Camping with her pet dogs

Your dog or a dog – one of the highest aides.

It does not matter if you are learning a foreign territory or dream landscape, having one of the best friends of you, to share a maximum of experiences, which creates an eternal bond.

During the holidays, when you plan to spend your time as a solo traveler, that's why you have to bring your Fido now.

If you're one of the lucky owners of pets who have an office pet or working at home, it is probably one of the independent pet. This means that he must be familiar with many things to manage things on their own during the trip.

The best thing that comes to dogs, even if you spend most of your time away from home, they are always glad to see you. In addition, they are not constrained when you come back. In order to show them the extra TLC (tender loving care about) and spend some time with them, it is doing what they really love. It's the ultimate style in order to pay them wisely.

With limited space and hectic schedules roaming absolutely free, of course, the dog will love is in the forest, when most of the hours spent in the room. The camp provides many opportunities for your pet, such as a set of parts to pave around them and various lands to explore, which is mainly from the & # 39 is a version of Disneyland.

Next, we highlight some of the basic things that you and your pet got the perfect vacation.

When it comes to the backpack for your dog, it can be quite exciting. Although he can not enjoy it in the same way as you, but he is sure to enjoy with you in nature. Preparation for it is very similar to what you'll need for a campsite.

There are many important things, including sleeping bags, protective footwear, means for insects. All these things should be on your list, and the very things you need to pack for your dog.

Before I get into the woods with your pet, the main thing to pick up the essentials, including a first aid kit, a bowl of water, water, food, toys, medical instruments, bags for trash, chain, etc. tools support and a great plan to make safe and invigorating hike to the campsite for you and your best friend.

Keep in mind that your dog should not carry more than 25% of their body weight on their backs. If you have already planned to spend his most necessary, including food and water, important for you to keep in mind before you make such a plan to the energy needs of your pet increased on long mountain hikes.

Avoid paths with rocky surfaces and narrow ledges to protect it. Because the protuberances may lead to inequality, which could derail his backpack, or even the worst can happen, because the pet can not be balanced because of the narrow ledges. This is not anything good for your pet. To avoid such cases, select the track or sheet covered with pine needles.

If you're playing on rocky ground or snow, choose a dog booties to protect the dog's feet. Nevertheless, many pets who do not like to wear boots, but the wounds and sore feet can change their opinion on the importance of a pair of boots.

Another important thing – it is, before you go on a journey, it is important to trim the dog's nails. By doing this, he could not break through your tent.

When it comes to large breeds, including labs and retrievers, important for staying outdoors. If you have a small dog, be sure to check the level of comfort when you plan to bring them to the camp. You can also go for a small hike around to see how they are coping and adapting to external situations. If you are a & # 39; the owner of one of the dogs breeds of dogs, which is moving rather slowly, it is better to tie it in a reflective vest for safety reasons.

Another important – is to make sure that the scan rules for pets in campgrounds before you call. There are several campsites that require harnesses or leashes in the region, so they can wander along the paths. It does not matter what the rules are, make sure that your pet has a full and proper identification in the event of separation.

The camp sounds great! Is not it? Do not have to be complicated travel plans, but it is important to carefully pack the bags. We hope soon to see you and your furry best friend.


History of Travel and Tourism

2000 years before Christ, in India and Mesopotamia

Travel trade have been an important feature since the beginning of civilization. Port in lats was an important center of trade between the Indus Valley civilization and the Sumerian civilization.

600 BC

The earliest form of tourism Tourism can be traced as far as the Babylonian and Egyptian empires. Museum of historic antiquities was opened to Babylon. Egyptians staged many religious festivals that attracted pious and many people who natovpalisya in the city to see the famous works of art and buildings.

In India, as elsewhere, necklace traveled empire building. Brahma and ordinary people went to religious purposes. Thousands of Brahmin and ordinary people piled Sarnath and Svarastsi to be met by an irresistible smile lit – Buddha.

500 BC, the Greek civilization

Greek tourists traveled to the site of treatment gods. The Greeks also enjoyed their religious festivals, which are increasingly becoming the search for pleasure, and in particular sports. Athens became an important destination for travelers who visit major attractions such as the Parthenon. Hotels have been established in major cities and seaports, to meet the needs of travelers. Jacket were the main fun.

In this era, too, I was born a written travel. Herodotus was the world's first travel writer. Benefits also & # 39 appeared in the fourth century and cover items such as Athens, Sparta and Troy. During this period, also known advertising messages on ways signs, which direct people to the hotels.

The Roman empire

Without foreign borders between England and Syria and without the safety of the seas from piracy due to Roman patrols, the conditions conducive to travel with & # 39 appeared. The roads of the first class in conjunction with restaurants precursor of modern health centers contributed to the growth of travel. Romans traveled to Sicily, Greece, Rhodes, Troy and Egypt. From 300 AD trip to the Holy Land have also become very popular. The Romans introduced their guidebooks (routes), listing the property with symbols, to determine the quality.

Other houses were built rich near Rome, occupied mainly in the spring social season. The most fashionable resorts were found near the bay of Naples. Naples attracted retirees and intellectuals, Kuma has attracted fashionable and Baia attracted tourist tourist market, noting its immorality, drunkenness, and singing all night.

Travel and tourism have never achieved such status to the present day.

In the Middle Ages

Travel was difficult and dangerous, when people are traveling on business or because of a sense of duty and duty.

Prygodniki looking for fame and fortune through travel. Europeans tried to open a sea route to India for trading purposes, and thus discovered America and explored parts of Africa. Minestrely playing players and earn a living, speaking during a trip. Missionaries, saints, etc. traveled to spread the holy word.

Traveling on the entered Magalim holiday in India. Kings flip built luxurious palaces and enchanting gardens in places of natural and scenic beauty (eg, Jahangir traveled to Kashmir, attracted by its beauty.

Travel empire building and pilgrimage was a regular feature.

grand tour

Since the beginning of the seventeenth century a new form of tourism has been developed as a direct result of the Renaissance. During the reign of Elizabeth 1, young people who wanted to get a position in the court was asked to go to the continent in order to complete their education. Later the gentleman began training, which was carried out "Grand tour", accompanied by a tutor, and lasted for three years or more. Despite ostensibly to education, people who are looking for fun, travel, to enjoy the life and culture of Paris, Venice or Florence. By the end of the eighteenth century this custom became gentry. Gradually the journey with pleasure supplanted educational travel. The onset of the Napoleonic Wars about 30 years hindered travel and led to the demise of the customs of the Grand Tour.

sanatoriums development

In Britain, and later in the European continent resorts grew in popularity as awareness of the therapeutic qualities of mineral water has increased. taking medications in the sanatorium rapidly acquired the character of a status symbol. Resorts have changed in character, as the pleasure became motivated visits. They became an important center of social life of high society.

In the nineteenth century they were gradually replaced by a seaside resort.

Sun, sand and sea resorts

Seawater has become associated with health benefits. Therefore, the very first visitors drank it and did not swim in it. At the beginning of the eighteenth century in England, having a little fishing resort for visitors who drank and immersed in sea water. With overpopulation of domestic resorts popular new resorts on the sea-side has become more popular. Introduction steamship service in the 19th century introduced more resorts in the chain. The seaside resort is gradually becoming a social meeting place

The role of the industrial revolution in promoting travel to the west

Rapid urbanization caused by industrialization, led to mass immigration in the cities. These people are lured into the trip, to avoid their environment in a place of natural beauty, often in rural areas they came from changes in routine, from the physically and mentally strenuous work to the leisurely pace of the countryside.

Highlights of travel in the nineteenth century

· On the & # 39 The advent of the railway was originally catalyzed a business trip, and then stay on vacation. Gradually, special trains were chartered only for recreation in tourist destinations.

· Package tours organized by entrepreneurs such as Thomas Cook.

· The European countries often are given a lot of business trips in the colony to buy raw materials and sell finished products.

· The invention of photography acted as an instrument for improving the status and contributed to foreign travel.

· Formation of the first hotel chains; pioneers of the railway companies, to create a large hotel railway terminal.

· Seaside resorts began to develop a variety of images, for both leisure elite, for gambling.

· Other areas – ski resorts, hill stations, places for rock climbing, etc.

· Technological development has contributed ships traveling between North America and Europe.

· The Suez Canal opened sea routes to India and the Far East.

· The cult directory followed development of photography.

Tourism in the twentieth century

The First World War gave the first experience of the country and created a sense of curiosity about international travel among less affluent sectors. The large-scale migration to the United States meant a lot of traveling over the Atlantic. Private driving was to stimulate domestic travel in Europe and the West. The resort is on the sea-side has become an annual family holiday destination in the UK and has gained popularity in other Western countries. Hotels expands in these areas.

air travel and after the birth

War increased interest in international travel. This interest in the aviation industry bodied mass tourism. The excess aircraft and the growth of private airlines contributed to the expansion of air travel. The plane became comfortable, fast and steadily cheaper foreign travel. With the introduction in 1958 of the aircraft "Boeing 707" came the era of air travel for the masses. Start of charter flights has pushed market package tours and led to the creation of an organized mass tourism. Boeing 747 boat with 400 seats, has dramatically lowered the cost of travel. The seaside resorts of the Mediterranean & # 39; I, North Africa and the Caribbean were the initial mass tourism points.

The corresponding increase in the hotel industry has led to the creation of global networks. Tourism also began to diversify, when people began to flock to alternative destinations in the '70s. Nepal and India have received the crowd of tourists, lured Hare Krishna movement and transcendental meditation. Start of individual travel in large on & # 39; volume occurred only in the 80s. Air travel also led to a continuous growth of business travel, especially with & # 39; advent of MNCs.


Flights from JFK to the leadership CDG – everything you need to know about the flight from New York to Paris

One of the most popular international tourist destinations among Americans – Paris. Everyone wants to visit this historic city and see its greatest attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre Museum. To get there, you will need to fly from such a large city like New York. Just search for flights from JFK to CDG and compare prices from different airlines.

A daily flight between JFK International and Charles de Gol available more than 2,500 locations. Dozens of domestic and international carriers offer flights. Every week, Air France independently performs 113 flights from JFK to CDG. It is assumed that between the two cities was about 3637 miles, so again you wait for quite a long flight, which is the average time is 7 hours and 25 minutes. Norwegian offers the earliest flight of the day, and XL Airways offers the latest. Although most direct flights, there are some that include Heathrow airport in London.

This route is surprisingly inexpensive. Paris – is not only one of the most popular international destinations; It is also one of the cheapest in flight. The majority of flights of less than 1,000 dollars. Depending on the time of year you can even find them less than $ 500. High season is considered summer in Paris and the cheapest month to fly normally with & # 39 is February. If you take an evening flight as opposed to the morning flight, you are likely to pay less (about 2%).

Cheapest flights from JFK to CDG

Some of the cheapest flights from JFK to CDG include airlines such as WOW Air, Primera Air Scandinavia and LEVEL. Airlines that offer the most frequent flights between the two cities, – Delta, Jet Airways and Air France. Some experts recommend to go on Thursday, as this is usually the cheapest day on average, and Sunday – the most expensive. If possible, go back to New York from Paris on Tuesday.

As with any holiday or business trip, ground transportation – it's a problem. Paris has a lot of public transport options, including buses, taxis and commuter train "RER". However, if you want to do yourself, you can save by combining rental car with air. It is also possible to add your hotel room set and a book all at once.

Which airline do you have to go? The highest ratings of carriers on flights JFK – CDG – SWISS, Icelandair, Lufthansa and American Airlines.

If you are looking for discounts on flights from JFK to CDG, the best bet on the websites for travel. They were many, many years and offer the best budget travel anywhere in the world. You may be able to get an excellent deal on air, rental cars and hotel rooms, if you use online coupons.


Mother said – my hands

Consider articles about health sad? It is not, therefore, read on –

it could save your life …

Doctors and health officials agree that the only

The most important role you can play in your health – it

wash your hands.

Why is this an old-fashioned idea of ​​once again coming to the fore

– and that it means to you and to the shows?

Why is it important now?

Here are five very obvious hits to keep your health

adopted new

the importance of:

1. Traveling more global. Diseases that may be more

Now in the country and the world more and more common

, and sit beside him. We know that when we go abroad

country, we take precautions, but we do not think

of foreign microbes on domestic flights.

2. We overcome themselves. As a sign of each of smell or

sneeze, we jumped over the counter medications or ask

doctor for help. This solves our immediate problem, but our

body builds immunity. At some point, normally

remedies do not work, making us more vulnerable

sur & # 39; oznaya disease.

3. Medical treatment does not always work. researchers have

punished to invent new drugs to combat

Immunities mutant diseases which arise and

previously diagnosed disease. Look at history

AIDS as an example of the "new" diseases that have

around us.

SPRAVUYUTS this exercise:

Here's an exercise for a normal working week and to repeat

your next exhibition:

Count how many times you shook hands and

how many times you wash your hands. Rate, it's scary

relationship. At the exhibition you can shake literally hundreds

hand in the day.

What should I do now?

Remember that germs travel in both directions. I do not know

I want you to be paranoid or obsessive, but here are the steps

you can take to protect yourself and others:

1. Well, wash your hands often. If soap and water

clean towels are not available, use a cleanser

It does not require water. The size of the journey can be charged

pocket or purse and used casually on the show floor.

2. Use paper tissues and dispose of them properly.

3. Avoid those "sticky" places – under the table of the restaurant

or escalator handrail.

4. On the exhibition is the only food that is wrapped or fresh

prepared. This means that you do not plunge his hand

a bowl of M & Ms, but accept candy wrapper. on

"Breakfast buffet", you do not double the ammo in vegetables

plunge, but it can be a cube of cheese.

5. Use common sense – make sure you and your family & # 39; I

up to date vaccinations and general health problems.

Some children's diseases can be deadly for adults.

Enjoy the show … and be sure to wash your hands!


Travel documents for cruises – you need a US passport?

There is some confusion about what types of travel documents for cruises are necessary. Even different cruise lines sometimes seem to be conflicting evidence about whether passengers must obtain and carry a US passport. Much of this confusion was the result of changes made in recent years, requirements for travel to the United States. Different modes of transport have different requirements. It is important that you determine what types of travel documents for cruises are necessary, and to be aware that these requirements may vary from trip rules on air and land transport.

In 2004 Initiative on travel on the Western Hemisphere & # 39; and a law was passed. It is designed in accordance with the United States, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean. Since a number of these countries share a common border, it became necessary to develop a standardized method for inspection of travelers to protect US borders. This initiative helps to strengthen borders without making a ban for US citizens and legitimate foreign travelers entering and leaving the United States. Initiative law establishes uniform standards for travel documents for cruises, as well as land and air travel across the border.

The Initiative on travel on the Western Hemisphere & # 39; and Was done in 2004, it was implemented in a phased stages. The first changes were made in 2007 and affected air travel only. From now on, foreign airline needs a US passport. Recent changes, which were introduced in January 2008 directly affected land and sea travel. By this date, oral declarations of citizenship were accepted when crossing borders by land or sea. However, current regulations dictate that oral declarations are no longer accepted. Currently, all land and sea crossings require US passport or WHTI compliant documentation. If the final phase Initiative on travel on the Western Hemisphere & # 39; and Enacted in June 2009, the majority of travelers will travel with a US passport or passport card (suitable only for land and sea crossings.)

What does this mean for travelers planning cruises in the period from June 2009? Acceptable travel documents for cruises that have ports outside the United States include US passport, passport card, or government issued photographic evidence (real driver's license, military ID, home card, etc.). US birth certificate or naturalization certificate.) Travelers who book cruises for dates after June 1, 2009, will have to perform a complete set of rules of travel documents. After this date the only acceptable travel documents for cruises are a US passport, passport card, and limited forms of identification issued by the Government, as well as proof of citizenship.

Some of the ships have strengthened their regulations regarding travel documents for cruises. A few decided to issue tickets only to US passport holders or passport cards in an effort to speed up the transfer and maintain security. Try your cruise company to see what she recommends for documentation. Those who do not have the correct travel documents for cruises, may be incapable of getting on and off, or even time to go home.

In anticipation of the implementation of the final phase Initiative on travel on the Western Hemisphere & # 39; andThe US government has called on all Americans, who did not apply for a US passport. Although no additional changes to the documentation requirements of the road is not made, there are suggestions that a US passport might one day become a standard form of personal identification. At present, many countries, especially in Europe and the UK, require a passport for all types of travel, including domestic flights, and to write to the hotel. Experts believe that it is logical that the United States will ever follow the example of the world, to keep safe limits.


Tips for buying insurance track

Buying travel insurance is not as easy as you think. Firstly, it is much more than buy articles that you would like for a long time, and wait for the price to fall soon. It's even different from buying a ticket, which you access the Internet to compare prices, to look for the cheapest.

People who are like them, it is often very difficult to get around it. Firstly, they are struggling with the idea of ​​whether or not they need to get it really. Most travelers believe that they do not really need to, and covering just spending more money.

To solve your confusion, here is the definitive guide to buying insurance track.

1. Do you need insurance?

To begin with, there are many countries that do not let you, if you do not. But it is likely that you and & # 39; coming from many directions, which allow you to leave without it.

So you wonder, why do you still need? You are right to think so. But this is a mandatory travel with a valid insurance for the journey. Are you planning a vacation, because you want to escape all the stresses of life and have their lifetime. This is a great argument, but it may not always be the way you planned.

Accidents are never inviting and never welcome. But they can become very bitter, if you are not ready to deal with them. This is where travel insurance is extremely useful.

2. Buy it early

All we refrain from buying insurance track because it's expensive. One reasonable way to save money on buying – achieve early insurance. You will still only pay for the time when traveling.

However, you will still be covered for this time free of charge.

Thus, if you decide to purchase insurance for the three months prior to the flight, any changes to your travel plans are likely to be covered by your insurance company. Better not wait for the last minute, if it all goes wrong and get insurance in advance.

3. Online Purchase

Almost all of us are addicted to internet shopping, simply because there are a large number of discounts. That's why it can be a great option to buy coverage on the Internet.

However, this is not as easy as it might seem. Internet purchases are mainly carried out with low prices. But when buying travel insurance there are more than simply look at price. Before you go shopping, you need to examine the policy carefully and make sure that you have studied it deeply.


All you need to know about Fort Loderdeyl Airport

International Airport Fort Loderdeyl Hollywood is located in the beach Denmark, 5 km south-west from the center of Fort Loderdeyla and 8 km from the nearest beaches. It is close to Hollywood and 40 kilometers north of Miami. It is the largest of the largest US airport with its proximity to the cruise line terminals at Port Everglads, making it a popular choice for travelers on the Caribbean Sea.

To get to the airport in Fort Loderdeyl that connects to the Florida horizontal bar, I-95, I-595 and Route 1, use the state road 84 or I-595 and turn onto SW 29 Avenue for parking Park N Save, or follow the US route 1 south to the airport Perimeter Road, to assess the car parking.

International Airport Fort Loderdeyl Hollywood has four terminals and a car rental facility, which is located more than 5,400 rental cars. You can find most of the major car rental firms. Upon arrival you will be at the level I in one of four terminal buildings. Terminals 1 to 3 are domestic flights and Terminal 4 – International. All terminals have a bureau for information / customer service and relatively small, so there is not much walking to places and baggage handling hall of arrival.

Passengers arriving at Terminal 1 who are planning to rent a car should follow signs to the footbridge Assembly. On all other terminals have a shuttle service at baggage claims, which takes passengers to the car rental center.

Taxis are available outside the arrivals area and a taxi "Yellow Cab" is available on demand 24 hours a day to transport the podium located outside the baggage area on the lower level of each terminal curbs. Graphs comparing tariffs are arranged on each runway, and cabs can take up to five people due to travel indicated by the counter.

Shared vans that offer the service "door to door" from the airport to most local destinations can also be booked at the transportation desks located in each of the terminals.

Buses and trolley buses (commuter train) provide daily schedules from bus stops near the terminal building at the airport in Fort Loderdeyl. Bus stops are located on the west end of the airport between terminals 1 and 2 and between the terminals 3 and 4. On the rail airport no railway, but shuttle TriRail runs to an adjacent station where the trains leave the station airport Fort Lauderdale head south to Miami approximately intervals 30 minutes from Monday to Friday and every two hours on the weekend.

The building of the terminal at the airport in Fort Loderdeyla there is plenty of parking, parking for almost 12 000 cars, located just minutes from most terminals and reached via a covered walkway. There are also thousands of additional seats at remote parking lots, available free of charge shuttle bus service.

Check all terminals located on level II with escalators and lifts (which are suitable for wheelchairs) to all floors. At the airport, you can choose a wide range of restaurants, most of which are located after security and the ones that are safety, open to the public.

Shopping at the airport is rather limited, but you can buy newspapers, magazines, books and gifts as well as duty-free items including cameras, perfume and jewelry.

At the airport, Fort Loderdeyla there are ATMs and a business center with fax and photocopies. Services for the disabled are good and passengers with special needs should contact the airline.


Tips for your holiday with your pets

Most people go to the festivities, and they usually take with them something & # 39; S. There are those who simply can not live without their pets. If you intend to travel with your pet, you have to plan ahead to make the trip enjoyable and comfortable for both you and for the cattle.

Travel by car

If you are going to travel the road, make sure that you do not allow pets to stay in the inside of your car. You can get your pet safety belt, which can be mounted on your car's safety belt system. Or you can just put your pet in a cage. Carrier animals also a good idea, but it can be expensive. Always wash your pet in the back seat.

Travel by air

If you are flying to your destination, the animals, the carrier must necessarily follow the rules of the airline. Consult with the airlines on the carrier's pet sizes to make sure you buy the right size. Pet can travel in the cabin air if it does not exceed 22 pounds in weight, 18 inches long and 11 inches in height.

For international travel, you will need certain documents for your pet, before you can take it with you. Best of all, if you can give at least 6 weeks of help to start taking care of the paper.

Do not travel with your pet, if you are not vaccinated and checked by a veterinarian. Always carry your pet's current health certificate, together with a record of vaccination.

Pet foods

Take a lot of domestic animals; you can never be sure that your pets & # 39; favorite brand of pet food will be available at your appointment, so it's best to be sure.

Feeding Instructions

If you fly, feed your pet a light meal 5 to 6 hours before departure. Do not give your pet any liquid for 2 hours prior to departure. If you are traveling by car, try not to feed your pet while driving.

Put ID tags

You are applying for a pet to travel domestic or international, it is best if you are able to attach to ID your pet. Proof of identity must include your home address and phone number, and the address and telephone number.

Before you take off, it is also important to check whether your pet is welcome at the destination. If you are visiting relatives, you need to let them know that you will bring your pet. If you are staying at a hotel, check the regulations and rules of accommodation in relation to pets.

Also make sure that your pet is ready to travel. Animals may be more bizarre than children during long trips. If your pet has never been anywhere except at home, you can begin to prepare him for the journey, took him to the supermarket, the park or the mall.

Finally, try to be as patient. You need to understand that you are not going to deal with your pet alone; You will also have to deal with other people's reactions to your pet.


Your new style of retirement – Vynahodnitse work, travel or start a new hobby

As I mentioned in a previous article, we are living longer and healthier. There is a time to rethink themselves and try new things. Here are some additional suggestions.

Journey – now is the time

For whatever reason, the trip can not be a priority in the second age. If you do a lot of thought about it, here are some interesting ideas.

o Exchange home in another country

of domestic or foreign travel

o Eldertreks ( for hassle-free travel around the world for people over 55 years old

o Take a hiking vacation

o Traveling with grandchildren

o Self boats

o Take a rest in the hostel

reinvent work

There are many reasons to continue. Maybe you just need the money, or health benefits, or the desire to be physically or mentally. Have you ever thought to redefine themselves?

Associated Press recent survey indicates that at least 66% of baby boomers who plan to work for retirement. In addition, many employers are interested in hiring experienced and permanent workers, especially with business experience. Never assume that you are too old, because you may admit the defect, which is not even.

Here are some great ways to restore the work:

o Start a small business: the SBA has a very informative website that will help you get started.

o Help facilitate the teacher shortage – to become a teacher or a replacement: most school systems offer emergency certification program.

o Carats property of others: check the newspaper "Caretaker", if you have the time and flexibility to join the many pensioners who do it.

o Work with your RV or work, living in RVs.

o Re-locate for retirement: you can find a new place to live and to work. Read where to take the magazine to find attractive places.

o Output Phase retire: do it gradually rather than abruptly.

Start a new hobby

Start a new hobby – a great way to charge your third age. If you're immutable routine, work long and difficult hours, hobby offers a new perspective for the years ahead. Remember, you are going to find a new you!

o Learn how to be an artist: visit local galleries and participate in their educational programs. You can also take correspondence courses. On the Internet, visit the school of arts education ( Or you can sign up for various online courses at schools like the Art Institute. Or you can sign up for popular adult education course at your local community.

o learn to play a musical instrument

o Start collecting antiques. Pick up a copy of the unofficial guide to the antiques collection, Sonia Weiss.

o Start a collection: stamps and coins come into my head. Look for a subscription to "Hobisty" magazine.

o Genealogy: When you visit a website available simple step by step instructions.

o Learn how to engage in a hobby: to take vacation to the challenge – why not take a vacation that will enhance your skills for a hobby that interests you. Ghost Ranch and offer Folkschool. If you have musical talent, Hidden Valley Music offers a variety of musical instruction, who completed the performances of all levels.


Advantages and disadvantages of online booking

Consider this scenario; your daily routine most are held at work, and you feel tired and exhausted after a hard day's work. Do you think you still have the strength to get out of his house, drive a car and get in line in front of the ticket scythe? Of course not! For people who have little time to spend or totally workaholic, online booking, definitely the best choice for you.


Thus, let's talk about the advantages of online booking. Firstly, at first, you can do it in the comfort of your own home. All you need is an Internet connection and a computer. It does not matter in his laptop or desktop computer; until you connect to the Internet, it's good. Of course, do not forget to address the airline and the details of your credit card. Most of the time the payment is made via the Internet using your credit card or debit card. If you do not like to give out information about your credit or debit card, you can use PayPal.

Online booking is also booking sites and online registration of your baggage. Thus, you do not have to rush to the airport, when the day flights. Check airline websites for further information about the function of online booking and their rules and regulations.


If there is an advantage, there are some drawbacks. Firstly, online booking requires a board, than a visit to the airline. Internet taxes and other charges usually apply when booking on the Internet, not to mention the payment received from your company's credit or debit card. Check the website of your airline for more information about fees associated with booking online. But to show the options for booking on the Internet there are cheap flights, so no need to rush!

There is also a problem with the credit / debit card security. Every time you use your credit / debit card for transactions, you eventually give information that can be used by others. In the worst case, you can also become a victim of identity theft, but it is reduced to a minimum, as most people decided to use Paypal for online transactions.

If you're willing to travel, you will definitely need zabraniravatstsa on the Internet if you do not have time. This will give you more time to prepare your luggage and finding housing for discount flights.