Big Vs. small universities

Regardless of the fact that you are a senior in high school, choose a college or university and have sasluzhachy want to translate it, you still want to know about the advantages and disadvantages of your school. I went to the State University, who had more than 46 000 students, but I had friends who attend a small private school with 5,000 students. I will take the next few paragraphs to list some pros and cons. All this is based on my opinion and my personal experiences at the University of the big time. My assessment of small private schools can be detached, because I’ve never visited her.

Directly speaking, if you think of a large university (Texas, Ohio, University of Florida), do you think about sports. One of the main benefits of visiting a large university with a & # 39 is their sports programs. If you are a sports fan, then a visit to a football Division I schools can be an important factor in your decision. Game, shestsevyya shares tips on their return and competition – all this visit a large university. However, do not love sports, to go to school D-I. In large universities, there are thousands of students who do not want to engage in sports, and that’s okay, because there are many others.

Large schools also come with a large library and media center. There are many places to learn and a lot of computer & # 39; computer lab to do your work in the classroom. I went to the computer lab (there were hundreds of computers) between my classes and revised the Internet, or do homework in the evening. In a small school can be only one library, and it may be too far out of your way. In a large school, at every corner there is a library, a study room or computer lab.

Food – another advantage of visiting a large university. They have several dining rooms, not to mention donuts Dunkin & # 39;, Starbucks, Chik-Fil-A, Taco Bell, Pizza hut, and basically any other fast-food joint, which can come up in the middle of campus. You can get food anywhere. And diners actually have food. They do not fall down three meat loaf and peas. Every morning we had freshly baked omelets with bacon and pancakes. Perhaps you can not get this at the college Flagler.

Some other quick advantage of the large university – social aspects (brotherhood and festivals, domestic American clubs, clubs, student government, and so on). Most universities have excellent teachers who know what they do. Another advantage – the presence on the territory of campus housing for freshmen (and sometimes for students). This gives you the opportunity to wake up 10 minutes before the start of the course and go where you work.

Some disadvantages of high school – a huge class. Probably, you can take 900 people. No matter what you say or how many questions you ask in the classroom, the professor does not know your name. Many classes taught by teachers assistants, which means you do not get such a quality as you would like. In a large university, you just close to some people, and you can get lost in the crowd. Finally, all the teachers think that they remove the eye and are more concerned about their own research than on student aid.

On the other hand, small universities have smaller classes. These smaller classes may pay more attention to training and practical experience. I have never attended a small university, but is likely to have more individual specialty. Thousands of people are trained for each semester not a given curriculum. With smaller classes, students can become better acquainted with their professors. It’s great from the time when it’s time to find the letters of recommendation. Try to get a letter from the teacher when you were just one of the 900 students in the class.

Another pro to visit a small college with a & # 39 is that advisers know the students very well. Try to access a counselor in the College of Liberal Arts at a major university. They see a hundred children a day and never remember your name and occupation do you spend. In addition, the small school there is a greater sense of community. You are not just a number on the ID card, here you are a person with a face and a name.

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