What to do in and around Koh Samui

Koh Samui lags behind only from Phuket in popularity and the number of visitors to the Thai resorts. And there are good reasons, in spite of years of chronic over-development, the island retains much of its natural beauty and beaches cards pictures. To get to the island and out easily, regularly hosts international and domestic flights to the island, as well as regular ferry crossings from Surat Thani.

On the island there is a huge choice of accommodation, corresponding to different budgets, although the trend is to develop more and more high-end resorts. Head beach – Chaweng, which is an extended section of beautiful white sand. City Chaweng is very built up with resorts that stretch most of the beach and the shops, bars and restaurants in the streets behind the build. Less tranquil beaches can be found north of the island. In Bophut has a more rustic family atmosphere, although the beaches are not as good.

There is plenty to occupy yourself in Samui, whether you decide to take the car, a bike or take a local transport. (NOTE – If you decide to hire any equipment – car, motorcycle, jet ski, etc., do their research beforehand and use only reputable tenants In Thailand there are many scams, where the employer will try to charge you extortion.. amount to repair small scratches that you probably have not put. Such situations are known to become unpleasant. Do a Google search to read more about this).

So, here are the main stage events:

Visiting temples – one of the highlights of visiting the majority of people in Thailand – visiting several temples, and not from Samui & # 39 is no exception. The most famous – Big Buddha Beach Big Buddha. A short climb to the top of the temple reveals a beautiful view of the sea. Also there are some fairly tricky machines guessing, and you can buy a brick, to contribute to the construction of the new temple buildings. Another famous temple – Wat Khunaram, containing the mummified body of the local monk. Located along the southern section of the ring road, it is necessary to stop quickly.

Hin Ta – Hin Yai – it's quite a strange stop, a few miles south of Chaweng Beach. The ring road runs along the edge of a rocky cliff, and you come to a small rotation, which has signs. This will take you to a small village and the car park, where there are a few tourist souvenir shops. Then you go to the short path to some rocks and a tiny beach. How painful thumb – two rocks (Hin Ta and Hin Yai, literally Grandfather Rock and Grandmother Rock), which are similar in male and female "private parts"!

Attractions animals – In the far south-east corner of the island is a zoo and an aquarium tiger that with & # 39 a good way to spend a few hours, especially if you have kids. Both are interesting and have some shows during the day. It is part of the Samui Orchid Resort. Garden Na Tian Butterfly offers good opportunities for photos for lovers of butterflies and orchids, but not everyone cup of tea! It is also near the airport, is the farm crocodiles.

There are regular shows in the theater of monkeys monkeys through the ring road from the beach of Bophut. Monkeys show how they are used to collect coconuts, as well as elephants. Monkeys also regularly see a constant stream of motorcycles traveling on the road itself (fortunately only as passengers!). for Elephants Journey is available at various locations throughout the island, usually in the interval & # 39; EASURES, as it is very convenient.

Natural attractions and excursion – The most popular waterfalls on the island – Na Muang 1 and 2. They can be easily reached, if not the most spectacular. Na Muang 1 – is the lower part of the two and is located next to a small parking lot, pedestrian passage is not required. Na Muang 2 just above and requires walking. On the island there are many natural species, which offer excellent opportunities for photos of the sea, especially in the west. One of the most famous – stop north of Hin Ta – Hin Yai, around the beach Lama. Inter & # 39; er Samui offers several good hikes, if that's your thing.

The beaches are certainly the main attraction of Koh Samui. As I have said, Chaweng – the main beach, it is the longest, and the sand and the sea are superior to the rest of the island. It is also the most developed with lots of shops, pharmacies, food and brazen nightlife spots. The neighbors scrap Shaveng somewhat quieter. Popular and more peaceful place in the north of the island – Bophut beach. This is a great family beach with a rustic village with a few shops and restaurants. Outside the island – there are the usual choice of water sports, including zhetski, banana boat, etc., mostly outside of Chaweng.

Ferry ferries operate from Bophut pier to the nearby Koh Pha Ngan. It is an island famous sights of the full moon, and you can organize an overnight stay on Koh Pha Ngan, through the agency of Samui. You can also get to Koh Tao, which is famous for divers paradise. From here you can get to the beautiful National Marine Park Ang Thong. You can also spend the night at the camp, but no accommodation in the park. I have a few photos of this spectacular location on my website.

Miscellaneous – The town of Chaweng Stadium has Muay Thai, if that's your thing. There are also several sporting activities such as kartking and dashes. If you are brave enough to rent a car, travel around the ring road of the island – a fun way to spend the day.

In general, in Koh Samui there are many offers to suit every taste and budget. Although keep in mind that it is now an international destination, and the prices are generally higher than in the rest of Thailand, and they are partially developed. Despite this, it retains much of its natural beauty that makes people go from time to time.


Tourism Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta (some people call it Zhozha, Zhozhakarta or Ogzha) – a city with great historical and cultural heritage. Yogyakarta was the center of the mother of the dynasty (1575-1640), and still Kraton (Sultan's palace) exists in its real functions. In addition, Yogyakarta has numerous millennial churches as a legacy of the great ancient kingdoms such as Borobudur Temple, founded in the ninth century the dynasty Syalendra.

Ogakarta more than cultural heritage, has excellent natural panorama. Green rice fields cover the suburban areas in the backdrop of Mount Merapi. To the south of Yogyakarta, you can easily find the natural beaches.

Here, society is living in the world and has a typical Javanese hospitality. Just try to go around the city by bike, horse or pedykabe; and you will find sincere smiles and warm greetings to every corner of the city.

Artistic atmosphere is deeply felt in the Jock & # 39; anchor. Maliobara, as the center of Yogyakarta, littered with crafts from all over the city. Street musicians always ready entertain the visitors lesehan food stalls.

Those who have visited Yogyakarta reveal that the city is committed to this for a long time. Just visit here, then you will understand what it means.

Transportation Yogyakarta:

  • Train You can reach Jock & # 39; yakarta by train from Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya
  • Bus to Jock & # 39; yakarty reached by bus from the island of Sumatra, Bali, and most of the cities of Java Island.
  • Plane Recently, Jock & # 39; yakarta established direct international flights from Kuala Lumpur. In addition, already available domestic flights to Yogyakarta from Jakarta, Denpasar, Balikpapan, and many others.

How to Get Cheap Travel Packages

Isn & t a direct route; Always the cheapest
In many cases, it seems to be no rhyme or reason, to help work. There are seasonal changes, time changes, changes depending on the demand, and that seems to be changing is not for any reason. When looking for discounted tax look for alternative routes to get there, where to go. In many cases, a combination of two flights can be cheaper than one flight.

Typically, it works using US air tickets at very low prices in the United States. For example, a return flight from New York to Montreal hotel is Best Western Europa in the center of the Villas in Canada, which takes about an hour trip usually costs about $ 300. Approximately the same price you can find a return flight from New York to Los Angeles. The fact that, for reasons related to traffic, police and taxes, domestic flights are much cheaper than international, of miles to a mile.

Thus, depending on where you want to go, you can find plane tickets much cheaper, if you're ready to take the first flight home, before moving to a foreign language. If you, for example, live in the north of the United States and want to go to Latin or South America, eventually there will often be much cheaper to 1st go for a domestic flight to the southern hub, including Miami or Dallas and then fly an additional south from there Unlike long trip directly from the northern city. In the study of several flights, in addition, keep in mind how close you are to the central airline – it will be a lot of extra vysokamashtabnyh flight around the world directly from a compact city, so you fly to the first major unit.

In many cases, if you are willing to put up with the slight inconvenience of two arrival, discount travel can be yours. Just remember that, as we know, many sites do not look for discounts arrivals so, so you will need to engage in creative thinking on their own.

Eat locally
Often groomed key to lowering prices of travel & # 39 is the cost of food, which can be significantly reduced by purchasing from local grocery stores, not dine. In most places of accommodation you will be able to take advantage of tourists, if you can, and you often do not understand anything, until you do some currency conversion, which you pay $ 10 for a bad dinner at the hotel. Instead, buy a healthy snakes and fresh food in the market to a & # 39; have her as part of departures. This, of course, means that you are cooking – it just means that you have to take something fresh that you can with the & # 39; is in the way, rather than throwing a dinner in a tourist restaurant.


How can you enjoy a trip to Thailand with children

Although Thailand is not known for its children's attractions, there are plenty of activities that can appeal to seven & # 39; yam with small children on the beach or off the coast. Thai also welcomes young children. So that traveling with children in Thailand is not a problem.

Two of the most famous beach resorts in Thailand, which have the brand "family" – it is the island of Koh Samui and Koh Lanta. Both islands have much to offer for seven & # 39; ads from children. There is a house on the beach, accessible for the average budget, and for the upper level. There are also many restaurants in the open air, to have lunch while the kids can play in the sand. There are also many day trips that you can take on the ride an elephant to snorkelling.

Phuket is also another favorite family destination. However, the location on the beach is considered a premium. In addition, there are many other, less well-known beach resorts that can enjoy your older children. These activities include kayaking, rock climbing, as well as many diving centers that will teach children courses PADI SCUBA. For eight years, they can sign up for Bubblemaker program. SCUBA diving in the afternoon for those who are older than 10 years. In Thailand, there are many national parks and their waterfalls and caves – this is a good day trip for rafting and elephant riding.

In the Thai capital Bangkok and Pattaya are also many children's theme parks for families. If you are in Thailand in January, your children will enjoy the free entertainment and amusements, which are organized throughout the country on the day of the national children's day, also known as the Van DEC. This will happen next Saturday in January and the children will receive free admission to the zoo, and free travel on public transport.

Here are a few things you should note his father. Many of the more expensive hotels allow one or two under the age of 12 years sharing a parent number for free, if no additional bedding. However, in most low-or medium hotels in a double room can fit two adults and two children. Many hotels also offer babysitting services.

Most museums and transport companies do not offer lower prices for children. According to the State Railway, child, age 3 to 12 years old can apply for half price only in the case if growth does not exceed 150 cm. For domestic flights, most airlines charge a 10% of the full fare for children up to two years and 50% for children up to 12 years.

You can easily purchase disposable diapers in the majority of shops, pharmacies and supermarkets in major cities and resorts. For your convenience, consider bring a replacement pad for your child, as in Thailand, few public toilets. In Thailand, you can find a variety of international brands of milk powder.

You should also bring along or buy mosquito nets and sun. It is also worth thinking about the packaging of the bottle along a favorite argument to toast just in case. Be careful with unwashed fruits and salads, and any other dishes that are left uncovered for a long time.

Dogs can become a nuisance in Thailand. There have been cases of rabies. Therefore, you should keep children away from animals, such as dogs or monkeys. If necessary, make a rabies shot before traveling.


4 Travel Tips before getting on a flight to Toronto, Canada

Regardless of whether you are traveling for business reasons or for a well earned rest, a trip to a destination can sometimes be a stressful experience. Being well prepared can be the key to the concerns that are experiencing no problems. Being well-prepared, high-quality experience and can change significantly, which may adversely affect the entire trip. Before you sit down for the next flight, try these 4 tips without problems, which will make your travel experience a little more enjoyable.

Call your credit card company before from the & # 39 porch

Traveling with a credit card can offer you a convenient and secure method for effecting transactions abroad, but without proper training this convenience can turn into a disadvantage, which has negative adab & # 39; etsya throughout traveler. Since most of the banks and companies with bank cards to track spending patterns, your operations while traveling can be treated as suspicious behavior. No matter what you're driving abroad or within the country, traveling outside the normal range can cause red flags companies that issue credit cards. Transactions that are treated as suspicious, may lead to a closed bank account, leaving you in a foreign country without the funds.

To make your card unexpectedly denied and that you always have access to your funds at the time of travel, consider the bank to inform you if you are planning to use their credit card during the trip. The contact details of the company's credit card can be easily found the back of the card.

Company Post your credit card also helps protect you from the real fraud by credit card, when you are visiting. Because your bank receives notice of your travel plans, they will notify any fraudulent or unusual transactions from your account when you're not present.

Please contact your bank, you can find out what payments you can ask when making overseas operations. Many cards banks charge fees for overseas transactions. To avoid or reduce these charges by notifying your bank, you can also check and see what suggestions they offer to travelers. In some cases, you can check whether you can receive purchase in local currency, to minimize the cost of the transaction.

Also, telling your company's credit card that you will be traveling, you can learn, given your card associated with travel as benefits, for example, the rejection of the language of payments, the original land or access to airport interiors. Toronto Pearson Airport has several business class cabin, offering unique opportunities. First contact with a company dedicated to your credit card, you can check whether you are eligible for any special offers. It can make the difference between an ordinary travel experiences and quality of experience. Thus, before you take the next flight, a few days before sending the call to the company that issues credit cards and let them know about their travel plans.

Create a packing list, go to

Travel anywhere can be a challenge. Knowing what to pack, and trying to figure out what to bring, can be a hassle. Being well prepared can make the experience much more smooth packaging. The Council is to create a list for the package. Especially if you are a frequent traveler, consider creating a packing list that you can use whenever you are getting ready for the trip. This not only helps you save time by creating a new list every time you go, reducing stress, but also save you money. Instead, in order to forget the goods, and then make a purchase abroad you already have your packing list will ensure that you have packed everything you need.

It also saves you more time trying to figure out or remember which items and banned the bags are not allowed. Your Jump List will ensure that you have checked the language requirements, the relevant recommendations of the airline. Toronto Pearson Airport provides a complete updated list of restricted items. You can compare it to your list to make sure that whatever you packed, consistent with the recommendations. This not only improves your packaging experience, but also your boarding boarding less stressful.

On the & # 39; reveal several copies of your packing and keep one in the bag. This not only saves your time by creating a new list every time you travel back, you can compare the list that you have with the objects in the bag. So you can be sure that the objects with which you come, will be packed in bags. This is a list of things that cause you to bring what you need to return. It will save you more money, because the checklist you will not forget things that require their redemption, when you return home. This leads us to the following advice regarding your language.

Use language identification

Toronto Pearson Airport offers to make sure that all of your language has proper identification. Advice is to use colorful and visible identification marks on your tongue. This will help you stand out among the sea of ​​another language, which will make it easier when the time comes to find your things. For safety reasons, the Canadian Air Transport Security authorities (CATSA) is recommended to use your work address as possible.

Another tip for identification from the airport Toronto Pearson – make sure that your travel documents are ready, if you go to the kiosk. Canadian flights require passengers to have a valid ID.

arrive early

Regardless of whether you decide to call in a rack, use a kiosk or online services (to save time), Toronto Pearson Airport offers useful tips that will facilitate your traveling experience; arrive early. For domestic flights Toronto Pearson Airport recommends arrive at least 90 minutes before departure. To save on time, you can also come home as at least 24 hours before boarding a flight.

To make sure that you arrive on time for your flight, use a reputable transport service, which not only has a high-quality vehicles, but also appreciates the customer service. Rental of transport, such as taxis or limo – a great way to make sure that you have arrived on time, but without stress, because you do not have to worry about parking. Hiring a quality transportation services to the airport can supplement your travel experience.

Not only the company that appreciates the service respects your time and ensure that you arrive safely and on time, but will make your overall experience less stressful. With just a few smart phones, you can use the app for smartphones; You can stress-free travel to the airport.


South Island New Zealand

Natural, unspoiled beauty! This is something about New Zealand – South Island. South Island with a & # 39 is home to the Southern Alps and some great skiing and snow posts.

Christchurch – the busiest city in the South Island, as well as offering an international airport, where flights connect directly to a variety of international destinations. Sumner Beach, Gondola, Avon River and the hills of Kashmir – the main attractions Chystchercha. The city center is always busy tram, which often go, making it a great place for a party!

Dunedin him Kedery factory and Queenstown, as well as two beautiful sights – two other cities that can not be missed in the South Island. In Queenstown also has opportunities for bungee jumping, water skiing and diving ships. Sound tours in Milford and depart from Queenstown, and is strongly recommended. Stewart Island and can be visited by ferry, which leaves Inverkargil.

Most of the towns in the South Island is well connected by rail Trans, and this is probably the most convenient way to travel. In addition, car rental can also be booked, and travel on the West Coast is highly recommended. To get to the South Island to North Island can by catching a ferry from Wellington interior or Sounds Air flights from Wellington Airport. Domestic flights operated by the airline New Zealand and other airlines, has also been linked most of the other cities of the South Island to Wellington.


Tips for trips – Booking flights of international airlines

International Airlines Flight Booking offers booking information about the various international airlines that fly around the world. Many international airlines offer online booking of flights for the aircraft. You can also book flights to any of the offices of these airlines. You can plan and book your flight in advance to avoid the rush and quickly encountered trouble.

Iberia Air, one of the most popular in Spain Airlines numerous scheduled flights both domestic and international destinations. Flights connect Spain with various countries like China, Egypt, India, USA, Brazil, United Kingdom, Cuba, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Canada, South Africa, Japan and so on. Booking flights can be done online or at any of the offices of Iberia Air.

One of the airlines that operates in Europe, Lufthansa Airlines offers flights to more than 80 countries. flight destinations include all the world's major cities such as Cairo, Johannesburg, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, New Delhi, Lahore, Singapore, the oath, Berlin, Boston, Toronto, Buenos Aires, London, Barcelona and many others. Booking flights can be done online or at the box office.

British Airways, the UK carrier, with & # 39 is one of the major international airlines operating from its main node at London Heathrow and London Gatwick. Flights operated by British Airways, flying to destinations in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Air tickets can be booked either online or at any office of the airline, which is located around the world.

Mexicana Airlines company based in Mexico City, with a & # 39 is one of the prominent international airlines of Mexico. International flights operated by Mexicana, flying in areas such as British Columbia, New York, Quebec, Cuba, Chicago, Venezuela, California, Argentina, Texas, Florida and many others. Airlines offer online booking services, as well as offices around the world.

Offering details about Travel Tips – International Airlines flights Reservation is a helpful guide for all fliers. Thus, regardless of whether you are flying with Iberia Air or Mexicana Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines or British Airways, this information gives you the information you need.


Indigo airlines

Launched in 2006, the airline Indigo has proven to myself that they & # 39 are the most preferred airline among the Indian population. There are flights to many cities across the country. With its main areas, including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Goa, Chennai and many other places, the airways were Indigo customer satisfaction their goal and motto. Here we have a very brief discussion of these airlines.

Currently, there are about 148 flights operated under the flag of the airline. They say they are working in more than 20 cities across the country. In 2006, Indigo airways provided 182 ship that became famous all over India. Also in the air Indigo have internal flights that are available the common man. These are the airlines do not offer free food and other snacks. Cheap air carrier Indigo operates in Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and several main directions.

air booking in Indigo can be done over the Internet via the Internet. There is a slot for the reservation, which is open to Indigo airline well before the trip. Usually six months before the date of travel offers for booking a slot. There are several deals which are available online, and you can use them accordingly. The only problem with airline reservations, which do not justify themselves, is that the ticket can not be canceled or postponed. Once you have decided on the date and destination, you can go ahead and book your tickets for the journey.

There is also a call center, present in the country for easy booking of tickets Indigo airlines. In addition, travel agents have tickets to many places of the country. We wish you a very happy trip to Indigo airline flights.


What is the position in the field of recreation and insurance?

Many people are worried if their insurance will cover them during the holidays.

Of course, something called "holiday insurance." Usually this applies to things such as steal luggage, delayed flight and so on. However, the area of ​​personal accidents and complex diseases, which is worth considering.

Why injuries can be different?

If you have a personal injury insurance, insurance against accidents and illness, it can cover you from a variety of possible fatalities. Some policies may pay a lump sum, if you are unlucky, or any replacement income for a certain period of time.

Often a few situations where such a policy can not covered:

  • Injuries sustained in criminal activity

  • People associated with the occupation of hazardous activities (examples may include parachuting, underwater sports on leads and rock climbing, etc.)

  • Injury on vacation.

Let's leave aside the first, believing that you are a law-abiding citizen! The next two, however, are more problematic.

Exceptions from vacation

No one can tell you whether you are covered by some kind of "home" personal accident insurance during travel time on holiday (abroad or at home).

Once your insurance provider can do it, and they will use your policy for this purpose. Thus, read carefully and follow such things as:

  • Exceptions to injury / illness while on vacation

  • Limitations on the number of days when you can sit still and stay under cover

  • Exceptions for international travel

If your policy such things may or may not be, but make sure it is.

Participation in dangerous sports, in itself, not from the & # 39 is only a problem when you are on vacation. Some of these activities may be excluded in all cases, even if you are at home. However, for most of us our annual vacation may be the only time that we have been involved in such things, and therefore such an exception – an issue that should be considered when leaving.

what to do

The first thing you need to do, and quickly – is to read insurance policies to find out how your next vacation might affect them and you. Perhaps this is no problem, and if so, that's great!

If not, then you have three options:

1. You can call existing insurance provider to find out what they can offer. They may have a short-term correction, which they can do for your coverage for the payment of a modest sum

2. Some suppliers of luxury holiday may possibly offer you help in a special holiday insurance, designed to overcome these gaps and to provide a range of other protection.

3. You can do nothing and just hope that your luck – not recommended!).


The worst thing you can do is just to assume that it will never happen to you.

Unfortunately, accidents and injuries happen sometimes on holiday. In this case, having a good insurance can help you avoid some potentially very painful financial effects.


All about travel insurance and its categories

One of the best ways to protect yourself from unexpected accidents while traveling – this insurance travel insurance. Most banks offer this product as security roles and tools helps travelers find peace of mind throughout the trip.

For those of you who do not really know about it, travel insurance covers financial loss or medical expenses that you may incur during your domestic or international travel. Usually this insurance product has five major categories, which you may know.

Trip cancellation insurance. You'll be covered if you or a companion traveling have to interrupt, delay or cancel the trip (perhaps due to a problem with the weather & # 39; em, injury or disease, problems with passports or visas, unexpected business conflicts, terrorist attacks or accidents on the road airport).

Road medical or major medical insurance. It provides coverage if the insured becomes ill or injured while traveling. The difference lies in the fact that the medical travel insurance provides cover only short-term (from five days to one year), while the basic medical insurance is ideal for people who will be traveling from six months to a year or more.

Emergency medical evacuation insurance. If you find yourself in a remote rural area, or anywhere where access to essential health facilities or absent, this insurance policy will cover the necessary medical evacuation and transportation to the appropriate room.

Insurance against accidental deaths / flight. When there was to be a random death or serious & # 39; oznaya trauma caused by the crash, the insurance policy will pay the insured to the insurer, who survived.

It is best to evaluate the nature of your travel, health and activities in which you participate, to help you determine whether travel insurance is particularly useful. You can see, for example, your ability to pay the full cost of a trip home in case of emergency and you need to make an unscheduled trip home, or you can pay for health care if someone in your party with the state of health becomes bad. Factors such as these can help you find out whether the insurance will be helpful. If you decide to get it, remember to carefully read the fine print and ask the bank staff to explain each policy, so you can make an informed decision complete.

Click here to learn more about travel insurance.