice business class at a minimum cost. This will help you to reach key attractions such as Kochi, Kaimbatore, Chen, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Madurai Tyruvantapuram. Air Deccan also ranked first among India's airlines. He makes regular flights across India and provides nesupasnyya deal in terms of cost. Apart from metro cities, it also flies in the less populated areas such as Vadadara, Hubli and Dehradun. Owners of Indian visas can also select "Indigo", which is a & # 39 is the latest addition to the national aviation arena. It prepares the market with great offers and price reductions. Air Sahara, known as Jet Life, as with the & # 39 is similar to the service provider.

You can easily book air tickets through the Internet, and services are growing faster and more reliable. Just get an Indian tourist visa, and use the facilities offered by the domestic aviation industry.


Choose the right designer carriers for pets

Choosing the right pet carrier for your dog or cat can be a problem. In this article we have tried to simplify the choice of the carrier on the basis of the key aspects.

There is a wide variety of carriers for pets, available in various sizes and colors. The choice of carrier for pets depend on specific common characteristics, providing them within your budget. Some of the functions that need to pay attention to include:


The first thing you need to determine how you plan to use it? Will it be used to travel on the road, or you're going to use it for international travel? If you have planned to the last, you will need a carrier with rigid sides for airline travel. Usually they are built from high quality plastic and can be easily dismantled.

they are more important in the opposite direction. If you plan to use it for domestic travel, you can opt for a smaller purse carriers that are available in a variety of colors and styles. They are soft-sided, light in weight and most complex. He is advisable to come with a removable bottom to make cleaning easy.


To make sure that you choose the right size dog, you need to measure the length of a puppy or a cat, sitting on its hind legs with forelegs fully extended. To make your pet feel comfortable and a few extra centimeters. If your puppy is an example about 9 inches, select the media, which is about 11-12 inches for added comfort. When choosing a dog carrier for your pet it should be safe and convenient, and comfortable to wear it.

Weight and size:

You need to be careful in getting the weight and size of the spots. Weight is important, because for small pets in the range of 1-5 pounds are normally purse style. They are suitable for puppies and small dogs, as well as comfortable to wear pet.

Transportation of the relatively simple task. However, if your pet weighs about 10 pounds, you need to remember that you will need to bear not only the weight of the pet, but also the weight of the carrier, in which they are placed. This can add another 4-5 pounds.

Finally, regardless of media type, big or small, there are other opinions. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the carrier is designed as a vehicle for safety reasons, not to animals play. This means that the animal should be comfortable all the time, but also safe to restrain them. .

It also means that a pet should not remain within the carrier for very long periods. All animals have to stretch and run around them and keep them in a confined space for a long time, if it is strongly not recommended. It is necessary to take account of their well-being and comfort at all times. Remember that we do not want to be limited for a long time in a confined space!


The best online travel agencies (OTA) in India – you know them better before you use their services

In India there are more than 30 travel companies, except for airlines and other sites of hotels. Few of them specializes in a particular area. For the benefit of all visitors to India, who come from around the world, the top ten sites, where you can book a trip to India –
trivago flight – MakeMyTrip, Indian tourist site number 1, and the based prasovvaemy Mr. Deep Kalra, – the main site in the country for any goods and services related to travel. They offer air tickets, hotel reservations, car rental, recreation and even the orders of the train is now on their website.
Makemytrip serves US and Canadian markets, the Indian market, and recently they have also begun makemitryp UAE. Now Makemytrip opens its first IPO in the United States and has collected about $ 100 million. They signed up and collected about $ 800 million. Their office is based in Gurgaon in India, and they employ more than 700 employees. Specialization of their code is to plan rest and reservations, including the county travelers. It is believed that they sell more than 8,000 tickets per day.
Yatra – Yatra, as we know, with the & # 39 is the second best tourist OTA website in the country. Its advanced Dhruv Shringi along with several other guys who worked with eBookers before this undertaking. “Jatra” is funded by leading Indian groups Reliance, TV 18 Group and NVP, and recently also received funding from Intel. They specialize in domestic flights. They also founded a Gurgaon in India and has over 600 employees. They also book car hire, hotel and holiday bookings for trains. Currently, they are expected to sell more than 5,000 tickets per day.
Cleartrip – Cleartrip was a new entrant in the Indian market about 3 years ago, and they are known for their technology. As the name implies, they are very clear technology and on their home page, you will not see any banners and pop-ups. They were the first OTA, which is about the & # 39; mingled with the Indian railways reservation system called IRCTC. They are based out of Mumbai and have a smaller team compared to Makemitryp or Yatra.
cheap flights
Ekspedyya India – Ekspedyya recently entered the Indian space travel, and now they focus on the hospitality industry. They still need to be integrated into its portfolio of LCC (low cost carriers), such as GoAir, GoIndigo, JetLite, Kingfisher Red, etc. But it is confident that next year they will lead the Indian market.
Travelocity India – Travelocity again & # 39 is a new entrant in the Indian market, and they are rapidly progressing. They have recently acquired another hotel called OTA Travelguru. They are controlled from Singapore.


Book flights to South Africa

You want to book flights to South Africa, but do not know where to start. Then this guide will help you with this. Book a flight – this is not a simple matter. In the following paragraphs you will be explained how and what you can make an order

There are a number of flights that are available when booking the flight to South Africa. You will have to choose which one you want. There are cheap flights if you want to save money on the trip. There are domestic flights and international flights to choose from. Let's make an example of how you do the order.

Steps booking flights to South Africa

• You can go to; this page – the fastest way to find the best deals flight. You are looking for a domestic or international flight. This will be the first step in the order of flights to South Africa.

• From there, you will need to fill the place of departure, arrival, and choose the date of rest periods

• C & # 39 will be a number of flight results, which will indicate that you will need to pick up the flight that you want to use

• You can also easily compare different prices, if you want cheap.

From London to Cape Town

At the time of writing, recording the number of available airlines – Qatar Airways, BMI, Emirates, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Etihad airways, South African airways and British Airways. Flight, which has the shortest road to and from – a British airways, and the longest journey – a airways Etihad. Cheapest amount at this time is from R6, 672,00 / 1112,00 $ and expensive R8, 916/1486 dollars.

From the article you have steps, which you can book flights to South Africa. It does not matter what fate you send, you have to perform these steps and you will get the necessary information.

Facts about book flights to South Africa

This country – one of the places that attracts people from all over the world; this is due to the beautiful wildlife, pumping nightlife and stylish restaurant, which reflects an interesting country. There are requirements you need before booking, including health checks, visas, passports, and unaccompanied minors. It is always the best time to arrive in SA, but then you have to know the seasons. It's a few things you should be on how to book flights to South Africa.


• There is also a choice of flights for domestic and international flights

• You will have to go to; this page – the fastest way to find the best flight deals

• Fill in the place of departure, arrival, and select the duration of holiday dates

additional information

There are several reasons that make you think about booking a flight to SA 1] of its South Africa 2] comfortable 3] is the big five lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant 4] is a world in one country and 5] is smaller than you think , the flight will be cheaper than you think.


Ubon Ratchathani – retired

Planning retirement, you should consider the possibility of leaving in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand.

Why Ubon Ratchathani has to be included in the list of places to stay? This is a foreign country. Mother tongue with & # 39 is Thai. This is far from your homeland.

Many people, when approaching retirement age, faced with the knowledge that they need to adjust your lifestyle. Income for retirement is often significantly less than during their working life. Where you make cuts?

Ubon Ratchathani – Thailand's largest province by the number of land mass. It is located in the north-eastern region and is bordered by the Mekong River and Laos and Cambodia to the east to the south.

One of the highlights of a new home – the price of life. Easy to maintain the excellent quality of life at a fraction of what it would cost in Western Europe, Scandinavia and North America. You can provide quality accommodation, including all utilities, less than what you pay to the bank for a car payment. You can get three meals delicious Thai food in a day less than one meal home. Medical care is surprisingly available in one of the four major hospitals in Ubon.

You can easily reach Ubon Ratchathani by plane, rail, bus or private car. The city receives services with different schedules on a daily basis with the three major modes of transportation. Buses and trains there and stop between Bangkok and Ubon, but there are ways to establish contact for domestic trips. Buses can carry you as of Ubon, and throughout Thailand.

There is a small but growing community of Western expats who call Ubon house. You can find others to talk to. If you want to get acquainted with their home, there are shops and stores to buy the necessary ingredients.

If you like to travel, you will find that with Ubon in Thailand is quite cheap and easy to get around. You can walk on the beaches of Phuket or Koh Samui for a fraction of that pay in Hawaii or Florida. Take a trip to the north, to the culture of Lana and Mount Chyangmay.

From Ubon you can be in Laos enjoying a step back or head south to Cambodia and visit the amazing splendor of Angkor Wat. Traveling in these places is only a few short hours. If you want to visit friends and family & # 39; nd home is an hour flight to Bangkok to make a connection.

Living in a foreign country, my demands that have never come to mind when at home. Local immigration office is just a 45-minute drive from Ubon. All foreign embassies are traveling by train, bus or plane to Bangkok.

Pension – it's time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You must suras & # 39; ozna consider Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand, as an option to maintain or even improve the quality of life.


Travel to Egypt – getting there and around

Mystical and timeless appeal of Egypt for centuries saw the ancient country is one of the most spectacular sights in the world.

Egypt is achieved by air, water, as well as road and rail transport. People who travel by air can come through Cairo International Airport, Alexandria, Nozu, Luxor and Aswan in Upper Egypt, Hurgabu in the Red Sea and Sharm el-Sheikh in South Sinai.

There are several airliners that offer flights to Egypt, including British Airways, Alitalia, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Royal Dutch Airlines, and Thai Airways International.

In addition to airports there are a number of marine sanctuaries for those who prefer to travel by sea. For those who are traveling in the Mediterranean ports of Alexandria, Port Said and Damieta – all possible entry points. There is also a port directly into the Gulf of Suez and the other port of Nuweiba on the Gulf of Aqaba. The Red Sea offers three options for travelers; Hurgaba ports, Safaga, and Sharm el-Sheikh.

For those who prefer to travel on the road, there are three putsevyya positions. the point of entry into the salon is located on the northwestern border (for those who come from Libya). The famous Rafah crossing is located on the northeastern border for those coming from the Gaza Strip, the occupied territories and Israel. On the eastern border there is a post in Thee for those who come from Israel.

Proper paper work and visa is required for free entry into Egypt. Neegipetskiya visitors arriving in Egypt, must have a valid passport. Visas can be obtained either at the diplomatic and consular missions abroad in Egypt, in the visa department, or in the administration of the Immigration and Nationality (TDINA). However, visitors can get a visa to enter any of the main entry points.

Visitors entering Egypt at the border the border post to Taba to visit the coast of Aqaba coast and St. Catherine can be exempted from visa and granted a free residence permit for fourteen days to visit the area. Citizens of the following countries require a visa prior to arrival: Afghanistan, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chechnya, Croatia, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Macau, Macedonia, Malaysia Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine Philippines, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and all African countries.

People who have a residence permit in Egypt are not required to obtain an entry visa if they leave the country and return to it during the period of validity of the residence permit or within six months, depending on the term. In Egypt, there are three types of visas. Tourist visas are usually valid for a period not exceeding three months, and provided a disposable or reusable entry. County visa is required of all visitors arriving in Egypt for purposes such as work and studies that are not related to tourism. This visa is required to complete the residence procedure in Egypt. Travelers who pass through Egypt, are given transit visas. Once in Egypt, visitors have a variety of options to get around the country easy and convenient way. Options Options & # 39; iruyutstsa from car rental, luxury trains and buses to domestic flights to connect tourist cities.

If you are traveling through Cairo International, you have the option to rent a limousine with fixed fee depending on the location of your airport, or use the transport service airport in Cairo, which covers the whole country and airports. You may request this service through your travel agent or from the help desk at the airport.

The easiest and most common way of transportation in any city – in a taxi. For example, in large cities such as Cairo has a fleet of air conditioners and yellow cabs. One who advised to book a taxi at least one hour before the scheduled time of their trip. In some cases, it is recommended to ask for a receipt as proof of payment to avoid inconvenience later. You can also catch a normal taxi on the street or even in front of their hotel. Usually they are colored depending on the city, which employs. In Alexandria they are yellow and black, in Cairo – black and white. It is important to know the color codes in different cities, in order to minimize risks.

In the major cities of Egypt have a healthy bus system within and between cities. Examples of a & # 39 buses are Super Jet, Delta and Upper Egypt. They go from city to city, and there provide catering, toilets and entertainment on board. The disadvantage of the bus to travel to & # 39 is that too often they stop, so take too long, especially on long-distance trips. A trip on the railway is highly recommended to travel long distances.

Meters consisting of two long lines – the cheapest and fastest way to travel in Cairo and Giza governors, especially during peak hours (from 14 hours to 17 pm). Firstly, by Gelvanya to El Margo has 33 stops; secondly, from Giza to Shubra El Hema has 18 stops. Note that the first cars in each train is always strictly for women. Summer working hours from 6:00 am to 1:00 am and winter working hours – from 6:00 to 12:00.

Many transport companies offer a wide choice of luxury cars and coaches with well trained drivers. Car rental agencies are represented in the major cities, as well as in international and domestic airports. Train – one of the best ways to travel between major Egyptian cities.

There are three types of trains: ordinary, express and the turbo. Express and Turbo – it is more expensive options, but they get the advantage of preferential journey that brings you to your destination with all of the & # 39; the power and air conditioning facilities. Great service train on a railway train is available between Cairo and main cities of the country. Go from Cairo to Alexandria takes about two hours.

For those who prefer to travel by local air transport, Egypt Air – the national carrier – links most of the tourist cities in Egypt with its reliable domestic flights. You can fly directly from Luxor in Charm el Sheikh or Alexandria.


DVD rental at the airport

Airline passengers on both domestic and international flights are familiar with DVD movies, indicated to combat boredom while traveling. Some domestic flights can not do this because of shorter flights, but international flights are making great efforts to make new movies DVD, to make the long journey passengers as comfortable as possible on the agenda.

Stores that DVD rentals at the airports, trying to do it at a much lower price than for individual customers, because the airport bought a lot. Number of flights departing from major international airports, can reach 10 or more per day, and all these flights show movies during the trip.

Airport authorities usually keep a stack of DVD-ROM drive. Some are purchased and others are leased on a long term basis through an online DVD rental stores.

Usually stores offer an unlimited number of DVD rentals at the airports for a nominal monthly fee. Available the latest movies, and patrons the airport can be booked in advance.

Online stores allow for lease as a bonus to deliver the DVD to any airport across the country. Airports can rent movies and return them as soon as the flight back.

Rent agency allow the airport to shoot several films at the same time with a single membership. This provides greater flexibility authority Airport who choose movies at any one time. Membership at the airport may be a month, a year or a period of life. The best option for the airport can be a life-long friendship, as the airports which make films for flights probably continue to do so for a long time.