What should be the length of the proceedings in a marriage?

I sometimes hear from people who are considering a trial separation. Sometimes one spouse wants to separate much more than a second. And my husband, who reluctantly refers to the separation, wants to make it as short as possible. People seem to intuitively know that the longer the separation lasts, the less chance for reconciliation (I'll talk about this later Statistics). However, at the same time you want to give a fair chance to work separation so you do not end up divorced, because we decided to come to terms.

Therefore, someone may ask,?. "What is the ideal length of the proceedings My husband wants one thing I do not do that, however, he was very insistent to this We have children, and I do not want to be without a father a long period of time, so I.. He proposed an evaluation at the end of the month to find out whether there can be a reconciliation. I truly felt like I was going to compromise and adapt. However, my husband said he did not. think that one month was long enough that there were real changes . He wants to just leave it in the air and easy to evaluate on progress, if we're going to go. It scares me. so that we end up skonchymsya divorce on our hands. What is the ideal duration of a divorce? How long does the majority of litigation? "

To answer this question as best as possible, I did some research. I found a clinical study from Ohio State University, in which it was reported that the majority of study participants were divided, which lasted a year or less. And as you suspected: the longer the separation lasted, the greater the chances of divorce. Most couples who have reconciled, separation lasted less than two years. The couple, who were excommunicated longest, a greater likelihood of divorce. Very few couples who split up to three years, were reconciled. In fact, there were several sections, which lasted more than 10 years. These pairs were personal reasons not to get a divorce, and so they just agreed to a very long-term or permanent separation. Probably it will not be an ideal option for most people, especially for those who are motivated for the family & # 39; and and save the marriage.

One of the problems with long-term separation from & # 39 is that there is a real danger of pairs switched off from each other, living apart. In other words, if you do not manage the household and to raise children together, you're probably not a lot of communicating that can be problematic, because you can accommodate, not to gather and reconcile in the end.

That is why many experts recommend consulting before one partner will leave or, at least, during it. Thus, you are forced to communicate regularly during the separation, and your advisor will likely help you decide if it is advisable to try reconciliation, to help you avoid separation that has lasted far too long. I know that some husbands (and even his wife) are resistant to the consultations, and in this case, you can at least agree to meet regularly to discuss things. You can even get some self-help resources to give you the approximate map or species, is something you can work.

Statistics standing with my suspicions, and the majority of people of intuition – the longer the leave, the more difficult to reconcile. We can not say that in front of no pairs that managed to reconcile with a long separation. There. There are also couples who are divorced and then remarried. But I agree with you that the ideal length of separation is long enough to change a significant change (or to the consultant decided that there was enough changes to your reconciliation was successful), but certainly not as long, so you We set sail and become like strangers. I understand that your husband wants to "wait and see" how many. But I urge you to offer you or ask for the usual consultation, or to meet regularly to work on a relationship that you have not turned in one day and realized that it was far too long since you held a substantive conversation with her husband, and you are nothing you know that more is happening to him. This can happen very easily, and it's not good for your chances of reconciliation.