Big Vs. small universities

Regardless of the fact that you are a senior in high school, choose a college or university and have sasluzhachy want to translate it, you still want to know about the advantages and disadvantages of your school. I went to the State University, who had more than 46 000 students, but I had friends who attend a small private school with 5,000 students. I will take the next few paragraphs to list some pros and cons. All this is based on my opinion and my personal experiences at the University of the big time. My assessment of small private schools can be detached, because I’ve never visited her.

Directly speaking, if you think of a large university (Texas, Ohio, University of Florida), do you think about sports. One of the main benefits of visiting a large university with a & # 39 is their sports programs. If you are a sports fan, then a visit to a football Division I schools can be an important factor in your decision. Game, shestsevyya shares tips on their return and competition – all this visit a large university. However, do not love sports, to go to school D-I. In large universities, there are thousands of students who do not want to engage in sports, and that’s okay, because there are many others.

Large schools also come with a large library and media center. There are many places to learn and a lot of computer & # 39; computer lab to do your work in the classroom. I went to the computer lab (there were hundreds of computers) between my classes and revised the Internet, or do homework in the evening. In a small school can be only one library, and it may be too far out of your way. In a large school, at every corner there is a library, a study room or computer lab.

Food – another advantage of visiting a large university. They have several dining rooms, not to mention donuts Dunkin & # 39;, Starbucks, Chik-Fil-A, Taco Bell, Pizza hut, and basically any other fast-food joint, which can come up in the middle of campus. You can get food anywhere. And diners actually have food. They do not fall down three meat loaf and peas. Every morning we had freshly baked omelets with bacon and pancakes. Perhaps you can not get this at the college Flagler.

Some other quick advantage of the large university – social aspects (brotherhood and festivals, domestic American clubs, clubs, student government, and so on). Most universities have excellent teachers who know what they do. Another advantage – the presence on the territory of campus housing for freshmen (and sometimes for students). This gives you the opportunity to wake up 10 minutes before the start of the course and go where you work.

Some disadvantages of high school – a huge class. Probably, you can take 900 people. No matter what you say or how many questions you ask in the classroom, the professor does not know your name. Many classes taught by teachers assistants, which means you do not get such a quality as you would like. In a large university, you just close to some people, and you can get lost in the crowd. Finally, all the teachers think that they remove the eye and are more concerned about their own research than on student aid.

On the other hand, small universities have smaller classes. These smaller classes may pay more attention to training and practical experience. I have never attended a small university, but is likely to have more individual specialty. Thousands of people are trained for each semester not a given curriculum. With smaller classes, students can become better acquainted with their professors. It’s great from the time when it’s time to find the letters of recommendation. Try to get a letter from the teacher when you were just one of the 900 students in the class.

Another pro to visit a small college with a & # 39 is that advisers know the students very well. Try to access a counselor in the College of Liberal Arts at a major university. They see a hundred children a day and never remember your name and occupation do you spend. In addition, the small school there is a greater sense of community. You are not just a number on the ID card, here you are a person with a face and a name.

The company recently learned that the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, used a donation website that generated a different bitcoin wallet address for each person that visited. That made it harder to track the funds and see where they were sent. The group has been designated as a terrorist organization by Israel, the U.S. and the EU.
“Because we are always on top of what’s about to happen, we can see when those funds start to move to exchanges,” Elliptic’s co-founder and CEO James Smith told CNBC in a phone interview. “We were able to let our customers know that these funds were heading towards them, and they were able to stop them.”

The firm on Wednesday said it raised $23 million in a funding round led by Japan’s SBI Holdings to fuel an aggressive expansion into Asia. SBI, a financial services business spun off from SoftBank, has made headlines in the past due to partnerships with blockchain companies like Ripple and R3. Elliptic also counts Spanish bank Santander as an investor.
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Terrorist funding is just one area of illicit activity the firm’s platform deals with. It’s also used to track people trading child pornography and drugs, as well as hacks that result in funds being stolen. Elliptic shows a different side of the crypto industry, in that its technology is seen as more favorable to financial services businesses and regulators.


Ohio OVI and sealing of records

Sealing of records and exhaustion could be an important process when it comes to achieving paslyaasuzhanyh goals such as employment. These two terms are often confused, but in fact they are two very different processes. This is an important distinction to Ohio, because it offers a state record, but does not issue.
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According to the revised Code 2151.355 Ohio, to issue entry – is to destroy, delete, erase and record so that the record has been forever irreversible, and seal the recording – remove it from the main file and place it in a protected file. Then the protected file is only available to law enforcement authorities or other legal persons specified in ORC 2953.32.
Due to the punitive OH position with respect OVI (known as DUI in other states) and related crimes conviction OVI not allowed to write to the recording ORC 2953.36. The only conviction OVI, which has the capability of sealing, with & # 39 is OVUAC, and only judge.
This makes the previous strategy and moves even more important, if we are talking about your arrest OVI. Depending on your case hiring a qualified Ohio OVI defense counsel immediately after arrest may give you an advantage in the case of the preliminary hearing, motions to dismiss and protect your rights.
Knowing what you do not have the right to seal records, can interfere, especially when it comes to work. If you have not been convicted in relation to OVI and feel strong, that the court to stop your business or recognize you innocent, you can take heart in the fact that, according to ORC 2953.52 all arrests and charges that do not result in a criminal record, have the right to seal . If you have already been convicted of OVI or related crimes, such as auto attack, there are still important considerations for employment, provided to you by the Ohio Senate Bill 337, which entered into force on 28 September 2012.
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Despite the fact that SB 337 does not change the fact that your offense or a criminal offense can not be sealed or exchange, it creates significant concerns for your future. First of all, according to this bill, you may be eligible to get a job or return to work, according to what you are used to you have been deprived of power. This is because the bill made the following

• A certificate of qualification for employment, which will allow qualification to deprive certain professional licenses

• Removal of certain restrictions on the professional license

• Reduced collateral sanctions for those crimes

Also, if you come up with other non-criminal record on the road, OVI conviction does not prevent you to fix the crime later. On the & # 39; the scope of what the Senate bill 337 could make for OVI cases, is still being developed legal counsel and judges in each case, so some form of legal advice is recommended in the process.


Local Attractions near Sunbury, Ohio

Travel – one of the best activities that can be experienced. The transition from one place to another can be both entertaining and educational experience. Traveling from one place to another, you learn so much about another place.
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Ohio is among the top ten of the US populous states and contains a large number of attractions that can be used by people of all ages and backgrounds. Sunbury – a village located in the state of Ohio and the beautiful environment that attracts those who pass through the city. The city is beautifully decorated in the style of New England with the traditional town square with historical and statuette rural town hall, built around a village green.
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This lovely village provides a large number of attractions for the tourists who visit, and you can experience the local experience that can not be compared. Sightseeing is designed so that in this little village has something for everyone, and no one is sent back without having fun.
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This village is known for being in the state of Ohio has some of the best breweries. Known that prepares his beer, in Ohio you can experience the best drink. A couple together with a juicy steak of the many steak house and you got yourself a top class meal Ohio.
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For people who are interested in seeing wildlife, there are several opportunities to see animals in their natural wild animals. Zone Wildlife Knox State, State Park Mount Gilead and incubation Hebran state fish allow you to see the animals in their natural environment and become one with nature. For those who want to see the animals less stressed, there is always a zoo Columbus, which is just 25 miles from Sunbury.
You can also make the world’s largest corn field in the region, with the largest crystal ball, which is in the vicinity of the village. Sanberi, Ohio, as a & # 39 National Memorial is home Aktagona in which it has the name of every American soldier who put his life in the service of the service from 11 September. After the meeting, there will always be a good idea to come and honor the people who died fighting for our country.
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Whether it’s the old, young, active, inactive potatoes or potatoes, Sunbury offers something for everyone, making it a great place for people, and for seven & # 39; ads.


Luxury hotels in Columbus

Columbus is located in Ohio, one of the largest cities, named after the famous Christopher Columbus. This city belongs to Ohio State University, the largest in the United States. In one of the magazines he came to the conclusion that it is a “global city”, which is a & # 39 is the 8th best city for living. Residents called Columbus.
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An increasing number of tourists and residents led to the emergence of many nearby hotels. Here are some flattering numbers.
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Doubletree Guest Suites Columbus
Doubletree Guest Suites – hotel in the university, conveniently located in the heart of Columbus. With it comes a great river Skiyata. It is also a 15-minute drive from the international airport of Colombo, which you can get to the center of Huntington Bank, State Tower Ryfe on shaded paths and many other local attractions and business offices.
This is very ideal for those people who travel on business. The hotel caters to the short and long residence time, with comfortable meeting and banquet space for business and other secular meetings.
It also provides services such as photocopying, fax machines and audiovisual equipment. Guests are welcomed at the reception. Personnel outputs biscuits with chocolate chips as their trademark.
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This hotel offers many recreational activities for guests. Some famous local attractions to visit – Columbus Museum of Art, ice blue jackets, Clippers Stadium, convention center, football stadium crew, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Ohio, Fair and National Arena.
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The Doubletree has a home and comfortable double rooms. Guests can also choose duplex penthouse apartment for maximum experience in the heart of the city, with spectacular views of the river. All their rooms are spacious and equipped with the benefits that can guarantee an unforgettable stay, whether it be short or long in Columbus.
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The structure of services includes: living room and bedrooms (separate), high-speed wireless Internet access, voice mail, hair dryer, ironing board, hair dryer, wet bar with refrigerator, microwave and coffee, and free tea and coffee. The hotel prides itself on its polite and friendly staff. They also offer laundry and kamerdynerskiya services. They have a place for special occasions, such as a business center and convenient conference halls. The hotel also provides wireless Internet access. This is a hotel with pets and wheelchair access.
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You can dine at the Caucus Room restaurant inside. It offers fine American cuisine each day. Guests can also request room service.

Lofts Hotel and Suites
This luxury hotel offers an excellent and unique opportunity. It is designed in a clean and modern style, contrasting, but combined with a strong and imposing structure features. It finds a sense of the rich history and beauty.
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It is located near many local tourist attractions. Worth seeing Arena Arena, Arena Grand Theater, Short North art scene of Columbus, German Village, Ohio, football and athletics, as well as Memorial Golf Tournament.
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Lofts Hotel has large rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows with amenities such as high speed internet, apartment with garden tubs (for reservations), linen Frette, concierge, double Frette robes, Aveda products, which are quite natural, coffee service (in the group), two-line telephones and fitness rooms.
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Meeting rooms for large displacement and can be designed in accordance with the preferences. Staff of the hotel Loft & s ready to provide assistance to any event was a great success. The hotel also caters for wedding planners. Helping them to provide assistance – the property of their sister, Crowne Plaza in the development of their professional staff.
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The hotel offers several packages. Exposure Package Andy Warhol presents two movies, pictures, videos, pictures and other art forms. Wellness Package “Exclusive Boxing” includes overnight stay in one of the lovely rooms. The hotel offers a free movie DVD “Rocky,” a boxing workout, Swedish massage after training in boxing.
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Soho Package includes accommodation, breakfast for two, champagne, chocolates, rose petals and parking kamerdynatarav. Escape on the boulevard include overnight stay, champagne and chocolates, a gift certificate Cameron Mitchell in the amount of $ 50, overlapping petals of roses, breakfast for two and parking kamerdynatarav.
Other popular packages are: package “Fifth Avenue”, “Package chocolate lovers,” “going with the district,” “Hockey vacation”, “Art-A-Go-Go” and “Zoo-A-Go-Go”.

The power of prayer and fasting in overcoming mental illness

There is a doctor who heals people with mental illnesses and emotional power of prayer and fasting. His name is Jesus Christ, and he was doing it for 2,000 years.

I know this firsthand, because after graduation from Ohio State University with
studies in the field of TV journalism and working for several years as a reporter of news, I succumbed to manic depression, schizophrenia, alcoholism and drug addiction. I spent 12 years in psychiatric hospitals and rehabilitation facilities back in before I realized that mental illness affects a person at all levels. Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. I learned about this by reading the Bible and books on health.

Then I learned the recipe of freedom: salvation through Jesus Christ and prayer and fasting for the redemption. Salvation is needed because those mentally ill, more
Probably infected with demons living in the mind, body and soul. Angels and demons exist in the spiritual realm from the beginning of time. Figures of old men who were undoubtedly mentally ill, his demons "drove" through Jesus Christ. An ancient concept, but the power that is available today for the mentally ill.

Despite the fact that I was once on Galidole, Melaryle, Thorazine, lithium and Elavile, after two years of careful weaning psychotropic drugs I'm not taking medication. I should not have to take medication for the past ten years.

May the restoration – the stunning miracle to be more prevalent. I believe that this may be the power of prayer and fasting to God through Jesus Christ.

Ohio law divorce

Divorce in Ohio controlled by ORC (Ohio Revised Code) 3105. According to Ohio law, a divorce legally terminate the marriage. This is achieved when one spouse files a complaint for divorce. The complaint lists the specific reasons for the need of divorce. The rest of the spouses is obliged to respond to the complaint. Many times issues can be resolved through negotiations. If the issues can not be resolved at the satisfaction of all parties, the divorce will proceed to a jury trial before a judge and / or magistrate.

Ohio Grounds for divorce

Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 3105.01 determines the cause or "grounds" for divorce in Ohio. It reads as follows:

Court common complaints may allow divorce for the following reasons:

(A) In any of the parties had a husband or wife living at the time of marriage, from which you want to divorce;

(B) the deliberate absence of an adverse party during the year;

(C) Adultery;

(D) extreme cruelty;

(E) deceptive contract;

(F) Any harsh neglect of official duties;

(G) Habitual drunkenness;

(H) confinement of the victim in the state or federal correctional facility during complaint;

(I) the acquisition of a divorce from outside of husband or wife, because of what the member who bought it, freed from conjugal duties, while those obligations remain binding on the other hand;

(J) In application of any party, if the husband and wife have lived without a break of one year, lived separate and apart without cohabitation;

(K) Incompatibility, unless denied by either party.

Appeal trial or charge in respect of any provision of this section does not prohibit any of the parties a divorce on this ground.

Verify Lacrosse, Shooter with two prahadami

This is a great exercise in shooting Lacrosse, we have an interview with & # 39; nd coach Myers from Ohio. We are always looking for new exercises, creative exercises, fast drills, drills, which include a number of bases and the players, and exercises that directly mimic game situations. This unique lacrosse drill goes beyond the most typical shooting, fulfilling all our criteria, as well as taking them to the next level.

The more we talk to major college coaches, the more we begin to understand the link between success and running exercises that will not only take over the game situation, but in addition, we have completed the set that we really are working and see in games. What we often call this site "Shooting games" as a description of the best exercises, coach Myers in their exercise is called "part of our attack."

This fire, which may start with a ball or a ground ball, the slope of the split, rapid transitions to the outer shoulder with the basics right and left hands of the participants.

In preparation are three players, and he ran out of the 1-4-1. In this exercise there is no player or in the crease or the "X". players line in the upper portion of the holding line and two-line players on the goal line stretched about every ten yards toward the crease. Training begins with the player to the top with chopped evasion and immediately at the end of the shed is carried out to eliminate a rapid transition to a player who is next to the GLE. The player, which is adjacent to the ball thrown near the head position in a triple threat and immediately goes to the player on the far edge, essentially mimicking capacity of PIC for the shot.

The specificity of the drills, which makes it unique, is the fact that the player has the opportunity to go top right and then back to the left to move apart or begin to break down the left and the right. This causes the two players "wing" to respond. If the ball carrier is suitable to them with bias, they are as follows drop in the drill and move to catch the first pass. The third player now becomes the pass "One" to fire. It may be right or left-handed, the other left or right hand, and ulovlivayuchay pass, right or left shot. And the drill is moving very fast for four to five minutes, and is often used as part of a series of shooting during the day.

If you're doing this practice to read philosophy, you can see how you could create your own version of a 2-2-2, 1-3-2, etc., but with three players, arranged in the previous program , defined set, dodge, read, skip or miss the ball on a shot. Very good.

As always, keep a big pile of balls on top and keep moving every three to four seconds. If experienced players throw a pass, the exercise is over, as the following three may have to go, or immediately next group starts. If you work with young players or players in the development, keep a bunch of balls at each station, and on the need to drop the player to take the ball out of the pile at each station and proceed accordingly. And slow it down a little bit, but not too …

Can a "strawberry" melt the fat?

World nonsurgical body contours quickly explode! Advances in technology now allow plastic surgeons to help more people than ever before, in achieving the objectives of the restructuring of the body – but not in the operating room! This is done right in the office. Go on, get out. It usually takes at least 30 minutes. No limits, no downtime. This is because there is no surgery, no incisions, no sutures, no needles, no bruises, no recovery, no pain of any kind – nothing. Just a harmless melting fat where it is undesirable to what special and unique laser devices! This year you will hear more and more about these incredible breakthrough non-surgical fat melting system. There are already several similar types neinnovazionnom devices that seem to work pretty well. But this is the next generation, the next evolution in the nonsurgical melting fat! Strawberry Lime laser system is rapidly becoming a top choice among doctors and patients, and quickly moves to the top of the list. Machine with strawberry laser was developed and released for the first time in England about 6 years ago. Since then, he has helped more than 5 million people in more than 30 countries around the world to change and restore the body without surgery! Fortunately for us, Strawberries system was developed for use in the US the FDA, as research studies have demonstrated an amazing 95% of the success of powerful non-surgical fat melting capabilities. It is a modern non-surgical reduction of fat and contour the body in the best way!

Or it sounds too good to be true? How is it possible to work? All of the so-called "cold laser" technology, otherwise known as low level laser therapy or LLLT. Cold lasers do not burn, not fried or even slightly warmed skin. It's the same as if someone shining a flashlight on your skin – if your eyes are closed, you would not even know. But it turns out that this particular LLLT with a wavelength of 660 nm with a strawberry innocently laser shines on the skin, its special diode laser light is harmless, quietly absorbing. Then, the light penetrates deeper, through all the layers of the skin, without harmful effects, while the laser light at the end is not absorbed by fat cells. Absorption of light by "cheating" the fat cells into thinking that they should lower – cells think they are the same signal to be empty, as if a man trained! On thousands of fat cells under the skin begin to form multiple lipid pores which are located under the skin in the area to which the laser is directed strawberry, such as love handles, or lower abdomen. Couples make the fat content of the fat cells to emerge. Fat cells begin aparazhnyatstsa and begin to break down and shrink in size! Gradually, the entire target zone starts less and shrink in size! Most patients are pleased to see the results of this process almost immediately – they usually reduce the size of the size of fat deposits only after a single treatment! The melted fat is processed as waste (as it usually is the lymphatic system), eventually working their way through the body and excreted. There's more fat, which melts! Reduced empty fat cells kept open and waste pairs within a few days after the treatment session after laser strawberry laser. This helps ignite and enhance the impact of any concurrent exercise or dieting, to be even more effective. FDA unveiled a study that showed an average decline of nearly 4 inches from one only of the measured area in the lower abdomen after a series of therapy with laser strawberry lime for the entire month! Thus, it may "strawberry" melt the fat? The answer is – yes! Refer to the local board with a certified plastic surgeon for a consultation and find out from the & # 39 is a strange laser strawberries good option for you!

It affects our nationality vision?

skin color, ethnicity, nationality and culture: all of our future performance. As soon as the technology continues to grow, identifies differences between Asian-Americans, African-Americans than; conducted research on different characteristics of the health of Hispanics compared to Caucasians-Americans. Each of these signs in our lives, as a rule, affects our health, well-being and even on the general mood of the mind; so do not be too far away to think about how our ethnicity or race play a role in our vision. Let's discuss a little further …

After a recent study at Ohio State University, it was found that in fact there is a close link between the ethnicity of children and some minor vision problems. In their study, Hispanic young people are likely to have been diagnosed with astigmatism than in any other ethnic groups. They also noted that Asian-American children are more likely to be short-sighted, while the Caucasian-American children suffer from hyperopia more than other ethnic groups. Unique is that accurate Asian-American youth who have experienced near-sightedness, was equal to the number of Caucasian-American children who have had problems with hyperopia.

Of course, there are other factors that play a role in our vision, such as diet, family history and age. Our eyes, like any muscle in our body, can be practiced, as well as corrupt. Diet – a big part of the culture and nationality. Concepts as diet and family history can really be an argument of nature versus nurture. Although it is quite clear that a diet can be considered as the two; Family history & # 39; and – it is always so easy, because we usually see the genetics associated exclusively with nature. However, if, for example, the majority of family members & # 39; and there are certain medical problems, this may well be due to external causes. In addition, the aging of the eyes and vision are changing, especially with the growth of children. Since the above study was done specifically for young people, it can be assumed that, although the results are important and cause mindset changes – even small changes – necessarily occur. Even conductors study note that the majority of children entering school, a little far-sighted, but with time (and growth), the problem is usually reduced.

Although it is clear that further research is needed, we can say with confidence that our nationality, certainly has an impact on the health and welfare of our sight. Of course, it is important to always ensure that your eyeglass prescriptions are current and that your eyes checked regularly by your doctor. Glasses for eyes play an important role in correcting our primary optical failures; but the fact that they exist and there is a difference between the different cultures, is interesting in itself. Thus, you get to sample these ethnic middle?

What should be the length of the proceedings in a marriage?

I sometimes hear from people who are considering a trial separation. Sometimes one spouse wants to separate much more than a second. And my husband, who reluctantly refers to the separation, wants to make it as short as possible. People seem to intuitively know that the longer the separation lasts, the less chance for reconciliation (I'll talk about this later Statistics). However, at the same time you want to give a fair chance to work separation so you do not end up divorced, because we decided to come to terms.

Therefore, someone may ask,?. "What is the ideal length of the proceedings My husband wants one thing I do not do that, however, he was very insistent to this We have children, and I do not want to be without a father a long period of time, so I.. He proposed an evaluation at the end of the month to find out whether there can be a reconciliation. I truly felt like I was going to compromise and adapt. However, my husband said he did not. think that one month was long enough that there were real changes . He wants to just leave it in the air and easy to evaluate on progress, if we're going to go. It scares me. so that we end up skonchymsya divorce on our hands. What is the ideal duration of a divorce? How long does the majority of litigation? "

To answer this question as best as possible, I did some research. I found a clinical study from Ohio State University, in which it was reported that the majority of study participants were divided, which lasted a year or less. And as you suspected: the longer the separation lasted, the greater the chances of divorce. Most couples who have reconciled, separation lasted less than two years. The couple, who were excommunicated longest, a greater likelihood of divorce. Very few couples who split up to three years, were reconciled. In fact, there were several sections, which lasted more than 10 years. These pairs were personal reasons not to get a divorce, and so they just agreed to a very long-term or permanent separation. Probably it will not be an ideal option for most people, especially for those who are motivated for the family & # 39; and and save the marriage.

One of the problems with long-term separation from & # 39 is that there is a real danger of pairs switched off from each other, living apart. In other words, if you do not manage the household and to raise children together, you're probably not a lot of communicating that can be problematic, because you can accommodate, not to gather and reconcile in the end.

That is why many experts recommend consulting before one partner will leave or, at least, during it. Thus, you are forced to communicate regularly during the separation, and your advisor will likely help you decide if it is advisable to try reconciliation, to help you avoid separation that has lasted far too long. I know that some husbands (and even his wife) are resistant to the consultations, and in this case, you can at least agree to meet regularly to discuss things. You can even get some self-help resources to give you the approximate map or species, is something you can work.

Statistics standing with my suspicions, and the majority of people of intuition – the longer the leave, the more difficult to reconcile. We can not say that in front of no pairs that managed to reconcile with a long separation. There. There are also couples who are divorced and then remarried. But I agree with you that the ideal length of separation is long enough to change a significant change (or to the consultant decided that there was enough changes to your reconciliation was successful), but certainly not as long, so you We set sail and become like strangers. I understand that your husband wants to "wait and see" how many. But I urge you to offer you or ask for the usual consultation, or to meet regularly to work on a relationship that you have not turned in one day and realized that it was far too long since you held a substantive conversation with her husband, and you are nothing you know that more is happening to him. This can happen very easily, and it's not good for your chances of reconciliation.

A new look at the motivation of employees

Forcing people to do their best and be productive even in difficult economic times – is one of the most enduring and slippery challenges head. Motivation – a centuries-old puzzle that celebrated the greatest in the history of history from Aristotle to Abraham Maslow.

If in the 1950s and 1960s, Frederick Herzberg researched the sources of employee motivation, he found dyhatomiyu that still intrigues (and surprising) leaders: the things that make people happy and motivated to work, different course from the things that make them dissatisfied. . Ask workers what makes them unhappy at work, and you will hear about annoying boss, low wages, uncomfortable workspace or stupid rules. Poorly controlled, environmental factors make people miserable, and it can certainly be demanstruyuchym. But even if it is managed brilliantly, they do not motivate anyone to work harder and smarter. Instead, people are motivated by interesting work, problems and more responsibility. These internal factors are responsible to the needs of people in growth and achievement. Herzberg's work influenced a whole generation of scientists and managers, but its findings do not seem to have penetrated into the American workplace, if extreme attention is still paid to compensation and incentive.

How many articles, books, speeches and workshops plaintively stated: "How do I get an employee to do what I want?"

So what is the motivation? It was defined as a predisposition to act purposefully to achieve specific, unmet needs and the will to achieve, and the internal force that drives people to achieve personal and organizational goals. And why do we need motivated employees? Answer – survival. Motivated employees are needed in our fast-changing workplace. And to be effective, managers need to understand what motivates employees in the context of the roles they perform.

Review of the research literature by James R. Lindner at Ohio State University concluded that employee motivation more due to factors such as interesting work than financial compensation. John Baldoni in the derivation of the problem concluded that motivation comes from a desire to do something on their own, and that the motivation – it's just a behavior management – the desire to do what's right for people and organizations.

Recently, thanks to the expansion of the scope of neyronanavuchannya, we have a new understanding of the question of what motivates people at work. In the July issue of the "Harvard Business Review," July 2008 Author Nitsin Nohryya Boris Groysberg and Linda-boathouse-Lee describe a new model of motivating employees. They outline the four main reasons that lie at the basis of motivation:

1. The purchase Ghost. We are all forced to acquire scarce goods that make themselves feel better. That is why in part the issue of compensation compared with the others.

2. Ghost to bonds. We need to be associated with strong bonds of love, care and accessories.

3. The desire to comprehend. We really want to understand our world, so that we can take the right actions.

4. Ghost defend. We all, of course, protect ourselves, property and achievement.

Thus, organizations can deal with these motivational drives? First through a reward system. Companies with best practices initiated reward systems based on the overall performance and increased employee motivation. Secondly, companies with the best practices decided bond issue, developing a corporate culture based on friendship, mutual dependence, cooperation and sharing, which increases motivation. Third, companies with the best practices decided to issue judgment, setting jobs development system in which jobs are designed for specific roles, and these jobs are important and contribute to a sense of contribution to the organization. Finally, to address the protection problems, the company with the best practices restrukturyzuyuts their approaches to improve the transparency of all processes, ensure fairness throughout the organization, as well as trust and openness with everyone.

Challenges for managers is that leadership needs to give more attention to the latest research and motivation to learn as incentives to motivate enhanced management and cultural changes.

Shaw Serrano: Interview & # 39; th with Dr. Eric Serrano

Dr. Eric Serrano – it's ace, who are looking for elite athletes around the world to help in the most difficult problems. Most of his time he spends on health promotion patients their daily family practice in Pikeryngtane, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. Among the thousands of patients – elite athletes from around the world who will go to the ends of the earth, to consult with Dr. Serrano.

A wide range of athletes from the NFL, NHL, MLB, and the countless fans of the elite make a list of elite clients Erika. His close-knit experience comes from years of practice of medicine, and his car & # 39; EASURES pauerliftera as a record. As an athlete and a family man, Eric understands the needs of its customers and pushes himself to remain at the forefront of training, supplements, nutrition, rehabilitation of injuries and improve performance.

Dr. Serrano graduate of Kansas State University and received a degree of medicine at the University of Kansas. He is currently a professor of family practice medicine at Ohio State University. Never bear that very demand is for services of Dr. Serrano, obviously, if the view log messages, full of requests to elite athletes, strength trainers and related practitioners worldwide. He is really an expert experts, only the elite comes for guidance and information.

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JP: Let's start with the protein. How much a person needs if they are trained in the severe form, to give strength and size?

Dr. S: It's a simple answer. If you are male, 1 – 1.5 grams per pound. Maximum is 2 grams per pound, when you train extremely hard, plus perform aerobic exercises. If you are a woman. 0.8 grams per pound enough. These recommendations are intended for people who are, of course, do not take anabolic steroids.

JP: How about reducing fat?

Dr. S: It is more important to manipulate the levels of fat and carbohydrates for reducing body fat than the total calorie intake. In fact, some people do not consume enough calories to get real fat loss. The above protein ratio used here.

JP: You always hear disputes between the casein and whey, and I know that you are actually separated proteins according to their preferred anabolic or antykatabolichnym properties. Can you briefly explain it? What are the best protein powders on the market?

Dr. S: First of all, I do not believe that the isolation of serum from the & # 39 are the best. Let me explain why. If we simplify things, we tend to destroy other things. For example, the transition from milk to whey proteins, destroying a lot of supporting growth. Making it even more whey processing changes the ratio of alpha-lactalbumin to beta laktoglabulinu that the latter was in a higher concentration in the final product. Well, guess what beta laktoglabulin – the allergenic protein of all!

To answer the question against casein whey, the process depends. There are calcium, potassium and sodium caseinate, but I prefer to use a milk protein, containing all the proteins together or micellar casein, which seems to be a & # 39 is an excellent source. As for the serum, I prefer whey concentrate, which is a cheap, clean and better, to be honest. There is a supplement called ImmunoPro, which is not a & # 39 is cheap but has a more favorable ratio of alpha-lactalbumin to beta laktaglabulinu and & # 39 is one of the best products on the market.

To gain size you would like proteins both anabolic and with antykatabolichnymi properties. Antykatabolichnyya proteins are quickly absorbed and will prevent muscle breakdown (eg, amino acids, and free-form branched chain, which quickly fall into the system, increase insulin, which prevents the splitting of the muscle), and anabolic proteins help create muscle (eg. Red meat).

As for me, the best protein on the market with a & # 39 are Beverly International Ultra Size (which also has a beef), Biotest Low-Carb GROW !, Champion Nutrition Met Max, ImmunoPro, as I mentioned, MD + Myosin and powder meal replacement called Micellean Bioactive Superfood by VPX, which is also very tasty.

Another thing that comes to protein, you can snack on soybeans, if you want, but in the lives of men never eat soy protein!

JP: Many are looking for ways to naturally increase testosterone levels. Any suggestions?

Dr. S: Believe it or not, there are some studies (in training of resistance training), which show that eating too much protein can actually decrease testosterone levels, especially if the fat and carbohydrates low. There is a link between diet (saturated and unsaturated) fat and testosterone – in general, the higher fat intake, the higher the level of T. olive oil, cheese, red meat – excellent sources. Many athletes hold only low-fat sliced ​​meat – these guys can get an erection, but it is difficult to maintain (excuse the pun!) In addition, the recently & # 39 there was a study that shows that trybulus specifically from Bulgaria (and not Japan, China and India) and fruit (rather than in the stem and roots) elevated levels of LH and testosterone.

JP: As you can naturally control the terrible levels of cortisol?

Dr. S: Well, every time you eat, you reduce the levels of cortisol – increase insulin lowers cortisol – a natural reaction. Thus, the first method would often have small meals. There are certain supplements that naturally lower levels of cortisol: Rhodiola rosea (600 mg), Panax ginseng, (2 studies have shown that it reduces cortisol levels – should be at least 1 gram), PS (400-800 mg). Fats are very important, in particular, unsaturated fats, but no matter who you are and what you do, the best way to reduce the levels of cortisol – a sleep at least 8 hours a night! There's a book called "Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar" and "Survival" T.S. Wiley & Bent Formby illustrates this. The process involves tsyrkadnyya hormone rhythms and timing of melatonin levels. an incredible amount of research has been conducted on this subject, but an average of 8 hours of sleep (optimally 9) must be every night. The key is not to watch TV late at night. In one study I remember how people were placed in a dark room and the light of the lamp behind the knee for 20 minutes to see what would happen. Sleep Driving test has changed, even though they were in a dark room, with only 2 weeks of melatonin levels in all subjects has been completely changed, so you know that the skin has a certain sensitivity to light. That is why we have the summer lasts longer, so more light, but in winter the opposite is true. Because less light, we feel tired, tense and depressed, and want to go to bed earlier. It makes sense!

JP: How would you start to regenerate the adrenal glands after you say a long period of stimulant abuse?

Dr. S: If you are using stimulants and thermogenics more than 12 weeks, you kill the adrenal glands. The reduction will require about 8 weeks. To restore them, you need to take adrenal supporters (eg, Standard Process Drenamin, Metagenics Adrenogen), vitamin C (at least 3 grams per day), DHEA and fish oil. In fact, the adrenal glands are 60% fat – polyunsaturated fats are important (they also reduce the level of cortisol). And sleep is crucial again.

JP: Or how do you clean the liver after a steroid cycle, which included oral?

Dr. S: Well, make sure you have some liver tests (ie, blood work), made by a doctor to get a base amount. This is one of the few times that I agree to the average protein diet. In addition, it is important that you do not smoke, do not drink alcoholic beverages (alcohol), taking tylenol, birth control pills or other medicines. To cleanse the liver, we need the right products. Eggs are useful in this situation – the lecithin contained in eggs help. With regard to the additives, the liver also assists tablets liver (Beverly International Ultra-40), Silybum, glutathione and glutamine. Finally, it was shown that 25-50 grams of vitamin C, taken intravenously, reduced liver function. I use this approach in his office from time to time, when I have a patient with hepatitis A, B or C, and the results are incredible!

JP: Well, give the reader an example of how you diagnose things. We will take for example the thyroid gland. You mentioned that you check your TSH, T4, T3, Reverse T3 and triglyceride levels, as well as ask questions about hair loss, constipation, weakness, palpitations and use of carbohydrates and caffeine. What exactly are you looking for and how you are doing some correction of these anomalies? How about raising the thyroid gland, what would you recommend?

Dr. S: So, the biggest problem that I've seen in this area is that some laboratory back normal, and you think it's okay that you did not do anything – you have to listen to the patient! If thyroid limit, it means that TSH is from 2.5 to 3.0, may be used adrenal supplements for 4 weeks. If after 4 weeks you do not see results, I would recommend thyroid medication. Thyroid Armor – is a natural thyroid that contains T3 and T4. If you have any of hyperthyroidism, then putting them on thyroid medication can really help to lower their level.

JP: You're not a supporter of milk, but you do not mind other dairy products such as cottage cheese or whipped cream. Why is this? Besides, what kind of cheese do you recommend (eg, organic, low and high in fat, does it matter?) And when?

Dr. S: Let's clear the first part: it's not that I do not like milk, I do not advocate pasteurization and homogenization of milk! Heating at high temperatures for a short time, I think, but the filtering of fat through small filters completely changes the composition of milk. Raw milk is fine, but it is difficult to get (unless, of course, you'll get it right out of my chest!) Goat milk – a better choice than the cow, because it has more fat and less carbohydrate, and usually a lot of people suffering milk allergies, because different sources of protein. Cottage cheese – it is a cheese that really raise the level of blood sugar and insulin. I would recommend the cheese with a high fat content (the highest possible you can find).

JP: Explain why you think that this whole concept of acidity is wrong.

Dr. S: I believe what you say about the acidity of the blood. In this case, the human system is so stored control blood pH that any changes to affect the body. For this reason, the body tries to fight the acidity or even alkalizatsyyay. I do not believe too much in this concept. I agree, however, that certain foods affect blood pH within a short period of time, but nothing to worry about. The most frequent changes in pH secondary to lack of oxygen. If this happens, and you are too acidic, then you are in deep shit!

I have a problem with those who argue that eating too much meat will make you too acidic. Let's go back to prehistoric times, when there was agriculture, so there was no grain. Basically, we had to hunt to eat. We ate a lot of meat and got their fat from eating the intestines, rather than grain. In the summer we had a lot of fruit to eat (such as cherries, strawberries, etc.), but what happened when winter came? It's gone! The only thing left – this is a food that goes around, so we had to stick to this food, which will migrate to the south. Now we have come across to other sources, such as bananas, which could affect the intake of nutrients. Thus, our bodies have never been in short supply, because we passed between the seasons – it's one of the reasons why I believe in the power rotation. Anyway, to return to my initial fact, if you're going to tell me that eating meat makes me sour than a million years ago, there was a lot of acidic people, and we would not have survived!

JP: What are your views on the combination of food?

Dr. S: The body is ready to digest food, plain and simple. It does not have a separate basis for each meal. Do you think that your body will automatically recognize that you eat a banana or strawberries? No, it does not work. It is true that the combination of certain foods can affect your hormone. For example, the use of carbohydrates to a protein to increase the level of insulin and to facilitate transport of amino acids into muscle cells, which will be beneficial after exercise. However, people are guided properly when they feel that the combination of foods will help with digestion. If you have a healthy digestive system, a combination of unnecessary food. If this is not the case, correct!

JP: Can you explain the whole egg. Firstly, some people do not believe that we all digest the egg and that this is a common food allergy; while others believe that they are so similar to human tissue, they are easily digested. The question then cook them or not. On one side of the coin is Dr Mercola, who believes that cooking destroys some useful enzymes and nutrients and that the risk of salmonella poisoning are actually quite rare. Then there is John Berardi, who says that the preparation of eggs to increase their absorption. And finally, the whole egg and cholesterol.

Dr. S: Eggs – is one of the most allergenic foods that you can with the & # 39; is. Is there any difference between the boiling, the fight or the use of raw eggs in food? Yes. The more you cook the egg, the more free-form amino acids. Eating raw eggs provides intact proteins that with & # 39 are more allergenic. Boiling – this is a step in the right direction, but the scrambled eggs as much as possible. Mercola is right in saying that the cooking destroy some enzymes, but this is a compromise, which I prefer less allergies, the more enzymes. I definitely agree with Berardi that cooking eggs to increase their absorption.

Cholesterol and eggs – this is not a problem. I can not believe that people still believe that it's true! Practically every hormone you have a cholesterol-based, with the exception of hormones based on protein, such as insulin and growth hormone. The lower the level of cholesterol after 55-years of age, the higher the chance of cancer!

JP: You impressed me with his knowledge of kineziyalogii and their diagnostic skills. What are some of the common injuries when training on the weight that you see in your practice?

Dr. S: The most common training with the heavy atmosphere that I see – is the imbalance between the frontal surface of the surface and the surface of the back. Visit http://www.anatomytrains.com for more information. Hamsters are known for the fact that they are tight. I also noticed that many people do not have the supporting muscles. For example, you can usually see a faint patch with strong upper traps that pull the shoulder belt closer to the collarbone, causing pressure on the cuff. And injuries associated with stress that affect posture, leads to weaker muscles are more prone to injury.

JP: While we are talking about the injury, any tips or additives that accelerate the cure?

Dr. S: There are many supplements that speed up the healing. Studies have shown that digestive enzymes help to get hurt. They act as anti-inflammatory and even help reduce the cancer. Another great, although through a separate mechanism from the & # 39 is glyukazamin and chondroitin. They are more suitable to the joint (as collagen); whereas enzymes (in particular, bromelain) will act on the tendon. Fats are also important. It has been shown that fish oil and GLA have powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Other additives include vitamin C (2 g) and E (800 IU), MSM, Reishi mushroom, cat's claw, swelling, fever, but the dosage will depend on the dose injury.

JP: You mentioned some impressive figures regarding your training, and I've seen how you can easily perform multiple repetitions towels. Do you have any tips on the strength with which you want to share?

Dr. S: Wow, I never knew you were so struck me, JP! First of all, the most common mistake that I see – it is training. If you are over 35 years old and you are doing more than 10-12 sets on the part of the body, you peranavuchanyya! If you make the legs more than two times a week (depending on the state), you peranavuchanyya! In the phase leg strength work only once a week, and the total workout should not exceed 3 times a week, especially if you are doing aerobics. Always keep in mind your client's stress factors, such as work, leisure, food, something & # 39; I, etc. I have studies that demonstrate the occupation of more than 3 days a week, increase the level of cortisol for 4 days. This is important, because elevated levels of cortisol will not help you build muscle! You want to have a sharp devastating effect on the muscles, and then stop it – give them a chance to recover and build. One of the best ways to stop the destruction of the so-called – the use of BCAAs. Low levels of BCAA cortisol. Я гаварыў гэта гадамі, каб заўсёды глынаць перад трэніроўкай BCAA.

Іншая справа, вы толькі такія моцныя, як ваша слабая сувязь. Таму заўсёды працуйце над сваімі слабымі цягліцамі. Адзін са спосабаў разабрацца ў гэтым – трэніраваць цела спачатку ў аднабаковым парадку, каб убачыць, што адстае. Пасля таго, як вы ведаеце, праводзіце больш часу на гэтай канкрэтнай баку. Акрамя таго, памятайце, што ваша счапленне дыктуе вашыя сілы – калі ваша хватка слабая, вы не зможаце так моцна лавіць. Самая частая слабасць, якую я бачыў, – гэта сухажыллі, у той час як глютены становяцца занадта моцнымі. Звычайна і ніжняя, і верхняя частка спіны, як правіла, слабыя, што прыводзіць да траўмаў.

JP: Я даведаўся ад вас, што абмежаваныя ўздымы цяля дзівяць медыяльную галоўку страўнікава-кішачнага гасцінца. Якія-небудзь іншыя маленькія сакрэты?

Доктар S: Калі я вам скажу, яны больш не будуць сакрэтамі, але ўсё роўна падзялюся з вамі. Агульная траўма, якую я бачу, звязана з паходжаннем біцэпсаў (доўгая галава) з-за латання. Большасць людзей, як правіла, трэніруюць біцэпсы выключна са згінаннем локцяў, але біцэпсы функцыянуюць як згінальнікі локця, так і плечы. Звычайна траўмы біцэпса адбываюцца ў плячы. Каб правільна іх трэніраваць, вы павінны перайсці ад устойлівага да няўстойлівага, расцягнутага да скарочанага становішча. Патлумачу, што гэта значыць. Кожны раз, калі вы каго-небудзь рэабілітуеце, варта пачаць са стабільнай пазіцыі і абысці сустаў, які баліць. Такім чынам, калі паходжанне біцэпса балючае, вы можаце працаваць дыстальным канцом у стабільным становішчы, выконваючы згінанне локця, не скарачаючы паходжанне ў плячы. Такім чынам цягліца не слабее і хутчэй гоіцца з-за павелічэння крывацёку, хоць часам даводзіцца проста адпачываць. Сядзьце на нахільную лаўку і выконвайце нахіл нахілу як звычайна (з удзелам толькі згінання локця.) Гэта лічыцца загадзя расцягнутым становішчам, якое дапамагае фасцыі загаіцца. Выкананне нахільных кудзеркаў на швейцарскім шарыку на самой справе забяспечыць больш стабільную абстаноўку, бо вы зможаце абапірацца на мяч. Перайдзіце на кантрактную пазіцыю (г.зн. прапаведніцкага завітка) праз некалькі дзён ці нават тыдзень, калі болю больш няма. Затым пераходзіце на больш нестабільныя пазіцыі.

JP: Ці можаце вы абмеркаваць сваю іерархію садавіны? Крыху часу таму вы даслалі мне схему, якая паказала канчатковы метабалічны шлях фруктозы. Хоць, вядома, сваім высокім утрыманнем антыаксідантаў і клятчаткі, чаму спажыванне садавіны можа перашкодзіць страце тлушчу? І вы можаце растлумачыць, чаму важна есці садавіну ў сезон?

Доктар S: Не зразумейце мяне няправільна, я не думаю, што садавіна дрэнныя. Гэта мы павінны турбаваць пра колькасць фруктозы ў рацыёне. Фруктоза (асабліва кукурузны сіроп з высокім утрыманнем фруктозы) – гэта подсластітель № 1. Гэта вельмі метабалічны, про-акісляльны шлях, які выкарыстоўваецца як глікасіляваны вуглявод, таму што арганізм не любіць нічога з гэтым рабіць – трэба марнаваць шмат энергіі, каб змяніць яго на тлушч або глюкозу / глікаген, каб арганізм пераўтварыў яго замест гликозилированных бялкоў. Здароўе, гэта не пажадана. Садавіна прымуць вас таўсцець не таму, што яны дрэнна для вас, а ў першую чаргу па той прычыне, што людзі ядуць садавіну, якая "лёгка", то ёсць вінаград – проста пакладзеце ў рот пучок, альбо бананы – ачысціце адну і працягвайце хадзіць (а яны ёсць каля 3 ці 4 у дзень!) Звычайна людзі, якія ядуць садавіну, не ядуць вавёркі з імі – яшчэ адна памылка. Садавіна (фруктоза) – выдатныя пасля трэніроўкі, таму што яны павольна засвойваюцца, проста абавязкова дадайце з ім бялок. Таксама я не веру ў сокавыціскалкі, таму што яны выдаляюць мякаць / абалоніну з садавіны.

Чаму важна есці садавіну ў сезон? Таму што Бог ведае лепш! Вы павінны ёсць садавіну, якая знаходзіцца ў сезон у гэты час. Напрыклад, калі на вуліцы холадна, з'ешце яблык; у той час як летам клубніцы, вішні, кавун і г.д. Не ешце садавіну, якой няма. Бананы не ў сезон у зімовы перыяд, але здагадайцеся, які фрукт часцей за ўсё ўжываюць у гэты час? Правільна, бананы!

JP: Ці можаце вы раскрыць сваю новую харчовую піраміду? Я чуў, як вы абмяркоўвалі праблемы, звязаныя з арыгінальнай мадэллю, і хоць новая прапанаваная піраміда – гэта крок у правільным кірунку, усё яшчэ выключана. Калі ласка, растлумачце.

Доктар S: Вада павінна быць на дне, таму што вы можаце памерці праз 3 дні без вады. Скажыце, якая ежа важнейшая за гэта? Далей будуць вавёркі, пажадана арганічныя. Потым ідзе гародніна, усё, акрамя белай бульбы (салодкі бульбу выдатна) і кукурузы (якая на самай справе з'яўляецца зернем). Наступны ўзровень уключае садавіну і арэхі разам – я лічу іх аднолькавымі па кошце. Сыры вынікаюць, бо большасць не ферментаваны. Пасля гэтага паступаюць вугляводы – лепшымі крыніцамі з'яўляюцца рыс і аўсянка. Мая харчовая піраміда будзе ўключаць адмову, якая абвяшчае: "Вугляводы залежаць ад актыўнасці!" Калі вы кушэтка з бульбай, то не варта ўжываць ніякіх вугляводаў – ні зерня, ні нічога -, а садавіну толькі зрэдку. Аднак калі вы актыўныя, то спажывайце гэтыя вугляводы.

JP: Я ведаю, што вы прыхільнік рыбінага тлушчу і аліўкавага алею. Ці можаце вы абмеркаваць важнасць гэтых ненасычаных тлушчаў? Што робіць ваш новы Alpha Omega M3 лепшым, чым большасць іншых дабавак EFA?

Доктар S: Як я ўжо казаў раней у дачыненні да аліўкавага алею, больш высокае спажыванне монаненасычаных тлушчаў павялічвае ўзровень тэстастэрону пры зніжэнні кортізола. Рыбін тлушч можа памяншаць памер і колькасць тлушчавых клетак. Прычына, па якой мая Alpha Omega M3 – адна з лепшых дабавак EFA на рынку, заключаецца ў тым, што яна адзіная, у якой ёсць толькі трохі ALA, але яна змяшчае вялікія дазоўкі аліўкавага алею, рыбінага тлушчу, CLA і GLA ў пэўных прапорцыях. Яшчэ адным добрым сродкам з'яўляецца MD + EFA +, але ў ім адсутнічае аліўкавы алей (ненасычаныя тлушчы), які я лічу важным.

JP: Пры ўсёй гэтай размове пра ртутную таксічнасць, ці бяспечна есці рыбу ў гэтыя дні?

Доктар S: У мяне быў хлопец, які еў 3 банкі тунца ў дзень. Ён павысіў яго да 5, а ўзровень ртуці стрэліў з 5,2 да 47,4 – гэта таксічна! Такім чынам, вы павінны быць асцярожныя з рыбай, асабліва з тунцам, акулай і дэльфінам. Ласось, селядзец і краб усё ў парадку.

JP: Вы выявілі, што фермент, адказны за расшчапленне ALA на актыўныя кампаненты DHA і EPA, дэфіцыт старэйшыя за 35 гадоў. Ці азначае гэта, што прымаць алей з насення лёну адносна бескарысна? І калі ніжэй за 35, колькі насення лёну трэба ўзяць?

Доктар S: Алей насення лёну вельмі высока змяшчае поліненасычаныя тлушчы. Гэтыя тлушчы нестабільныя ў арганізме, таму што яны могуць лёгка акісляцца. Фермент, які адказвае за разбурэнне АЛК на ДГК і ЭПК, ніжэй (не дэфіцыт) пасля 35 гадоў. Я толькі што высветліў у даследаванні, праведзеным на цяжарных жанчынах, што пры прыёме ўсяго 3 чайных лыжак алею з насення лёну выдалена ўсё ЭПК ДГК з груднога малака. Тым не менш, калі яны перайшлі на рыбін тлушч, ЭРА і ДГК прысутнічалі ў грудным малацэ. Гэта вам нешта кажа. Каэфіцыент канверсіі складае ўсяго 15% ад ALA да EPA / DHA, таму лепш браць рыбін тлушч. Што ўплывае на фермент: кафеін (людзі, якія прымаюць тэрмагенетыкі, яшчэ больш зніжаюць актыўнасць гэтага фермента), высокі ўзровень інсуліну (ад залішніх вугляводаў), алкаголь – найбольшы фактар ​​і нізкі ўзровень магнію.

JP: Гэты апошні пытанне трэба задаць. Якія-небудзь новыя гарачыя дабаўкі, на якія варта звярнуць увагу?

Доктар S: Я зараз праводжу даследаванне пра Хуманавор. Я вымяраю інсулін, ліпідны экран (добры і дрэнны халестэрын), узровень DHEA і кортізола. Я дам вам ведаць, што адбываецца. Некаторыя добрыя, новыя ўключаюць у сябе анты-кортізол, гіпер-метабалічныя дабаўкі, гэта значыць, што замест таго, каб канцэнтравацца на тэрмагенным эфекце, у вас ёсць тое, што зніжае кортізол, так што інсулін лепш (альбо памяншаецца) аналагічна альфа-ліпаевай кіслаце. Таксама спалучэнне ВСАА з таурынам і аргінінам перад трэніроўкамі.

JP: Дзякуй, доктар Серрано, што знайшлі час, каб правесці гэтае інтэрв'ю. Як заўсёды, размова з вамі – гэта сур'ёзны досвед навучання. Я ведаю, што вы вельмі занятыя ў гэтыя дні з больш чым 8000 пацыентаў і што вы не прымаеце новых кліентаў. Як чытачы там могуць звязацца з вамі, калі яны зацікаўлены ў кансультацыі?

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Conduct an easy search of marriage records

Marriage celebrated the wedding ceremony, which was & # 39 is one of the happiest and sacred events in a person's life. Now is the time when two people become one in their aims and directions and sharing time with promises to spend life together forever. Because of the holiness and the relevance of this event in the lives of people created the documents on marriage. In fact, marriage documents become part of the vital public records stored in each state storage.

Marriage records, undoubtedly valuable. However, in the state of Ohio not easy to find on the marriage record. Some states are marriage records in the same way as the case of births, deaths and other vital matters. There are also states whose marriage documents never carried out on the basis of the state. Both methods are present in the document feeder Ohio.

Department of Health Department of Health with the Ohio & # 39 is the best place where you can go if you are looking for Ohio State marriages. You can not get a true marriage certificate in this particular office, but the index of all marriages in Ohio since 1949, is available to society. This means that, despite the fact that you can not have these records, abstracts of these records are available and accessible. This copy may be obtained in person or by mail. But, as expected, this process is often inconvenient, so many people are turning to the Internet locators, which offer services in this case.

In recent years, a decrease in the level of marriage in Ohio. However, its large size of the population will still show a large number of marriage documents, which were filed in the state for several years, but such records are simply not available in the state bodies. Management of vital statistics Ohio, Ohio State office which is assigned to this type of service, is located in Columbus, Ohio. Request marriage to marriage through the mail entails a fee to the processing of 2 to 3 weeks.

Abstract copy that you get – it's basically a short form containing limited information that is useful only for the Department of indexing and filing. However, because of such an index, you can find a particular county court, which delayed a particular marriage. In cases where you do not have a single idea of ​​when and where the marriage took place, the search for these public sources may not be the best. Trust services to professional sellers on the Internet can be an excellent choice.

Search Marriage Records Ohio was once a difficult task, but the help that you can get on the Internet now makes it easy. Affordable one-time price now you can easily find information such as the Bride & # 39; and grooms & # 39; full names, and the date and place of the wedding. Additionally, you can also check who has honesty towards his former relationship and just a few clicks to answer all questions and your doubts are eliminated. In the end, you should get the peace of mind you deserve.

Finally, the playoff system can come in college football

I know that the players are college – are students first, and the second – the athletes, but the fact that no college football playoff system makes no sense. In the end, the House subcommittee passed a bill on the transition from college football games on a heap of meaningless bowl to the actual playoff system that finally decide who is the real national champion.

At the end of the season he played 34 games with cups, five of which – the game with bowls a BCS, which on & # 39; integrate the ten best teams against each other and end the two best teams that took first place at the end of the season and play against each other in the championship . . But this method did not work and got a lot of negative feedback from schools like Cincinnati, Boys, State and TSU, which are all finished their regular season undefeated, but were unable to reach the national championship because of the conference.

This year alone, five teams have suffered victory, and so the two best teams that made the BCS championship game Texas and Alabama do play in two of the best conference in college football. This does not mean that they must automatically be considered favorites in comparison with the other three Cincinnati, try and Boys-State. Thus, the three can play in a weaker conference but still quite difficult for any team not to win all year round at any conference.

When Joe Barton of Texas Rap can pass this bill through Congress, nothing will be left in the NCAA, but to establish a playoff system, either & # 39 entrance to enter and take control. Some people may wonder why Congress to spend their time on the college football when there are more important things in the world, and easy kalezhny football – it's a multibillion-dollar business.

We must look at the fact that commands such as Ohio, Michigan, US state of Peng, all the stadiums have 100,000 fans for the game, but players can not pay, so the money will be returned directly to the school. Then, when the team is doing one of the many games on the bowl, the school once again received great financial payment for playing a meaningless game. Of course, the government wants to intervene, and then returns the money in Uncle Sam's pocket and pleases fans of college football.

The only statement that most people are against playoff system – that's what he's doing a longer season for the players and puts them at risk to get more injuries. But I think that almost every player who plays in college football, has a chance to get it in the NFL. If they do get, they look at four pre-season games, followed by 16-week regular season, when they were again lucky playoffs. Thus, the longer graphics prepare those who have the opportunity to make it to the next level, and give thus, who are not able to do it one more game in the NFL. himself before the game ended their days.

While many may disagree, just think that the playoff system – is the only way that a team can say that we – the national champions. I mean that any other sport in college is the playoffs, football, baseball, volleyball, and we must not forget about the tournament on maritime college basketball that brings joy to every office. Every year, millions of people filled the brackets, trying to predict the final game of the championship only to have their hearts broken some Cinderella team. Imagine the excitement in which it would be to see how the top 16 college teams are fighting for this for four weeks already playoff to decide the present time national champion once and for all.