The power of prayer and fasting in overcoming mental illness

There is a doctor who heals people with mental illnesses and emotional power of prayer and fasting. His name is Jesus Christ, and he was doing it for 2,000 years.

I know this firsthand, because after graduation from Ohio State University with
studies in the field of TV journalism and working for several years as a reporter of news, I succumbed to manic depression, schizophrenia, alcoholism and drug addiction. I spent 12 years in psychiatric hospitals and rehabilitation facilities back in before I realized that mental illness affects a person at all levels. Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. I learned about this by reading the Bible and books on health.

Then I learned the recipe of freedom: salvation through Jesus Christ and prayer and fasting for the redemption. Salvation is needed because those mentally ill, more
Probably infected with demons living in the mind, body and soul. Angels and demons exist in the spiritual realm from the beginning of time. Figures of old men who were undoubtedly mentally ill, his demons "drove" through Jesus Christ. An ancient concept, but the power that is available today for the mentally ill.

Despite the fact that I was once on Galidole, Melaryle, Thorazine, lithium and Elavile, after two years of careful weaning psychotropic drugs I'm not taking medication. I should not have to take medication for the past ten years.

May the restoration – the stunning miracle to be more prevalent. I believe that this may be the power of prayer and fasting to God through Jesus Christ.