Can a "strawberry" melt the fat?

World nonsurgical body contours quickly explode! Advances in technology now allow plastic surgeons to help more people than ever before, in achieving the objectives of the restructuring of the body – but not in the operating room! This is done right in the office. Go on, get out. It usually takes at least 30 minutes. No limits, no downtime. This is because there is no surgery, no incisions, no sutures, no needles, no bruises, no recovery, no pain of any kind – nothing. Just a harmless melting fat where it is undesirable to what special and unique laser devices! This year you will hear more and more about these incredible breakthrough non-surgical fat melting system. There are already several similar types neinnovazionnom devices that seem to work pretty well. But this is the next generation, the next evolution in the nonsurgical melting fat! Strawberry Lime laser system is rapidly becoming a top choice among doctors and patients, and quickly moves to the top of the list. Machine with strawberry laser was developed and released for the first time in England about 6 years ago. Since then, he has helped more than 5 million people in more than 30 countries around the world to change and restore the body without surgery! Fortunately for us, Strawberries system was developed for use in the US the FDA, as research studies have demonstrated an amazing 95% of the success of powerful non-surgical fat melting capabilities. It is a modern non-surgical reduction of fat and contour the body in the best way!

Or it sounds too good to be true? How is it possible to work? All of the so-called "cold laser" technology, otherwise known as low level laser therapy or LLLT. Cold lasers do not burn, not fried or even slightly warmed skin. It's the same as if someone shining a flashlight on your skin – if your eyes are closed, you would not even know. But it turns out that this particular LLLT with a wavelength of 660 nm with a strawberry innocently laser shines on the skin, its special diode laser light is harmless, quietly absorbing. Then, the light penetrates deeper, through all the layers of the skin, without harmful effects, while the laser light at the end is not absorbed by fat cells. Absorption of light by "cheating" the fat cells into thinking that they should lower – cells think they are the same signal to be empty, as if a man trained! On thousands of fat cells under the skin begin to form multiple lipid pores which are located under the skin in the area to which the laser is directed strawberry, such as love handles, or lower abdomen. Couples make the fat content of the fat cells to emerge. Fat cells begin aparazhnyatstsa and begin to break down and shrink in size! Gradually, the entire target zone starts less and shrink in size! Most patients are pleased to see the results of this process almost immediately – they usually reduce the size of the size of fat deposits only after a single treatment! The melted fat is processed as waste (as it usually is the lymphatic system), eventually working their way through the body and excreted. There's more fat, which melts! Reduced empty fat cells kept open and waste pairs within a few days after the treatment session after laser strawberry laser. This helps ignite and enhance the impact of any concurrent exercise or dieting, to be even more effective. FDA unveiled a study that showed an average decline of nearly 4 inches from one only of the measured area in the lower abdomen after a series of therapy with laser strawberry lime for the entire month! Thus, it may "strawberry" melt the fat? The answer is – yes! Refer to the local board with a certified plastic surgeon for a consultation and find out from the & # 39 is a strange laser strawberries good option for you!