Finally, the playoff system can come in college football

I know that the players are college – are students first, and the second – the athletes, but the fact that no college football playoff system makes no sense. In the end, the House subcommittee passed a bill on the transition from college football games on a heap of meaningless bowl to the actual playoff system that finally decide who is the real national champion.

At the end of the season he played 34 games with cups, five of which – the game with bowls a BCS, which on & # 39; integrate the ten best teams against each other and end the two best teams that took first place at the end of the season and play against each other in the championship . . But this method did not work and got a lot of negative feedback from schools like Cincinnati, Boys, State and TSU, which are all finished their regular season undefeated, but were unable to reach the national championship because of the conference.

This year alone, five teams have suffered victory, and so the two best teams that made the BCS championship game Texas and Alabama do play in two of the best conference in college football. This does not mean that they must automatically be considered favorites in comparison with the other three Cincinnati, try and Boys-State. Thus, the three can play in a weaker conference but still quite difficult for any team not to win all year round at any conference.

When Joe Barton of Texas Rap can pass this bill through Congress, nothing will be left in the NCAA, but to establish a playoff system, either & # 39 entrance to enter and take control. Some people may wonder why Congress to spend their time on the college football when there are more important things in the world, and easy kalezhny football – it's a multibillion-dollar business.

We must look at the fact that commands such as Ohio, Michigan, US state of Peng, all the stadiums have 100,000 fans for the game, but players can not pay, so the money will be returned directly to the school. Then, when the team is doing one of the many games on the bowl, the school once again received great financial payment for playing a meaningless game. Of course, the government wants to intervene, and then returns the money in Uncle Sam's pocket and pleases fans of college football.

The only statement that most people are against playoff system – that's what he's doing a longer season for the players and puts them at risk to get more injuries. But I think that almost every player who plays in college football, has a chance to get it in the NFL. If they do get, they look at four pre-season games, followed by 16-week regular season, when they were again lucky playoffs. Thus, the longer graphics prepare those who have the opportunity to make it to the next level, and give thus, who are not able to do it one more game in the NFL. himself before the game ended their days.

While many may disagree, just think that the playoff system – is the only way that a team can say that we – the national champions. I mean that any other sport in college is the playoffs, football, baseball, volleyball, and we must not forget about the tournament on maritime college basketball that brings joy to every office. Every year, millions of people filled the brackets, trying to predict the final game of the championship only to have their hearts broken some Cinderella team. Imagine the excitement in which it would be to see how the top 16 college teams are fighting for this for four weeks already playoff to decide the present time national champion once and for all.