Verify Lacrosse, Shooter with two prahadami

This is a great exercise in shooting Lacrosse, we have an interview with & # 39; nd coach Myers from Ohio. We are always looking for new exercises, creative exercises, fast drills, drills, which include a number of bases and the players, and exercises that directly mimic game situations. This unique lacrosse drill goes beyond the most typical shooting, fulfilling all our criteria, as well as taking them to the next level.

The more we talk to major college coaches, the more we begin to understand the link between success and running exercises that will not only take over the game situation, but in addition, we have completed the set that we really are working and see in games. What we often call this site "Shooting games" as a description of the best exercises, coach Myers in their exercise is called "part of our attack."

This fire, which may start with a ball or a ground ball, the slope of the split, rapid transitions to the outer shoulder with the basics right and left hands of the participants.

In preparation are three players, and he ran out of the 1-4-1. In this exercise there is no player or in the crease or the "X". players line in the upper portion of the holding line and two-line players on the goal line stretched about every ten yards toward the crease. Training begins with the player to the top with chopped evasion and immediately at the end of the shed is carried out to eliminate a rapid transition to a player who is next to the GLE. The player, which is adjacent to the ball thrown near the head position in a triple threat and immediately goes to the player on the far edge, essentially mimicking capacity of PIC for the shot.

The specificity of the drills, which makes it unique, is the fact that the player has the opportunity to go top right and then back to the left to move apart or begin to break down the left and the right. This causes the two players "wing" to respond. If the ball carrier is suitable to them with bias, they are as follows drop in the drill and move to catch the first pass. The third player now becomes the pass "One" to fire. It may be right or left-handed, the other left or right hand, and ulovlivayuchay pass, right or left shot. And the drill is moving very fast for four to five minutes, and is often used as part of a series of shooting during the day.

If you're doing this practice to read philosophy, you can see how you could create your own version of a 2-2-2, 1-3-2, etc., but with three players, arranged in the previous program , defined set, dodge, read, skip or miss the ball on a shot. Very good.

As always, keep a big pile of balls on top and keep moving every three to four seconds. If experienced players throw a pass, the exercise is over, as the following three may have to go, or immediately next group starts. If you work with young players or players in the development, keep a bunch of balls at each station, and on the need to drop the player to take the ball out of the pile at each station and proceed accordingly. And slow it down a little bit, but not too …