It affects our nationality vision?

skin color, ethnicity, nationality and culture: all of our future performance. As soon as the technology continues to grow, identifies differences between Asian-Americans, African-Americans than; conducted research on different characteristics of the health of Hispanics compared to Caucasians-Americans. Each of these signs in our lives, as a rule, affects our health, well-being and even on the general mood of the mind; so do not be too far away to think about how our ethnicity or race play a role in our vision. Let's discuss a little further …

After a recent study at Ohio State University, it was found that in fact there is a close link between the ethnicity of children and some minor vision problems. In their study, Hispanic young people are likely to have been diagnosed with astigmatism than in any other ethnic groups. They also noted that Asian-American children are more likely to be short-sighted, while the Caucasian-American children suffer from hyperopia more than other ethnic groups. Unique is that accurate Asian-American youth who have experienced near-sightedness, was equal to the number of Caucasian-American children who have had problems with hyperopia.

Of course, there are other factors that play a role in our vision, such as diet, family history and age. Our eyes, like any muscle in our body, can be practiced, as well as corrupt. Diet – a big part of the culture and nationality. Concepts as diet and family history can really be an argument of nature versus nurture. Although it is quite clear that a diet can be considered as the two; Family history & # 39; and – it is always so easy, because we usually see the genetics associated exclusively with nature. However, if, for example, the majority of family members & # 39; and there are certain medical problems, this may well be due to external causes. In addition, the aging of the eyes and vision are changing, especially with the growth of children. Since the above study was done specifically for young people, it can be assumed that, although the results are important and cause mindset changes – even small changes – necessarily occur. Even conductors study note that the majority of children entering school, a little far-sighted, but with time (and growth), the problem is usually reduced.

Although it is clear that further research is needed, we can say with confidence that our nationality, certainly has an impact on the health and welfare of our sight. Of course, it is important to always ensure that your eyeglass prescriptions are current and that your eyes checked regularly by your doctor. Glasses for eyes play an important role in correcting our primary optical failures; but the fact that they exist and there is a difference between the different cultures, is interesting in itself. Thus, you get to sample these ethnic middle?